Top 10 Real Life Snake Attack Stories

Top 10 Real Life Snake Attack Stories

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Kalley
Why'd it have to be snakes? For this list, we are looking at reported times where people came dangerously close to doom thanks to these legless reptiles. Our countdown includes Constrictor Turns on Its Caretaker, King Cobra Strikes Below the Belt, An Uninvited Nighttime Visitor, and more!

Top 10 Close Calls with Snakes

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten close calls with snakes.

For this list, we are looking at reported times where people came dangerously close to doom thanks to these legless reptiles.

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#10: A Thankfully Dry Bite

Let’s travel Down Under to Caboolture, Australia. In 2015, Yvonne Lorch courageously moved a live snake away from her cat. Unfortunately, she got herself bitten in the process. While paramedics couldn’t identify the little biter, they still took the incident very seriously. We can be thankful they did because they later discovered that the culprit was a highly venomous eastern brown snake. But that wasn’t the only fortunate discovery in this case. Medical officials eventually determined the bite was dry, meaning that the snake didn't use any of its venom during the fateful encounter. If you ask us, that is one lucky cat mom.

#9: Trying to Warn People About Snake Season

What’s the definition of irony? How about being nearly bitten by a reptile while trying to make people aware of how dangerous they are? That’s what happened to Justin Lantry when he brought out a venomous snake for a photoshoot to warn the people of Maitland about snake breeding season. According to Lantry, the eastern brown snake was in a bad mood that day. And who did it take its anger out on? Why, Mr. Lantry, of course. Throughout the shoot, the snake nearly sank its fangs into its handler’s body multiple times. The photographer later said, quote “Justin was even checking his shirt to see if there was any venom on it.” Maybe the snake was upset that the photographer got its bad side.

#8: PokéBite (like Pokémon)

At the height of its popularity, “Pokémon Go” was getting plenty of people into all sorts of trouble. But an encounter that one Texas teen had particularly stood out. In 2016, Lane Smith threw on some flip flops and tried to catch ‘em all on the app. While walking to a Pokestop, Lane inadvertently stepped on what he thought was a stick - until he realized the stick had fangs. And it might have been a copperhead. And it had bitten him. Luckily, doctors assessed the bite and confirmed it wasn’t bad enough to require any additional treatment. This only leaves us with one question: did he go after Pokémon with combat boots from that point on?

#7: Constrictor Turns on Its Caretaker

No matter how kind you are to a snake, there's always a chance it can suddenly think of you as food or a threat. Texas wildlife rehabilitator Debi Grudzinski learned this the hard way. She spent eight years watching over a boa constrictor she named Icenia. And then on one July day, the constrictor attacked Grudzinski without warning. Not only did Icenia bite her, but it also wrapped its body around the rehabilitator. Paramedics nearly had to remove the snake’s head to free Grudzinski. Even after that distressing incident, she was still happy that the snake survived. But Grudzinski understandably became a little more apprehensive about the slithering reptiles.

#6: Australian Snake Catcher Finds Angry Python

As its name implies, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 has been helping the people of Australia’s Sunshine Coast and Hinterland areas safely deal with the reptiles 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The organization helps with snake identification and removal at any time. However, as we’ve seen on this list, these reptiles can be highly unpredictable, especially when they feel threatened. While snake catcher Stuart McKenzie prepared to capture an angry and massive Carpet Python, it suddenly lunged at him and the camera. Luckily, he managed to avoid becoming its next victim - and it wasn’t the last time he had such a close call with a snake. We bet the locals are grateful to have people like McKenzie out there willing to get up close and personal with raging reptiles to keep everyone safe.

#5: Anaconda Attacks TV Show Host

A Brazilian TV personality named Toninho Negreiro loved to show audiences the wonders of the Amazon. Seeing as South America is the native home of anacondas, an encounter with one of the reptiles was inevitable. With the help of a knowledgeable local guide nicknamed El Diablo, Negreiro and his crew ventured into the jungle. At some point in the journey, Toniho went off by himself and stumbled across an unhappy green anaconda. The reptile struck at and began wrapping itself around the host’s body. Luckily, El Diablo and the film crew heard his screams for help. They all worked together to combat the dangerous anaconda until it finally let go. The lesson here? Don’t wander off into the Amazon jungle without your guide.

#4: Parent Protects His Child

In 2010, Matthew Popov was enjoying a nice stroll through a park in England with his family. Suddenly, an adder snake got a little too close to his son - or vice versa, according to a BBC article. When Matthew tried to get the snake away from the boy, it struck the man. Shortly after receiving the bite, the then-31-year-old struggled to breathe as his vision started to fail. His wife didn’t hesitate to rush him to the hospital. Although things looked grim for Matthew, medical professionals were able to save him in time. This just goes to show that a ridiculously venomous snake can turn your simple family walk into a fight for your life.

#3: King Cobra Strikes Below the Belt

The king cobra is a snake that should always be handled with care. Especially when the reptile could turn on you at any second. That lesson was quickly learned when men tried to snap a few pictures of the intimidating reptile. This King Cobra was yet another snake that wasn’t quite enthusiastic about a close-up. In its anger, it lashed out and nearly bit one of its photographers below the belt. Luckily, the man managed to avoid a bite that could’ve altered his life in more ways than one. We guess he’ll have an amazing story to tell his grandkids in the future.

#2: A Grandfather Becomes a Superhero

While 8-year-old Mateus was playing on his grandfather’s ranch in Cosmorama, Brazil, he suddenly became an anaconda’s prey. The reptile, which reportedly measured 15 feet, bit and coiled around the young boy. His friends raced to let his 66-year-old grandfather Joaquim Pereira know about the dangerous situation. Pereira quickly grabbed a knife and rushed into battle with the reptile. After attacking the anaconda with his weapon and rocks for almost half an hour, the creature finally loosened its grip. In the end, Mateus needed twenty-one stitches to recover. His grandfather’s swift actions ensured that this incident didn’t turn out much worse.

#1: An Uninvited Nighttime Visitor

Every parents’ worst nightmare was almost fully realized by a six-foot python in Australia back in 2013. When Tess Guthrie was awoken in the middle of the night by her cat’s hissing, she discovered the horrifying reason why: a large snake was wrapped around her daughter’s arm. She immediately sprang to action to save her child. Guthrie grabbed the python, struggled with it, and didn't stop until her daughter was free from its grip. The child thankfully only suffered a few bite wounds in the incident that doctors were able to patch up. But the craziest part of this close call was that Guthrie still showed compassion for the reptile. She requested that the snake be set free to slither another day.