Top 10 Most Quotable Snatch Games on RuPaul's Drag Race
Top 10 Most Quotable Snatch Games on RuPaul's Drag Race

Top 10 Most Quotable Snatch Games on RuPaul's Drag Race

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These Snatch Games quotes have worked their way into everyday conversation. For this list, we'll be looking at the most performances from this signature “RuPaul's Drag Race” challenge that had the most hilarious, memorable and iconic lines that we just can't stop using. Our countdown includes Katya as Björk, Ginger Minj as Adele, Chad Michaels as Cher, and more!

Top 10 Most Quotable Snatch Games

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Quotable Snatch Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most performances from this signature “RuPaul’s Drag Race” challenge that had the most hilarious, memorable and iconic lines that we just can’t stop using.

For today’s mini challenge, flood the comments below with some of your favorite Snatch Game quotes!

#10: Chad Michaels as Cher
Season 4

As RuPaul has often reminded us, sometimes the wheel is just fine as it is. No other queen embodied that quote like Chad Michaels in season four. When deciding on a Snatch Game character, it came as no surprise that Chad would pick the one diva that she’s used to performing as. But what was actually surprising was how hysterical and instantly memorable the performance became. Right off the bat, the queen proved to be a connoisseur of all things Cher with a remarkable intro line. And no one loves wig changes and plastic surgeons more than Cher and Chad, allegedly. The messy rollercoaster of a Snatch Game couldn’t have asked for a better closer than Chad’s hilarious final answer.

#9: Katya as Björk
All Stars 2

From what is widely regarded as the greatest season of Drag Race came one of the best editions of Snatch Game – so far, at least! Amid a host of standout performances, Katya managed to shine as the lovable and ever unique musician Björk. What made this performance iconic, other than the contestant’s spot-on cadence and wacky mannerisms, were the incredibly random and sidesplitting lines she delivered. She compared RuPaul’s outfit to her digestive tract, which wasn’t so surprising seeing as she later admitted to being pretty clueless about science! Between her back-and-forth with Alaska, her hilarious responses, and even just the sounds from her mouth, Katya gave us a ridiculous mishmash of quotable moments.

#8: Gigi Goode as Maria the Robot
Season 12

Gigi Goode’s odd pick of the straight-faced android Maria the Robot for the Snatch Game left everyone, including Mama Ru, worried for her. But sometimes it’s the strange ones that knock it out of the park. And that was undoubtedly the case here. We had no idea what to expect from the sentient machine, but from the moment Gigi opened her mouth, we knew we were in for a hell of a ride. It definitely seemed like she had painstakingly prepared for the performance, because every single answer she gave was not only remarkable, but faithful to the character’s essence. We’ll remember to mind our own business when next we see her.

#7: Jujubee as Eartha Kitt
All Stars 5

Eartha Kitt was an acclaimed performer, and a truly unforgettable talent. In other words, impersonating her is no easy task. Other “Drag Race” queens had certainly tried on different occasions. But in the hands of a seasoned performer like Jujubee, the head-turning Catwoman was truly given her due. While she was edged out by Shea Couleé, Jujubee delivered memorable line after memorable line that nearly sent RuPaul, and everyone watching, to the floor. Her answer to the question of “How would you keep me warm at night?” remains one of the most hilarious Snatch Game lines in “Drag Race” herstory. By the end of it, Jujubee had won our hearts and proven, yet again, that she’s a queen to remember.

#6: Ginger Minj as Adele
Season 7

To this day, the seventh season of “Drag Race” still gets a bad rep, but you can’t deny that their Snatch Game was outstanding. It was the first regular season to feature a double Snatch Game win, with Ginger Minj’s hysterical take on British singer-songwriter Adele making her one of the week’s victors. Sure, she relied on some weight jokes that probably haven’t aged too well, but her clever one-liners and insane timing made the performance comedy gold. In a response to where she comes from, Ginger gave a silly, yet painfully obvious response that showed just how quick-witted she is. And who could forget her quip about Katya’s blonde-haired Suze Orman?

#5: Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland
All Stars 7

She gave one of the all-time greatest Snatch Game performances as Little Edie in season 5. So Jinkx Monsoon had huge expectations to meet on the “All Stars: All Winners” season. Now, her Natasha Lyonne impression was superb in its own right. But it was her portrayal of Hollywood icon Judy Garland that cemented her as All Stars 7’s undisputed Snatch Game goddess. Jinkx completely stole the spotlight with her hilarious anecdotes, unforgettable looks to the camera, and singing. When she wasn’t calling RuPaul “Broom” and absolving Dave the veteran of his self-alleged crime, Jinkx cleared the air on what’s really over that darn rainbow. If only there was time for one more Jinkx Monsoon character.

#4: Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard
Season 7

Kennedy Davenport’s decision to play Little Richard on Snatch Game was a risky move to say the least, but sometimes, it takes nerve. The proof is that the impression earned this queen the other win of the week. Kennedy had this impression down - from the unmistakable diva attitude to the excessive lip gloss and over-the-top outfit. It’s no surprise the judges couldn’t go with just one winner. Her performance may not have given us an abundance of quotable lines, but you know what they say, quality over quantity! With just two words, Kennedy immortalized herself in the Snatch Game Hall of Fame. She may as well trademark the wailing vibrato, since it’s instantly recognizable for any “Drag Race” fan.

#3: BenDeLaCreme as Maggie Smith
Season 6

Stepping into the shoes of the legendary Dame Maggie Smith is no small feat, but BenDeLaCreme pulled it off with 100% precision, wit and whimsy. She made the most of Smith’s role as the Dowager Countess on “Downton Abbey,” using the character’s anachronistic presence in modern day America to her advantage. The brilliant queen was fully committed to her persona, doling out hilarious one-liners that have now been enshrined into the “Drag Race” lexicon. She skillfully went back-and-forth with Ru, and delivered clever comebacks to the other queens. She even put her own spin on RuPaul’s name. BenDeLa wrapped it all up in an oh-so proper British accent, gifting us with one of the most memorable Snatch Game performances ever.

#2: Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy
Season 6

In season six, everyone was pretty sure the Snatch Game was one challenge that Bianca Del Rio had in the bag. And of course, she absolutely nailed it. Though she ultimately lost to BenDeLaCreme, Bianca still served the court with a litany of quotable lines. Playing the notoriously strict Judge Judy, she simply had to employ her insult comedy skills in reading her fellow queens’ performances to filth. It was a treat to watch. Her remark to Gia Gunn’s Kim Kardashian, for instance, put that unique Bianca attitude on a signature Judge Judy saying. This performance left us with a rolodex of unforgettable catchphrases, and we sure don’t hesitate to scream “baloney!” every time something fishy happens.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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The Vivienne as Donald Trump, UK Season 1
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#1: Alaska as Mae West
All Stars 2

In her original season, Alaska received high praise for her fabulous impersonation of drag icon Lady Bunny. But her return on All Stars completely blew that out of the water. While the season’s Snatch Game lineup was filled with pretty impressive impressions, nobody was a match for Alaska’s take on the Hollywood legend Mae West. Alaska milked jokes out of every moment she had, pulling out answers that were equal parts raunchy, campy and instantly quotable. Even her sultry growls have been cemented in our collective memories. Some of her lines could’ve easily fallen flat in the hands of another queen. But thanks to her impeccable delivery, they continue to live rent free in our heads to this day.