Top 10 Insanely Bizarre Tinder Stories
Top 10 Insanely Bizarre Tinder Stories

Top 10 Insanely Bizarre Tinder Stories

Script written by Savannah Sher

There's no denying that online dating can be a rough space to navigate. Here are the most bizarre Tinder stories that will pretty much turn you off Tinder for a bit. We have stories of mama's boys, stories of matches wanting their date to meet their families way too soon, cat attacks, dentures by the bend, TMI stories and more!

Top 10 Most Bizarre Tinder Stories

Online dating has never seemed so horrifying. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Bizarre Tinder Stories.

For this list, we’re looking at strange, gross and downright confusing tales from the Tinderverse.

#10: Easy, Tiger

In this story, found in article on Vice, Brittany met and hit it off with a girl on Tinder who lived in another town. Four weekends in though, things took a dark turn. Brittney told her new fling that she had family stuff and would get in touch when she was free, and the response she got was a little well...crazy. The girl sent her an epic length text stating, among other things, that God told her they were supposed to be together, and followed up with a voicemail cover of Usher’s “U Got It Bad”, capped with a video of her burning her “bucket list”, which included taking Brittany to Sweden.

#9: Mama's Boy

If this is real, and not just someone avoiding a date, we are truly perplexed. One Tinder user told British newspaper Metro that her date dropped a bomb on her that she really wasn’t expecting. He told her that he was actually in love with someone else. And when she inquired more, he managed to take her off guard with his answer. He told her the person he was in love with was...his mother. Not only that, he said that if she was going to make it work with him, she would have to “overcome” her. Good luck finding someone who’s willing to do that!

#8: Here, Kitty

Taylor wrote to Vice to tell them about a Tinder date she had with Chip, a fashion week DJ. They met for sushi and he spent part of the meal sharing details of a celebrity he had slept with. Somehow they ended up back at Chip’s place where they started hooking up, despite not really hitting it off. But while Taylor was going full lollypop on Chip, she was attacked by his cat and ended up having a full asthma attack. Better still, he had asked her to follow his cat on Instagram, where the interfering feline had over 15 thousand followers.

#7: Eager Beaver

As per his AskReddit post compiled by the Independent, user “WolfofPortland” wrote that a girl he had matched with had something a little out of the ordinary planned for their first date. Having strong family values is one thing, but this young lady decided that their first meeting was also a good time to introduce her potential new beau to her entire family. Meeting the parents is a big step, and probably not one you want to undertake before… let’s say, knowing someone’s full name. As you can imagine, Wolf shut it down before it could ever actually take place.

#6: Mr. Dentures

We’ve got to guess that the average Tinder user is in their early 20s, which is what makes this particular story so confusing. One user wrote in to Metro in the UK to share their story of a date that ended with a shocking reveal. Their date apparently took their fake teeth right out of their mouth and casually dropped them into a glass of water beside the bed. We don’t have many details about when this took place, but we’re hoping that it wasn’t when they were about to get down and dirty.

#5: Digestive Issues

There’s TMI...and then there’s this. One Tinder user told Buzzfeed that while they were on a date with a guy they had matched with, he got into a little too much detail about a very personal subject. He talked about how he had seen his doctor that day and had been informed that due to his vegetarian diet, he "regularly produced massive stools" that were causing tears in his anus. This is not a story to tell anyone, let alone someone you just met. And at a dinner no less!

#4: ...What?

Well, this is one way to get out of a date that we never would have thought of. Bachelor Ted recounted to Vice the time he met a girl from Tinder at a coffee shop, and how everything was going well – at least according to him. But clearly his date felt differently, because when Ted looked at his phone for a moment, he saw his date put her fingers down her throat and make herself throw up. Not only that, but she managed to get it all over him. After he went to clean himself up, she was gone, meaning he never got to find out what exactly happened.

#3: Foot Fetish

Fetishes can be cool and kinky as long as they’re acted out consensually, but this guy’s behavior – as described to Buzzfeed - is a whole other story. On a second date, a new Tinder couple started doing the deed. The problem was, while he was getting friendly with her love canal, he started “humping her feet”. Yup, you heard that right. Worse still, when she asked him to stop, he carried on anyway, adding weirdness to the already weird by pretending he wasn’t doing it. Needless to say, there was not a round two, although he did try... and try.

#2: Carjacked

This girl had a little more in mind than finding true love when she swiped right. In one unlucky guy’s AskReddit horror story, he reveals that he brought a girl he had met on Tinder to a motel, but that as they were about to enter their room she said she had left her purse in his car. Without thinking twice, he handed over the keys so she could go get it. When it had been a while, he started to wonder if everything was alright, and went outside to find that his car was nowhere to be found. Luckily the police tracked it down, but the girl was never caught.

#1: Let Me Brush Your Hair

This story from Metro UK has a tinge of sadness to it that makes us almost feel bad for the guy. Almost. After a few dates, one swiper's new beau had a strange request for her that she just could not get down with – and you will probably understand why. Her date’s mother had passed away over a decade ago, but on one of their dates he asked if he could brush her hair...with his dead mother’s hairbrush. We’re not going to try to unpack this one ourselves, but we’re betting someone with a psychology degree could make some good work of it.