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VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Are ninja supposed to be this stupid? Join Ashley he counts down the most idiotic decisions made by the cast of this hit shounen franchise, including the like of "Boruto Cheating", "Letting Orochimaru Escape", "Going After Sasuke Alone", and more!
Script written by Garret Alden

Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Naruto

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Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 dumbest decisions in “Naruto.” For this list, we’ll be going over the most idiotic and/or shortsighted actions taken by characters across the Naruto franchise. Naturally, there will be spoilers aplenty! If there’s a moronic “Naruto” decision we missed, throw a kunai at your picks in the comments!

#10: Hiruzen Lets Naruto & Sasuke Live Alone

Both fated rivals, both orphaned at a young age in violent incidents. In both instances, The Third Hokage does little to see that the boys are cared for, only outlawing mention of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside Naruto. As such, one grows up hated by the village for reasons he doesn’t understand, while the other is consumed with vengeance towards his older brother. If the Hokage had adopted one or both, he could have set them on a happier life trajectory, especially since he knew things about both their pasts! It might seem harsh to single out Hiruzen, but this Hokage is like the village’s grandpa – except when it really mattered.

#9: Naruto Doesn’t Tell Konohamaru About Mitsuki

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Speaking of the Sarutobi family, Hiruzen’s grandson Konohamaru is the teacher for Boruto Uzumaki, as well as Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki, Orochimaru’s son. However, Naruto neglected to tell Konohamaru Mitsuki’s identity before assigning him to be his teacher. This is more than a little awkward, since Orochimaru killed Hiruzen. While it doesn’t result in any lasting consequences, since Konohamaru realizes that Mitsuki isn’t responsible for his father’s actions, it’s still a boneheaded move on Naruto’s part. Sure, he says he wanted Konohamaru to get to know Mitsuki first, but it still feels shortsighted and underhanded to trick your friend into teaching the son of the man who killed your grandpa!

#8: Konan Doesn’t Destroy the Rinnegan

Following the death of Nagato, his friend and closest ally Konan returns his body to the Hidden Rain Village. However, instead of destroying Nagato’s Rinnegan eyes, which she knows Tobi is seeking, she instead tries to face the masked man herself. This is a terrible idea. Not only is it stupid because it leads to Konan’s death, but also, because it nearly leads to Tobi taking over the world. Take away the Rinnegan and the Ten-Tails is never revived, the Moon’s Eye plan never goes through, and Kaguya never returns. All Konan had to do was put out her dead friend’s eyes. It’s not like she had a lot of respect for the dead to begin with, since she let Nagato use Yahiko’s corpse as a puppet!

#7: Sasuke Underestimates Killer B

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Sasuke and his group Taka are tasked by the Akatsuki with capturing the holder of the Eight-Tails, Killer B. B is a formidable opponent, having full control of his Tailed Beast and able to match Sasuke in swordplay. However, by using his Sharingan, Sasuke is able to subdue B and capture him to extract the Beast. Except…he doesn’t. B substituted himself for one of his Beast’s severed tentacle-tails and managed to slip away, fooling the young ninja and his crew. If Sasuke hadn’t overused his Sharingan, he might have spotted it. As it is, he ends up looking like a fool. Still, it may have been for the best, since it allowed B to go free and later train Naruto.

#6: Boruto Cheats

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Boruto Uzumaki has a lot to live up to, being Naruto’s son; often trying to prove himself or lashing out at his dad. Sadly, this leads Boruto to cheat during the Chunin exams. Against his father’s rules, Boruto uses a specialized gauntlet that stores jutsus, allowing Boruto to gain an advantage none of the other contestants have. This lets him reach and win the finals. However, he isn’t able to fool his father, who disqualifies Boruto and strips him of his ninja status in front of everyone. If not for extenuating circumstances that allowed him to redeem himself, Boruto may have lost everything because of this moronic decision.

#5: Sasuke Attacks the Five Kage Summit

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When Sasuke learns that Danzo, who ordered his clan’s massacre, has been temporarily appointed Hokage, he’s understandably angry. However, after hearing that Danzo will be attending a summit of the five Kage, he decides to launch a surprise attack. Even in concept, this is a woefully stupid move. Sasuke is an international criminal, and he thinks the best way to get revenge is to attack a conference attended by the heads of the ninja governments of his world – who are all extremely strong. And what do you know - Sasuke nearly dies several times over. He barely gets to Danzo and has to be rescued by Tobi before the Kage can finish him for good.

#4: Sakura Goes After Sasuke Alone

While Sasuke is attacking world leaders, Sakura is off making terrible choices of her own. When she and the rest of her peers resolve to capture Sasuke themselves, Sakura proceeds to knock her friends out with sleeping gas after they’ve located Sasuke for her. Under the pretense of joining Sasuke, Sakura tries to kill him herself, despite her love for him. This is extremely poor judgement on her part! Not only is she willing to betray and abandon her backup, but her hesitation also nearly gets her killed by Sasuke! If not for Kakashi and Naruto showing up, her future hubby would have slew her on the spot.

#3: Kurenai Uses Genjutsu on Itachi

And you call yourself a veteran shinobi. When Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame arrive in the Leaf Village, they’re confronted by Asuma and Kurenai; two skilled ninja in their own right. Although both are fairly strong, they’re no match for the infamous duo. What’s baffling though, is that Kurenai chooses to use her specialty on Itachi – genjutsu. The only problem? Itachi has the Sharingan! These eyes are basically designed to create, see through and counter genjutsu illusions! It’s like playing someone in Rock-Paper-Scissors who always throws scissors, and then choosing paper!

#2: Sasuke Decides to Destroy Konoha

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After Itachi’s death, Sasuke is captured by Tobi, wherein he tells him Itachi’s true history; how the Uchiha massacre was carried out at the behest of village elders like Danzo. Sasuke, despite spending half his life hating Itachi, believes Tobi’s story with very little evidence. This alone is pretty dumb. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time Sasuke inexplicably trusted a creepy ninja who clearly doesn’t have his best interests in mind – he did join Orochimaru, after all. But what’s really stupid is that Sasuke decides he wants to destroy the Hidden Leaf, the very thing Itachi gave literally everything, except Sasuke, for!

#1: Hiruzen Lets Orochimaru Leave

The Third Hokage, as much as we love him, did make some really bad calls during his career. Arguably the worst was this. After investigating a number of disappearances in the village, Hiruzen discovers that they were kidnapped by his former student, who had been experimenting on people to discover how to become immortal. And yet, despite having Orochimaru cornered, Hiruzen lets him go! Granted, we can understand not wanting to kill a former pupil, but he could have still tried to capture him alive! Hiruzen letting Orochimaru go led indirectly to more people being killed and experimented on, as well as Orochimaru corrupting Sasuke into leaving the village and all that heartache. Oh, and also Hiruzen’s death to boot! Way to go gramps.