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VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Shaina Higgins
The "Bridgerton" characters aren't as you remember them. Welcome to MsMojo. At long last, it's a new season…of Bridgerton. Change is in the air on the ton. Our favorite society set is shaking up the status quo with new fashions, new relationships, and new obstacles to overcome. Our countdown includes Cressida Cowper, Penelope, Benedict, and more!

#10: Anthony

For two seasons, Anthony Bridgerton was responsible for carrying a substantial chunk of the show’s plotline. And for ten years before that he was busy having to take care of all of his family’s financial needs and noble obligations. We’d say the guy has earned a break. Season Three sees Anthony take a backseat to other members of his family, while he enjoys some well-earned wedded bliss with Kate. In the love of his life, Anthony finally has a true partner who can help take some of the pressure off him. Gone is the tense, tightly wound Viscount of seasons past. We wish we got to spend more time with this happy version of Anthony, but we can’t begrudge him the time with Kate either.

#9: Lady Agatha Danbury

When it comes to social capital, there are few in London Society who are richer than Agatha Danbury. Second only to Queen Charlotte in prominence, Lady Danbury doesn’t generate much talk herself, but she is instrumental in pulling the strings that animate the movements of high society. While she is as active as ever in this regard, this season sees Agatha’s focus a little more divided than usual. In fact, she is frequently distracted. When her previously unmentioned younger brother arrives on the scene, it’s clear there’s some key backstory here. The “Queen Charlotte” spinoff gave us a glimpse of Agatha’s earlier years, but so much of her past remains a mystery. Agatha might prefer it that way, but we look forward to exploring her hidden depths.

#8: Benedict

Though he’s a fan favorite for his humor and easy-going charm, second son Benedict Bridgerton has often been relegated to the fringes of the show’s plotlines. Without Anthony’s title or obligations, Benedict’s been somewhat adrift, exploring art and love on a casual basis. However, for the first time, we start to see signs that he might finally be ready for more. His personal growth will have to wait though. With Anthony now off the market, Benedict finds himself squarely in the sights of every scheming Mama in society, turning every social gathering into an exercise in evasive maneuvers. Ironically, it’s in running from the matchmakers that he makes an intriguing connection in Lady Tilly Arnold. Time will tell if it’s meant to last, but the chemistry is too good to ignore.

#7: Violet

As more of her children embark on new chapters, Violet faces the closing of a major one. With Anthony’s marriage to Kate, the time has finally come for her to step down as Viscountess. The show stalls the transition somewhat by sending the giddy newlyweds off on an extension of their honeymoon, but Violet is well aware that her role is about to change significantly. Of course she still has two children to finish raising, but it seems likely that for the first time in decades, she will have time to focus on herself. She may not have planned to look for love, but Violet’s heart seems open, and we are eager to see what fate will bring to her. Especially when Season 3 introduces a tall, dark, and handsome possibility.

#6: Francesca

In a family as big as the Bridgertons, it can be easy to get lost in the mix, so you could be forgiven for overlooking the three younger siblings. But this season is about to change that. While Hyacinth and Gregory are still waiting in the wings, Francesca Bridgerton finds herself center stage, whether she wants to be or not. Shy and reserved, Francesca doesn’t enjoy society like Daphne, but she doesn't rail against it like Eloise either. She’s eager to participate in the game if only to cash out as quickly as possible, and establish a peaceful household of her own. Violet worries that Francesca might be putting convenience over happiness. But Francesca’s yearning for quiet companionship over smoldering passion still yields a sweet and unique connection.

#5: Colin

Colin spent his first international adventure appreciating wildlife. And from the sound of things his second set of travels was more about appreciating the wild life. Back in London with a swagger in his step and a bad boy glow-up, the cocky, flirtatious Colin we meet in Season 3 seems like a far cry from the hopeless romantic we’ve previously known. Needless to say, it attracts a lot of notice, even though he claims that’s not his intention. Whatever he says, this new side of Colin seems like an extension of the part of him that craves approval, and we don’t always love the crowd he performs for. But fear not, we do still get flashes of the familiar, earnest Colin hiding under the playboy mask.

#4: Penelope

Whether because of her overbearing family or her less conventional beauty, Penelope has always been ignored by London Society. And in the past she preferred it that way. But Season 3 gives us a Penelope ready to get off the shelf and into the arena. Chafing under her mother’s control, and craving any independence, she decides to take the reins and find herself a husband. With a new look and a firm goal, she launches herself into the season with aplomb. Despite the positive first impression Penelope makes, she still stumbles when it comes to the actual practice of socializing. But her determination does get Colin’s attention. And his offer to help sets in motion the story that has been seasons in the making.

#3: Cressida Cowper

In the rose garden of “Bridgerton”’s Regency London, Cressida Cowper has always been one of its most pernicious thorns. And yet it turns out there’s more to her than a spoiled social climber. Season Three adds layers to Cressida, showing us both her isolation and her stressful family dynamic. With these pressures, we finally start to get a sense of what is at the root of more unpleasant tendencies. It doesn’t excuse any of her behavior, past or present, but at least now we can see the desperation under the nastiness. Notably, Cressida does strive to master her worst impulses and be a better person, but old habits die hard. It will be interesting to see which side of this more complicated character wins out in the end.

#2: Will & Alice Mondrich

Of the many side characters who fill out the world of “Bridgerton,” we’ve always been champions of this couple. A former professional boxer, Will built a successful second career as the proprietor of a successful gentlemen’s club alongside his wife Alice. Though the pair are ambitious, they are also honorable and kind. And no one is more deserving of a sudden windfall than these two. With their son’s title comes a change in status for the entire family, and Will and Alice go from serving the upper class to circulating within it. It’s a big change, with a lot of upheaval and uncertainty. Watching the Mondriches navigate their new situation is one of the most interesting angles yet on high society. But it's their love and support for each other that really shines.

#1: Eloise

While the rest of her family sails happily through society, Eloise has always strained against its expectations. So our jaws hit the floor when we saw how she’d been occupying her time between seasons. Yes, resident iconoclast Eloise Bridgerton shows all appearances of being tamed. She’s following fashion trends, reading romantic novels, hanging out with other debutantes…Okay, one debutant in particular. It’s madness. What caused this radical about face? Is she really that shaken by her near-ruination in Season 2? Or is this the Regency equivalent of getting a new haircut after her friendship breakup with Penelope? Or is she really just ready to embrace her place in the social order? We’re not sure, but we won’t lie, we heaved a sigh of relief every time glimmers of the old Eloise peeked through.

Which character are you most excited to follow through this London Social Season? Bring your Lady Whistledown to the drawing room, and discuss. Or just tell us about it in the comments.