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VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton
"Bridgerton," the show of ships. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're ranking all the main “Bridgerton” couples. We're only looking at canon relationships for this one. Our countdown includes Colin & Penelope, Will & Alice, Simon & Daphne, and more!

#7: Simon & Daphne

Though the show and books began with the Duke and Duchess of Hastings, there are just too many problems with this pairing for them to rank highly. While Simon was the perfect romantic lead who set passions burning across the globe, there’s a huge elephant in the room where these two are concerned. Yes, we’re talking about that scene in episode six where Daphne does not allow Simon to withdraw consent even though he tells her to stop. The scene may be handled better in the show than in the book, but the fact that Daphne never faces real consequences for what she did - and, indeed, remains convinced that Simon was the real problem in their relationship - means that the Hastings have to stay at the bottom. The incident tars even their most romantic moments, unfortunately.

#6: John & Francesca

This unconventional couple are one of the latest matches made in the Ton. Francesca sought only to have a practical marriage with a man who would let her pursue her interests, but she’s found a true companion in John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin. The two meet after an overwhelming party, both craving some peace and quiet away from the chaos of the ballroom. Despite hardly talking to one another, it’s clear that a connection is made, as Francesca is thrilled when Lord Kilmartin calls on her the following day. Learning about her interest in music, he also has a piece she criticized rearranged to suit her tastes, and she stands up for their relationship even as others question it for not being as passionate or earth-shattering as some of “Bridgerton’s” others.

#5: Will & Alice

Introduced as friends of Simon and some of the show’s few characters who weren’t born into high society, the Mondriches have become much more important in season 3. As such, we’re ranking them alongside our other favourites. They may not have the high drama of the other couples, but seeing them navigate married life in Regency England is a delight. Their most swoon-worthy moment so far comes after they attend their first ball, with Benedict explaining to Will that, while the Ton is restrictive for some, it offers immense freedom to the people who AREN’T on the marriage mart. Despite it being customary for rich, married couples not to share bedrooms, Will tells Alice that they’re in charge now, and they can do what they like and live on their own terms.

#4: Brimsley & Reynolds

Co-written by Shonda Rhimes and Julia Quinn herself, “Queen Charlotte” landed on Netflix back in 2023. Though most of the show’s focus was on the King and Queen, another couple stole the spotlight a handful of times. We quickly learn that Charlotte’s butler Brimsley is in love with the King’s footman, Reynolds. Thrown together by the royal marriage, Brimsley and Reynolds take every opportunity to spend time with each other away from prying eyes. Though it seems initially that this may just be a steamy affair, that’s not the case. These two are a dedicated pair, and it was heartbreaking to see Brimsley in “Bridgerton’s” present dancing alone. We don’t know what happened to Reynolds, but as the show’s only main LGBTQ+ pairing so far, they deserve a place on our list.

#3: George & Charlotte

Though they didn’t have a press circuit quite as relentless as “Bridgerton” proper, Queen Charlotte and King George III won over viewers everywhere. Their relationship starts off difficult when Charlotte tries to run from George on their wedding day, since they’re getting married without meeting. He then hides from her in Kew, and it takes a while for her to find out that this is because he’s unwell and is trying to protect her from the worst of it. The steamy scenes are some of the best in the entire “Bridgerton” universe, but the spin-off also had devastating scenes of the elder George and Charlotte as George struggles to remember who she is. But you have to be VERY dedicated to someone to have fifteen children together.

#2: Colin & Penelope

The latest leading couple, fans have been waiting for Colin and Penelope since the beginning. Their timeless story of the quiet girl falling for the boy next door has been hotly anticipated, and season 3 leans fully into the romcom elements of this friends-to-lovers tale. It looked for a minute like Colin would never get his act together and realize that Penelope is the woman of his dreams, but all it took was one kiss between them for him to fall head over heels. And his declaration of love in the carriage ride home really did rival Simon and Anthony’s similar speeches, and was followed immediately by a proposal. We’re not yet sure how their happy ending is going to be reached given Penelope’s Lady-Whistledown-shaped secret, but we can’t wait to find out.

#1: Anthony & Kate

Though “Bridgerton” season 1 broke records, season 2 was a revelation. Enemies-to-lovers replaced the classic, fake relationship trope, and Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma might be the greatest enemies-to-lovers of them all. The entire world was glued to Netflix as we waited for them to admit their feelings, made even harder by the fact that their main obstacle, Edwina, was so easy to love. Season 2 brought the drama as well, with Anthony getting all the way to the alter until Edwina realized the truth and called the wedding off, and Kate then almost dying during a rainstorm. Truly, these two have more chemistry than anybody else on the show, and it’s clear why their book is also one of the most beloved in the series. We love every minute that the Viscount and Viscountess Bridgerton are on screen.

Let us know in the comments which couple you think are relationship goals!