More World Cup Controversies! Young Indiana Jones? Jason David Frank Remembered. Disney's Pivot!

VOICE OVER: Matt Demers
In this week's Hollywood Headlines, we're looking at Bob Iger's shocking return as Disney CEO following his 2020 ouster. Is Iger best for business at the House of Mouse? In movie news, Harrison Ford will be looking a lot younger at the start of Indiana Jones 5 thanks to some de-aging SFX. And, with FIFA's World Cup having been kicked into full gear, we'll tell you the celebs who are boycotting the controversial event and that those that aren't! Plus, The Walking Dead may have bid farewell in a bittersweet finale, but the franchise has sparked a flurry of spinoffs. We'll tell you what's on the horizon! And lastly, we pay tribute to the late Power Ranger legend, Jason David Frank.