10 Exciting Things To Know About Silent Hill's Future
Trivia 10 Exciting Things To Know About Silent Hill's Future



10 Exciting Things To Know About Silent Hill's Future

VOICE OVER: Johnny Reynolds WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Silent Hill has been dormant for far too long! In this video, we're looking at everything you should know about the future of “Silent Hill”. Our list includes “Silent Hill 2”, “Silent Hill: Townfall”, “Silent Hill f”, “Silent Hill: Ascension” and more!

Everything You Should Know About Silent Hill’s Future

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at everything you should know about the future of “Silent Hill”. Are you ready to go back into the fog?

“Resident Evil” (1996-)

It’s clear that, years after “Resident Evil’s” soft reboot in 2017, Konami has finally got the message. Capcom has seen immense success not only with its new “Resident Evil” releases, but also with the various remakes it’s put out, like the critically acclaimed “Resident Evil 2”. It’s shocking it’s taken Konami so long to realize that they can get on the ongoing, remake gravy train by bringing back “Silent Hill”, a horror series equally adored by hardcore gamers. We hope the trend towards remakes continues for this series, since it would be just as exciting to get a remake of the very first “Silent Hill”, a game significantly more dated than its direct sequel.

“P.T.” (2014)

Called by some the greatest horror video game ever made, despite its short length “P.T.” has left quite the mark on the industry AND on Konami. Created by auteur developer Hideo Kojima, it wasn’t long after “P.T.” dropped ominously onto the PlayStation Store that Kojima and Konami had their nasty and very public breakup. “Silent Hills” was dead, and Kojima took star Norman Reedus with him to eventually make “Death Stranding”. Will Konami’s renewed interest in “Silent Hill” mean they might finally put “P.T.” back onto the PS Store, or port it to other consoles? We doubt it. Outstanding as it is, it’s a blatant reminder of Konami’s failures as a company in recent years. But we hope the new “Silent Hill” titles are just as scary.

“Abandoned” (TBA)

In summer, 2021, the gaming community was ignited by this strange teaser and blog post. Players made a few leaps of logic and suggested Hideo Kojima was attached to bring back his canceled masterpiece, “Silent Hills”. However, the rumor mill quickly got out of control. It eventually came out that not only was “Abandoned” NOT a “Silent Hill” game at all, but Kojima had nothing to do with it. Developer Blue Box also continued to tweet strange “hints” suggesting that Kojima was somehow involved. Eventually, the tide turned, with the whole thing viewed as a marketing ploy – though it also led to the harassment of Blue Box developers. It’s now been delayed indefinitely because of a large leak, though others still say that “Abandoned” never truly existed – ironically, this makes it even more like “Silent Hills”.

“Return to Silent Hill” (TBA)

Much like “Resident Evil”, “Silent Hill” has had a handful of movies based on it. Though 2006’s “Silent Hill” and 2012’s “Silent Hill: Revelation” were poorly received by most, director of the first movie Christophe Gans is back to direct this recently-announced sequel. Called “Return to Silent Hill”, it’s going to reboot the series’ movie franchise, and is apparently going to be directly based on “Silent Hill 2”. It IS interesting that “Revelation” seemed to follow the loose plot of “Silent Hill 3” with filmmakers skipping “Silent Hill 2” – certainly the most popular of the whole franchise – entirely. Horror movies of all stripes remain absolutely huge in Hollywood, so hopefully, this new “Silent Hill” movie will actually be good.

“Silent Hill: Ascension” (2023)

We may not know exactly what “Ascension” is until it releases, going by the unusual trailer. However, some people working on the game have talked about it, and have said it’s an interactive streaming event that’s only going to happen ONCE, in 2023. The audience is going to have input on what happens in the show, in a choose-your-own adventure format. Something similar could be “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, which was briefly a phenomenon in 2018 for its multiple endings and integration of game mechanics within streaming. However, Netflix is not attached to “Ascension” that we know of, so it might unfold in a totally different and unique way. Watch this space for more information about “Ascension”.

“Silent Hill f” (TBA)

Though “Silent Hill” is made in Japan, the games have primarily been set in a fictionalized US. That is, until “Silent Hill f”. We don’t know much about this game, but from the small teaser, it’s clearly set in Japan; it’ll be interesting to see Konami turn its home country into a nightmare. Konami says it’s also set in the 1960s, making it a unique period piece sure to stand on its own two feet. This is slated to be the next full, mainline “Silent Hill” game, finally continuing the series after 2012’s “Silent Hill: Downpour”, which was easily one of the worst in the franchise. “f” is also being written by Ryukishi07, a seasoned writer of horror visual novels such as Higurashi and Umineko, making it even more exciting.

“Silent Hill: Townfall” (TBA)

Another enigmatic announcement, “Silent Hill: Townfall” is being developed in collaboration with Annapurna Interactive, known for its outstanding indie games, and No Code, a relatively new studio headed by a former developer on “Alien: Isolation”. This all sounds very promising, and the trailer already contained a hidden message in its audio, reading, “whatever heart this town had has now stopped”. As well as seeing sinister images on a portable TV, we also saw waves on a shoreline over and over again, which likely means the game will have a coastal setting. It could, however, be the shores of Toluca Lake instead, the vast body of water that has always been a major part of the series. Since “f” isn’t going to be set in Silent Hill itself, it would make sense that Konami would release another new game that DOES revisit the iconic location.

“Silent Hill 2” (TBA)

This was the announcement we’ve all been waiting for for years. Finally, more than two decades after the original game launched, Konami has seen the light and is remaking “Silent Hill 2”. James Sunderland is back to roam through the fog in search of his deceased wife, all while evading Pyramid Head – remember, this was the first game he appeared in, as he wasn’t in the original. We even saw a snippet of the famously unpleasant “mannequin scene” in the trailer. It’s being developed by Bloober Team, a Polish developer who made “Layers of Fear” and, most recently, “The Medium”. This follows years of rumors that Bloober Team were involved in “Silent Hill” in some way. There’s not yet a release date for the remake, however, though it’s confirmed to only be releasing on PS5 and PC currently.