Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths In Kid Movies
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Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths In Kid Movies

VOICE OVER: Andrew Tejada WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Alexander
Quick! Cover your eyes! For this list, we'll be looking at the most gruesome demises in films aimed at children. This means some brutal spoilers. Our countdown includes scenes from "The Incredibles", "The NeverEnding Story", "Anastasia" and more!
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Kid Movies. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most gruesome demises in films aimed at children, taking into account the actual mode of death, not necessarily how impactful it was. This means some brutal spoilers. Did any of these deaths scar you as a child? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Up, Up, & Away

“The Incredibles” (2004)

Syndrome’s eventual end is a walking example of why Edna Mode has a strict no-cape rule on super suits. The villain was already having a rough day, but things took a violent turn for the worse when he tried to kidnap Jack-Jack. All it did was put him, and his cape, in close proximity to the plane’s jet turbine. He tries to hang on, but once the loose fabric gets caught, the once-great Syndrome becomes human wood chips. Evisceration can’t be a fun way to go, but even worse, the plane promptly explodes afterwards. Kind of feels like overkill.

#9: Faith, Trust, & Diamond Dust

“Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (2001)

There’s a poetic sense of justice that the crystals Rourke tried so hard to steal are what end up putting him six feet deep. He’s crystalized in a visual representation of his greed, and given the screams of pain, it doesn’t sound like a good time. But, as if becoming a sentient gem doesn’t hurt enough, Rourke then gets a very close haircut through a propeller. No matter how you cut it, going from an imposing adversary to a light rain of sparkles has gotta sting. At least Rourke can say he went out in style.

#8: A Fall From Grace

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937)

An army of furry critters and friendly dwarves should not be this terrifying. Though, in the Evil Queen’s defense, we’d run, too, if an angry mob of them were after us. However, when it comes to pointing blame, they’re only guilty of positioning her near the edge of a cliff. The true culprit is the bolt of lightning that rudely sent her skydiving without a parachute. To rub some rock-salt into the wound, a boulder follows her down. So, even if she somehow endured the fall, she’d have another gift on the way to finish the job.

#7: Dark Horse

“The NeverEnding Story” (1984)

In this magical tale of hope and adventure, the aptly titled swamp of sadness lives up to its name with a surprisingly grisly body count. Atreyu makes it across the hazard, but his horse, Artax, endures a fate that’s neither quick nor painless. The mystical mud saps his will to live until the animal is fully submerged from hoof to head. Literally drowning in your own despair has got to be one of the vilest forms of torture out there. Since this is a fantasy, though, Artax would return for another story, making his death slightly less traumatic for kids who made it to the end.

#6: Chopped, Skewered, & Fried

“The Little Mermaid” (1989)

Even at the size of a giant, it’s clear this sea witch rocked the boat a bit too much. When she starts stirring up the ocean, Eric commandeers a shipwrecked vessel to impale Ursula with. Yeah, clean through the body, full shish-kebab style. That’ll definitely leave some splinters. But, this type of sushi is best served charred-broiled. Or, at least, that’s what Mother Nature thinks since Ursula is then promptly electrocuted by lightning. Honestly, the worst part about this is trying to decide which is worse: getting stabbed or getting shocked.

#5: Extermination

“Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” (2018)

With great power, sometimes comes a great deal of pain. Though Spidey can usually thwip out of dangerous situations, the explosion of Kingpin’s multiversal machine leaves the hero beaten, broken, and totally defenseless. His last act is ensuring Miles gets out safely, but it can’t protect him from watching the hero’s brutal end. Not even a superhero can withstand a shattered midsection. We mercifully don’t see the impact, and yet, the sound alone is enough to convince us it wasn’t pleasant. In the end, Peter’s still body speaks louder than a dramatic farewell ever could.

#4: Through The Jungle Vine

“Tarzan” (1999)

At the very least, this death was fast. But, that’s really the only good thing we can say about it. When Clayton’s trapped in a web of vines, he starts mindlessly hacking at them. Except, of course, for the one around his neck. Eventually, Clayton drops, but he never reaches the ground. The vine goes taut, and all we hear is the sickening sound as Clayton’s neck presumably snaps from the whiplash. It’s gotta hurt even more since this was completely his own doing. If this is the alternative, maybe the Evil Queen’s fall wasn’t so bad, after all.

#3: Once Upon a Rasputin

“Anastasia” (1997)

In a moment of brilliant cruelty, this amnesiac princess decides to give Rasputin a taste of his own demons. Once she cracks his reliquary, they turn on the villain and proceed to dissolve him from the inside out. His skin melts, his bones crack, and then he’s left as nothing but dust. It’s quite literally a fate worse than death since it’s dealt by the undead themselves. There’s no telling the kind of suffering Rasputin endured, but at least he probably lost consciousness before it got too bad. His soul, though? That’s a different story.

#2: Doom Goes For a ‘Dip’

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988)

Surprisingly, getting flattened by a steamroller isn’t the most cringe-worthy part of Doom’s, well, doom. No, that part just really, really hurt. The true honor belongs to his so-called Dip, an acid he used to dissolve animations like the Toon Shoe. After getting sprayed with the stuff, Doom’s left with nowhere to go but down. Knowing his sadistic ways, and its lengthy list of ingredients, we doubt the shower feels nice. So, Doom sinks - or, technically, melts - into a corrosive chemical that he designed himself. If that’s not karma, we don’t know what is.

#1: The King Is Dethroned

“The Black Cauldron” (1985)

Letting go is never easy, both actually and figuratively. When the titular cauldron begins to devour everything in sight, the Horned King adamantly hangs on. Impressively, his grip doesn’t waver even as his very skin tears off and his skeleton starts to incinerate. Yeah, there’s no way of sugarcoating the fact that every single fiber of the Horned King’s body was painfully ripped apart in his last moments. If he’d just let go sooner, he might’ve been able to cut his torment short. But, hey, at least he can say he genuinely held on until the very end.