Top 10 Most Rewatched Cartoon Moments
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Top 10 Most Rewatched Cartoon Moments

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We could rewatch these cartoon moments on frame at a time. For this list, we'll be looking at the most popular cartoon scenes we always get a kick out of watching! Our countdown includes "Gravity Falls," "Steve Universe," "Futurama," and more!

Top 10 Most Rewatched Cartoon Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Rewatched Cartoon Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most popular cartoon scenes we always get a kick out of watching! Quick sidenote: movies will be excluded unless they’re part of a tv series. Alrighty, calling all animation enthusiasts, here’s your spoiler warning!

Just before we get started, let us know what your all-time favorite 2D cartoon is in the comments!

#10: Pops vs Anti-Pops
“Regular Show” (2010-17)

“Regular Show” is nothing if not weird in the most endearing way. The three-part finale really upped the ante with the conclusion of the Chosen One storyline introduced earlier in season 8. Best way we can explain it is yin and yang… but make it Pops. The battle is always supposed to end in a stalemate but, this time around, Pops manages to win over his evil brother by simply showing him love. Pops sacrifices himself to keep his counterpart at bay and, together, they fly into the sun. It’s such a bittersweet ending to a ridiculously eccentric series, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

#9: The Time Loop
“Futurama” (1999-2003)

“Futurama” is a show with brilliant writing and its ending really solidified that. When Fry accidentally freezes time for everyone except himself and Leela, the two live out their days together. A weird glimmer follows them from time to time as they travel the world and grow old, just as in love as they were in their youth. Eventually, they find themselves back at the Vampire State Building where everything is just as they left it. It’s then that they find out the glimmer is actually the Professor, who offers them a chance to go back to where it all began. Fry and Leela go through with it, presumably ending up back at the first episode, which means that all of “Futurama” is effectively one giant time loop!

#8: Robin & Starfire’s Long-Awaited Kiss
“Teen Titans” (2003-06)

There isn’t exactly a whole roster of romantic Robin and Starfire shipping fuel from the series, but the stuff we did get has amazing rewatch value. Of course, their kiss in “Trouble in Tokyo” is definitely one for the history books. It took five seasons of small moments that culminated in a TV movie, but we got there! After an arduous fight and in the pouring rain, Robin finally makes his move and it’s everything our childhood hearts ever wanted! Of course, this wasn’t their first kiss, but it certainly was the one that meant something special.

#7: The Crystal Gems Fuse
“Steven Universe” (2013-19)

Fusions are one of the most interesting and visually stunning aspects of “Steven Universe”. They got more and more ambitious as the series continued; from finding out Garnet was a fusion to Stevonnie, we were absolutely invested in all the different ways gems could couple up. The most anticipated fusion, however, had to be that of our main characters. In the four-part finale, Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl fuse into the jaw-dropping Obsidian in order to get a leg up on the Diamonds. It’s crazy and awesome, and Obsidian’s character design is everything! Catch us looping this scene over and over!

#6: Jack’s Father vs. Aku
“Samurai Jack” (2001-04; 2017)

If “The Birth of Evil” winning an Emmy isn’t enough to convince you that it deserves your attention, maybe the captivating narrative will. It’s an origins episode, split into two, that takes place in the past and reveals how Aku was created: at the hands of Jack’s father, the Emperor. Of course, the whole thing was accidental, but the Emperor sets his sights on making amends all the same. This battle between the two is enthralling, to say the least, with action sequences that put the superhero genre to shame. One watch through is nowhere near enough to take it all in.

#5: The Portal Scene
“The Owl House” (2020-)

The first season of “The Owl House” was so outstanding, we thought it would probably be difficult to top. Apparently not! Season two managed to give us everything we loved about season one and more! The finale was… Well, let’s just say Dana Terrace owes us money for therapy bills. So much happens, including the highly anticipated Lumity kiss the episode before. “King’s Tide”, however, is devastating all around. While the Collector wreaks havoc on the Boiling Isles, Luz intends to stay behind to save her friends, but an emotional exchange that has us all in tears sees King making the sacrifice instead. Luz, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter are sent through to the human realm and trapped there as the portal closes. Are you screaming? ‘Cause we’re screaming!

#4: Phineas & Ferb Find Out About Perry
“Phineas and Ferb” (2007-15)

This whole movie made everything we thought would never happen… happen. Dr. Doofenshmirtz wins, summer is outlawed, and the boys find out about Perry’s secret identity. It’s probably one of the most insane moments of the entire series, even if it does happen in a movie where everyone’s minds are erased in the end. It’s a really gratifying moment for long-time fans of the show who never thought they’d see the day. Everyone’s reaction, from Phineas’ indignation to Perry’s guilt, all feels super believable–at least, as believable as a turquoise platypus who’s a secret agent can be. It’s definitely a cartoon moment for the ages.

#3: Betty’s Sacrifice
“Adventure Time” (2010-18)

Given it’s 10-year run and four-episode spin-off series, “Adventure Time” has a lot of great moments to choose from. The Bubbline kiss in “Obsidian”, for one, is probably one of the most replayed moments of the franchise. Still, being that most of the show consists of filler and lighter subplots, the heavy-hitting stuff was especially treasured. Simon’s whole storyline is a great example of one of the more meaningful narratives and our pick for this entry goes to “I Remember You”. It might just be the most memorable song of the series, though there are many, and it was one of the first distinct revealations of Ice King’s tragic past. Hits us right in the feels every time!

#2: The Truth About Grunkle Stan
“Gravity Falls” (2012-16)

There’s a lot to like in “Gravity Falls” and certainly a lot to rewatch. There are some really clever jokes, a whole mystery to uncover, and, above all else, a villain whose every line manages to be quotable. One of the most dramatic moments of the cartoons has to be the moment Stan tries to bring back Ford. The kids have dug up quite a bit of dirt of their Grunkle by this time and they have every reason not to trust him. Mabel gets caught in the crossfire between her brother and great uncle, as each of them urge her to make a different decision. It’s an intense scene with stellar voice acting from every character, captivating animation, and, of course, the big reveal in the end.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Catra & Adora’s Kiss, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (2018-20)
FINALLY! That’s All We Have to Say

Bubbles Becomes Mojo Jojo, “The Powerpuff Girls” (1998-2005)
The Whole Thing Feels Like a Fever Dream TBH

Star Butterfly Destroys Magic, “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” (2015-19)
All Things Considered, Pretty Epic Moment

Daphne Blake Kisses Shaggy Rogers, “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated” (2010-13)
Now, We Wait For the Fred & Velma Kiss!

Della Duck Reunites with Her Family, “DuckTales” (2017-21)
A Really Sweet Moment 10 Years (or Two Seasons) in the Making

#1: Aang Takes Ozai's Bending
“Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-08)

“Avatar: the Last Airbender” is often held as one of the greatest cartoons ever created, especially at the time of its run. Serialized children’s shows were all but unheard of and “Avatar” proved that strong, overarching narratives in kids media could not only be successful, but actually be inducted into pop culture. This scene has everything: a wonderfully choreographed fight (the likes of which we’d only come to expect from the series), a moving music score, and Aang’s big moment where he’d become the first Avatar to energy bend. After a three-season buildup, it couldn’t be more satisfying to see him take Ozai’s bending and finally end the war. Paving the way for so many children’s cartoons to follow, “ATLA” truly stands the test of time.