The 10 WEIRDEST God of War PC Mods
Trivia The 10 WEIRDEST God of War PC Mods



The 10 WEIRDEST God of War PC Mods

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The launch of "God of War" on PC has brought some of the weirdest PC mods we've seen in a while. For this list, we'll be looking at mods that reshape the main characters and their encounters in God of War 2018. Our list includes God of San Andreas by Omega Fantasy, God of Dad Jokes by Mophead, Why So Serious? by Silence Exterminator, and more!
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Welcome to MojoPlays and today, things are getting weird in The Nine Realms. Well, weirder than normal anyways as we look at the 10 weirdest God of War Mods on PC. For this list, we’ll be looking at mods that reshape the main characters and their encounters in God of War 2018. What’s your favorite weird mod for God of War and what mod do you hope to see next? Let us know down in the comments.

God of Doom

By: Omega Fantasy

The Draugr and many of the other undead enemies in Midgard are essentially demons right? Close enough! That’s the only excuse the Doom Slayer needs to invade the Nine Realms and rip and tear his way through the Norse Pantheon, thanks. Baldur just might’ve picked a fight with the one being who can actually make him feel pain. Bringing with him his own heavy metal theme music AND the Crucible Blade, no God is safe in all the Nine Realms. If there was anyone who truly had a rage meter built in, it would be the Doom Slayer. Somehow we think Atreus would much prefer Kratos’ reserved parenting as opposed to Doom Slayer’s stoic silence and menace.

Love & Thunder

By: Omega Fantasy

While God of War’s Thor might be out for revenge for the loss of his sons, MCU Thor is out to stop his multiverse’s offspring from causing any more undue death and destruction. Clad in his new Love and Thunder armor, and bringing Stormbreaker along for the battle, Thor wastes no time in putting an end to Magni and Modi’s reign of terror while protecting the young boy he happened across during his journey through this new strange new version of Midgard. MCU Thor fits in surprisingly well with the overall look of Santa Monica’s Midgard and Stormbreaker is more than capable of handling the many different attacks and spells needed to bring down the sons of evil Thor once and for all. And this time, he made sure to go for the head.

God of Dad Jokes

By: Mophead

Upon becoming a father, a new section of the brain is unlocked, thereby turning everyday conversations into material primed for comedy. Kratos might not have gotten to perfect his skills with Calliope, but he will absolutely make up for it with Atreus. Using outtakes from voice over sessions during the production of God of War, modder Mophead adds some of Kratos’ best Dad jokes moments into the game, and the results will bring a smile to any father who’s never missed an opportunity to embarrass their children with a well-timed pun. Now we just need to wait for Mophead to add some of the best Dad Jokes from Christopher Judge’s interview with Polygon for the ultimate Dad of Boy experience.


By: Omega Fantasy

Ragnarok might still be a ways away but you can try out what is sure to be one of the world’s strongest weapons ahead of the climactic battle between Kratos and Thor. Given that both Mjolnir and the Leviathan Axe were created by Brok and Sindri to be the antithesis of one another, both function much the same way. While we undoubtedly will see Kratos wielding Mjolnir at some point during Ragnarok, this might be the closest we’ll get to seeing the almighty hammer in action until then. Let us just hope that Kratos is worthy.

Why So Serious?

By: Silence Exterminator

The battle between Kratos and Baldur makes one hell of a first impression and firmly establishes the two as rivals for the upcoming journey ahead. This type of dichotomy is seen in many forms of entertainment media but by far one of the most famous is that of The Dark Knight himself, Batman and his never ending rivalry with the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. Modder Silence Exterminator brings their lifelong battles to the realm of Midgard and while the results aren’t as smooth as some of the others on this list, seeing Batman use his batarang to wallop on the Joker is entertaining, nonetheless. The characters back and forth oddly works with this reskin as well, given Batman’s naturally gravely tone matching Kratos’ and Baldur’s demeanor perfectly suiting the Joker’s over the top delivery and mannerisms.

God of San Andreas

By: Omega Fantasy

All you had to do was not start Ragnarok, CJ! When Big Smoke shows up at CJ’s looking for trouble, CJ fills his order by giving him two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large can of whoop ass. Seeing the low polygon battle set against the realistic snow backdrop is unquestionably funny - not to mention probably the most exercise Big Smoke has had in some time - but it’s giving Big Smoke the beatdown he’s been deserving for almost two decades that makes the clash between these two all the more satisfying.

Rick of War

By: Omega Fantasy

Look at me, Morty! I’m the God of War, Morty! I turned myself into the God of War! Rick has opened a portal to the Nine Realms and it's up to the duo to save all of Midgard or something. I'm sure they’ll figure it out, but in the meantime it's just another epic adventure for Rick and Morty! There is always a lighthouse, there’s always a man and, no wait, that's another portal, but there IS always some jerk who gets in the way! Throughout their journey they’ll learn some stuff, and probably bond over life lessons and become stronger for it and blah blah blah wubalubadubdub!!

God of Dad Bod

By: Omega Fantasy

Along with the realization that Dad jokes come to fathers as easily as breathing, comes the acceptance that your body might plateau a bit because much of your down time will be spent caring for said child. Giving Thor a run for his money, Kratos finally let himself go and settled down, leaving the constant battles of his past behind him and settling into domestic life. Don’t think that he’s not willing to take up the fight should it come to his front door, however. He might be a bit slower than he was in his prime, but he can still pack a punch and he’s got more than a few pounds to back it up too.

The Last of War

By: Omega Fantasy

Given the vast amounts of flora and fauna throughout all of the Nine Realms, it’s entirely possible there’s a version of the Cordyceps virus just waiting to ravage the world of Midgard. And who better to combat this new outbreak than another pair who’s skilled with a bow and has penchant for melee weapons? With Joel’s trusty upgraded pipe and Ellie’s bow skills, the infected and Clickers don’t stand a chance. And Joel finally gets to exact his revenge against David and lay the smackdown on the creep the way he deserves. The dynamic of family stretches not only across the Nine Realms but also across video game properties.

Simpsons of War

By: Omega Fantasy

D’oh! I mean, Boy! By far the most comprehensive mod on our list, Omega Fantasy went above and beyond and not only swapped out Kratos and Atreus for Homer and Bart, but also all the enemies and friends the pair met with the many beloved characters of Springfield. Draugr are now Itchy and Scratchy, trolls are now Lard Lad Donut statues, and Baldur is even Ned Flanders. Omega Fantasy even went so far as to get sound-alike actors to deliver the script which has been altered to fit in line with the world of The Simpsons. The love for not only The Simpsons but God of War in this mod makes it not only one of the weirdest but the BEST mods for God of War 2018 and currently their journey through Mid-Springfield is ongoing on ToastedShoes YouTube channel and we highly recommend you follow along with them for the ongoing insanity.