RIP Trevor Strnad | NBA YoungBoy REFUSES $25M Deal! | Pink Floyd Catalog | Bruno Capinan Interview

VOICE OVER: Joe Pacheco, Cassius Morris WRITTEN BY: N/A
Hey everyone! This week on Innersleeve, We are joined by dynamic Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Bruno Capinan! We discuss their new album 'Tara Rara' (Portuguese for 'Rare Desire') - a full circle, spiritual collection of songs, resonant with sonic elements embedded with Bruno's Brazilian heritage! Joe and Cassius open the show discussing the untimely death of Black Dalhia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad, NBA YoungBoy refusing Atlantic records, rumblings of Pink Floyd's catalogue selling for up to $500 Million, Netflix's new music developments and more!

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0:00 Intro
2:04 The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad takes his own life at 41.
5:17 NBA Youngboy Turned Down $25m Offer From Atlantic Records To Re-Sign
8:23 Pink Floyd's Catalog Could Top $500 million amid bidding war from Warner Music & BMG
12:46 Netflix Is Considering Adding Live Content, Possibly Including Concerts and Music Festivals
16:31 Bruno Capinan Interview
17:57 Tara Rara
18:51 Inspiration from dreams
19:37 Born in Brasil
20:05 Leaving Brasil for Canada
22:01 Toronto
23:33 Musical beginnings
24:32 Reasons for leaving Brasil
27:11 Musical themes
29:49 Samba
31:41 Qualquer Lugar
33:05 Vivian Kuczynski
36:22 Live performances
37:16 Recording the album
40:48 Playing Instruments
42:12 Dream venue to perform at
43:20 Top 10 places you have to visit in Brasil
45:42 Brazillian Music scene
47:01 Advice for 15-year-old Bruno
48:55 Interview takeaways

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