Top 10 Things You Missed In Moon Knight Episode 4



Top 10 Things You Missed In Moon Knight Episode 4

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Did you catch all of these in "Moon Knight's" fourth episode? For this list, we'll be looking at the best Easter eggs and references in the latest installment of the lunar themed show. Our countdown includes the Crawley Conspiracy, allusions to Raul Bushman, signs of the Scarlet Scarab, and more! What was your favorite scene in this week's episode? And do you think the cupcakes being handed out is a reference to the dessert truck Steven stole in the first episode? Let us know in the comments below.
Top 10 Things You Missed in Moon Knight Episode 4

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 things you missed in Moon Knight episode 4.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best Easter eggs and references in the latest episode of the lunar themed show. If you haven’t caught up on the series up to this point, beware of spoilers ahead.

What was your favorite scene in this week’s episode? And do you think the cupcakes being handed out is a reference to the dessert truck Steven stole in the first episode? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Steven Usually Has a TV Show Instead of a Movie

When a clip from the “Tomb Buster” VHS first started playing, we were worried Disney+ had glitched and we were accidentally watching something else. But it was soon revealed that this movie existed within the show. And as an added bonus, the main character was named after a certain gift shop-ist. Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Moon Knight got meta and adapted his life into entertainment. There have been comic storylines where Steven Grant backs a TV show based on his life. Sometimes, they even mention the program is being produced by Marvel Studios. We honestly can’t blame Steven for capitalizing on his misadventures to make an exciting show or Indiana Jones esque VHS.

#9: The Crawley Conspiracy

After Crawley was seen being a silent statue, he returned as a mental health facility’s bingo announcer. Although he seemed to be just another resident, was he secretly trying to send Marc a message? Crawley notably calls out “t-16” during the game. However, any casual BINGO player would know this combination doesn’t appear on standard bingo boards. But QNB-T16 is the name of a truth serum used in Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. There’s also a Moon Knight plot where Crawley tells Marc something is off while they’re in a mental institution. So, was T-16 a coded message for Marc to wake up to the truth? Or did we just mix up some red strings on our Marvel conspiracy board?

#8: Steven & Marc Have Physically Worked Together Before

To say Steven & Marc have a rocky relationship would be an understatement. But despite their differences, they do genuinely seem to care about each other’s well being. When Marc loses touch with his internal roommate, he finally reunites with Steven outside of his head. This plot point reflects a shocking comic plot turn. After Marc finds himself in a strange place, he tries to eliminate any other personalities from his head. Although Steven initially appears to fade, he returns to help Marc defy the bad guys at a crucial moment. We’re looking forward to seeing what shenanigans the duo will get up to as they try to get away from their foes.

#7: Jake Lockley Was Likely the One Who Knocked

The fourth episode may have finally given us hard physical evidence that Marc Spector’s Jake Lockely personality is real. This rough and longtime side of Moon Knight has slowly been creeping into the spotlight. In episode 3, it seemed like Jake was taking over the body in several scenes. And since the premiere, there's been a running motif where we see three images of the man behind Moon Knight. We think Jake was finally seen…sort of in episode four. Marc initially had to free Steven from a sarcophagus. As the two make their way down the hallway, another person is heard knocking on a sarcophagus too. It would make perfect sense if the man desperate to escape and make his full debut was Jake.

#6: Harrow Tries to Copy A Famous Psychiatrist

While Harrow always aims to come off as genuine, there’s something about him that always feels kind of phony. He definitely felt like a freudian fraud when he appeared as Marc’s therapist. While sporting a mustache and glasses, Harrow drops a heavy quote that he claims is from the movie’s villain. But this supposed line of dialogue has actually been attributed to famous psychiatrist Carl Jung. This influential personality in the field of psychology was often photographed rocking a mustache and glasses. Given Harrow’s manipulative personality, we wouldn’t be surprised if he imitated Jung’s look while borrowing one of the doctor’s quotes. This servant of Ammit would definitely go these lengths to get inside Marc’s head.

#5: Isaac Has Been Sneakily Working With His Brother

Overall, “Moon Knight” has done a great job of making it look like Oscar Isaac is talking to someone with his same face without looking silly. While special effects have certainly helped, there’s a practical fact that went right over our heads. Oscar’s real life brother Michael Hernandez has played Marc and Steven on set. And since he was credited as a double in the fourth episode, the moment where two personalities hug may have been a brotherly embrace. Isaac has said in interviews that having his sibling on set was both helpful and a blast. So, if you ever praise a scene where the actor talks to himself, make sure to give his brother a shout out too.

#4: Taweret Could Become a Key Ally

It’s safe to say that this episode saved its biggest shock for the last scene. As Marc and Steven inch towards a possible way out, the hippo Goddess Taweret arrives to greet them. While they’re understandably freaked out, her presence might be a good thing. Taweret was known for being a protective goddess and a healing figure. In some interpretations, it was believed that she attended to the bodies of the dead. We hope Marc and Steven weren’t visited by Tawaeret because they bit the bullet. Hopefully, she’ll be the latest on Moon Knight’s growing list of divine allies.

#3: Hints That Layla Could Become the Superpowered Scarlet Scarab

Once Leyla took out a mystical enemy with just a flare and her bare hands, we wanted her to be inducted into the Avengers. But the show has hinted she might get powers that won’t come from Khonshu. When Leyla is seen in the mental facility, she has a band-aid with a red scarab on it. In the comics, the superpowered Scarlet Scarab had enhanced strength, could shoot crimson thunderbolts and more thanks to an artifact. He also had a civilian identity as an archaeologist named Abdul Faoul. That means he has a similar name and the exact profession as Leyla’s father. Is it a coincidence Leyla’s nickname was little scarab? Or will she soon dig up an artifact that will let her suit up?

#2: Marc’s Old Mercenary Enemy May Return

Marc finally revealed to Leyla that he witnessed the death of her father. While he wasn’t personally responsible, he mentions that his twisted partner was responsible. Marc’s description of this mercenary sounds exactly like Raul Bushman from the comics. This violent villain was also responsible for the death of an innocent archaeologist due to greed and left Marc for dead. Although Moon Knight tried to end Bushman when he first suited up, the antagonist escaped and returned to battle the lunar hero. Since the show’s Marc didn’t mention the villain’s demise, we have to assume Bushman is still out there. Although he’s normally Moon Knight’s archenemy, we think Leyla has a much bigger score to settle with the evil mercenary.

#1: The Mental Institute Is Probably in Another Dimension

Our heroes might find escaping the mental institute a little harder than they anticipated. In one one fantastic Moon Knight storyline, Marc finds himself in an institute like the one on the show. He also discovered his friends were patients and Ammit and his enemies were in charge. Marc eventually learns that the institution he’s trapped in is in a dimension that was nicknamed the Other Void. This area has been name dropped on the show before. Although Knonshu took Marc to this dimension in the original story, it’s unclear who or what brought the show’s Moon Knight there. Since Marc had to beat a god to escape in the comics, he probably won’t have an easy time getting out on the show.