Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost It On Live TV



Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost It On Live TV

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Whether it be an outburst, rant, or other form of losing their composure, these celebrities absolutely lost it on live TV. For this list, we'll be looking at any celebrity who was having a hard time during a live TV appearance. Our countdown includes Joan Rivers storming off on CNN, Kanye West snubbing Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, Crispin Glover almost kicking David Letterman, and more!
Whether it be an outburst, rant, or other form of losing their composure, these celebrities absolutely lost it on live TV. For this list, we’ll be looking at any celebrity who was having a hard time during a live TV appearance. Our countdown includes Joan Rivers storming off on CNN, Kanye West snubbing Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, Crispin Glover almost kicking David Letterman, and more! Did we leave out one of your favorite celebrity freakouts? Let us know in the comment section.

#10: Crispin Glover Almost Kicks Dave

“Late Night with David Letterman” (1982-93)

During the original run of Letterman’s “Late Night” show, David Letterman dealt with all sorts of bizarre guests. Few were as memorably over-the-top as actor Crispin Glover, who made an eccentric and inexplicable appearance. The next several minutes range from performance art to awkward banter that pushes the host to his limits. All of this culminates with the actor's ill-fated attempt to show off his questionable kicking skills. Even Letterman, known for his rebellious comedy and pranks, was left stunned by the moment. Years later, Glover appeared as a similar-looking character in a film, which only adds to the mystery of this appearance. If there’s anything to learn from this on-air meltdown, it’s probably best to keep your kicks to yourself.

#9: Jim Everett Gets His Revenge

“Talk2” (1993-98)

Sports talk personality Jim Rome was pushing his luck when he messed with football player Jim Everett. The Talk2 emcee referred to Everett as "Chris," in a lame joke about him being like the female tennis player. Naturally, the quarterback didn't take kindly to the remark and threatened the interviewer to stop. When an angry athlete tells you to stop, you should probably listen to them. Unfortunately, Rome doubled down and immediately regretted it. Throwing a table, the moderator was seconds from serious injury before crew members stepped in to break up the scuffle. The host didn't quite deserve a full beatdown, but he really pushed his luck when he crossed the sportsman.

#8: Burt Reynolds Pies Marc Summers

“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (1992-2009; 2010-14)

On a surprisingly tense episode of “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno couldn’t restrain Burt Reynolds from starting a fight with fellow guest Marc Summers. When Summers made a joke about Reynolds' failed marriage, the latter decided to retaliate by dumping water into the "Double Dare" host's lap. Clearly offended, the actor takes the whole thing a step too far as the appearance descends into anarchy. There’s something strangely unforgettable about two grown men throwing water at each other. In a dramatic finish, Leno allowed the two men to have a pie fight that proved nobody learned their lesson. Ultimately, it’s an entertaining train wreck that made evident that the legendary performer doesn't enjoy personal jokes.

#7: Joan Rivers Storms Off

CNN (1980-)

Known as a monumental comedic and television personality, Joan Rivers’ stopped by CNN for an interview that slowly unraveled. After being questioned about her stance on fashion, the comedian bites back at the supposed “negativity” of the interview. Initially, it's hard to tell if Rivers was being serious or playing into the questions as a joke. Ultimately, the performer storms off the set. If the two had been in the studio together, it might’ve gone a different way. All things considered, the host stuck to her questioning even as the interviewee went rogue. Striking a nerve with the "Fashion Police" legend, this appearance made for an entertaining interruption on the cable news program.

#6: Bobcat Trashes Arsenio’s Set

“The Arsenio Hall Show” (1989-94)

In his many TV and film appearances, Bobcat Goldthwait made a name for himself with his frenzied and erratic comic personality. During an appearance on "The Arsenio Hall Show," the comedian pushed his subversive behavior to the limit. Between spray-painting and trashing the set, the rebellious performer stuck it to the establishment that was bringing the show to an end. It speaks to Hall's professionalism that he manages to simultaneously restrain and interview his guest. Like it or not, there's a chaos on display here that few talk shows have ever been able to match. Whether you call it genuine protest or performance, Goldthwait’s antics were a complete surprise to everyone watching.

#5: Mariah’s NYE Disaster

“Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve News Report” (2017)

Both talented and unpredictable, Mariah Carey personifies the definition of "diva." During her 2017 New Year’s Eve performance, the singer flubbed the performance after a series of technical problems. Her running commentary overshadowed the entire set, fanning the flames of an already disastrous appearance. Other performers might’ve stopped the show, but the pop star chose to carry on with a lackluster sound. Unfazed, she refused to leave the stage until the bitter end. It’s unclear what the artist could’ve done herself to fix the problem, but her reaction definitely didn't help.

#4: Nicolas Cage Goes Nuts

“Wogan” (1982-92)

On the interview program “Wogan,” Nicolas Cage walked out with an intensity rarely seen on a regular talk show. Showcasing his acrobatic and fighting skills, the guest also throws cash into the audience before taking his seat. If that wasn’t enough, the performer later removes his jacket and shirt. Known for his unique dramatic style, there’s few people that could pull off such an energetic and uncalled-for guest spot quite like Cage. The movie star might’ve still been in character as he went completely wild in a captivating moment for live television. With a tendency to play his performances big, the actor’s appearance definitely ranks in the more unusual and unprompted celebrity freakouts.

#3: Charlie Sheen Is “Winning”

“Good Morning America” (1975-)

From his successful 80s films to his stint on television, Charlie Sheen maintained a successful career despite personal and legal troubles. When his volatile behavior got him removed from "Two and a Half Men," the actor entered a downward spiral that resulted in an infamous interview. Intended to clear the air, the discussion only made things infinitely worse for the performer. Spouting phrases like “winning” and "tiger blood," Sheen claimed to be in a better spot than he’d ever been before. It’s apparent that the man needed additional help, with his nonsensical ranting going nowhere. While the star later cleaned up, this snapshot captured someone who was in dire need of an intervention.

#2: Kanye Snubs Taylor

“26th MTV Video Music Awards” (2009)

Kanye West never fails to cause controversy, whether he's on a talk show or crashing an awards show. His 2009 VMA appearance is the stuff of legend, in a moment that even his fans thought was nuts. Storming the stage, West took the microphone from Swift and proclaimed Beyonce as the true winner. As the attendees watched in horror, West’s rant was widely ridiculed and nearly cost him his career. More than anything, the moment brought the rapper's narcissistic personality to the mainstream. Even the artist's other missteps, including a controversial appearance on Ellen, can't compete with this stratospheric fall from grace. It's fair to say that this surprise appearance will follow the rapper around for the remainder of his life.

#1: Tom Cruise Jumps On Oprah’s Couch

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (1986-2011)

Back in 2005, Tom Cruise went on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" expecting to promote his latest film, "War of the Worlds." Instead, he was bombarded with personal questions about his recent relationship with Katie Holmes. Revved up by the audience and his new romance, the actor laughed and jumped his way into pop culture history. After years of receiving endless tabloid coverage, his infamous leap onto Winfrey's couch didn't do him any favors. Before long, Cruise’s ecstatic appearance was the talk of the entertainment industry and soon went viral online. While it might be tame by today’s standards, the couch jump will be remembered as the most unforgettable time a celebrity lost it on live TV.