Top 10 Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) Moments
Trivia Top 10 Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) Moments



Top 10 Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) Moments

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Whether you knew him as The Diamond Stud, Razor Ramon or as a member of The Outsiders, Scott Hall was one of the industry's most charismatic figures. For this list, we'll be ranking memorable highlights from the professional wrestling career of one Scott Hall. Our countdown includes “WWF No Way Out”, “WCW Starrcade”, “WrestleMania X”, and more!

Top 10 Scott Hall Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Scott Hall Moments.

For this list, we’ll be ranking memorable highlights from the professional wrestling career of one Scott Hall. It didn’t matter whether you knew him as The Diamond Stud, Razor Ramon or as a member of The Outsiders, Scott Hall was absolutely one of the industry’s most charismatic figures, and these are some of his best moments.

Know of any we left out? Let us hear your favorite memories of Scott Hall down in the comments below, and pour one out for The Bad Guy.

#10: A Lethal Dose of Poison

“WWF No Way Out” (2002)

Mr. McMahon had already teased the WWE Universe in 2002 about how he was determined to inject his company with a “lethal dose of poison,” in order to avoid sharing fictional co-ownership of the company with “The Nature Boy,” Ric Flair. That poison turned out to be a reformed and repackaged New World Order, complete with Scott Hall in tow. Hall had been absent from the company for nearly a decade, and his return to wrestling for Vince served as a vote of confidence in the big man’s abilities. McMahon and the WWE invested in Scott Hall during this run, even working a feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that would lead to the pair having a match at “WrestleMania XVIII.”

#9: His Intercontinental Title Run

The Intercontinental Title has a long and prestigious history, with some of the industry’s very best talents having held the belt over the years. Achieving this goal is essentially a vote of confidence by management in one’s abilities, a badge of honor to carry as you (hopefully) make your way up to bigger and better things. This was definitely the case with Scott Hall’s run with the strap, as he became the first performer to win the belt on four separate occasions. His matches defending and competing for the belt served to elevate the title even further, assisting in giving this championship the respect it now earns by so many other wrestlers in the company.

#8: This Kliq Is on Fire

“WWF Action Zone” (1994-96)

The “WWF Action Zone” isn’t exactly a program that gets mentioned a lot when it comes to referencing all time classic matches, but there is some legitimate gold to be mined, for those willing to do a little digging. One such match featured Scott Hall, who was teaming up with his former adversary (and real-life friend) Sean Waltman, a.k.a. The 1-2-3 Kid, against two of their IRL buddies in “The Kliq,” Triple H and Shawn Michaels. The contest is fast paced and exciting during an era where this wasn’t always a given, featuring hot tags and plenty of room for all four men to create some impressive spots. The chemistry was there, the action was there: this Kliq was on fire.

#7: Ending Goldberg’s Winning Streak

“WCW Starrcade” (1998)

The next moment on our list is either famous or infamous, depending on who you ask. That’s because there was so much discussion and debate over how the WCW should’ve handled finally ending Goldberg’s legendary winning streak. Ultimately, the honor went to Kevin Nash, but Scott Hall had a major role in the storyline, assisting Nash’s win over Goldberg by assaulting the WCW icon with a stun gun. The aftermath would see Hall and Goldberg feud in a ladder match, where Goldberg could exact some revenge, but the damage was done: thanks to Scott Hall, the streak…was over.

#6: The Curtain Call

May 19th, 1996, Madison Square Garden

So much of the pro wrestling ins and outs are well-known by fans today, but this wasn’t exactly the case back in the mid-90s. As a result, this untelevised (but filmed) incident went down in history as one of the rare instances where wrestlers broke their professional vows of silence, and acknowledged the art form’s scripted nature. The incident became known by fans as “The Curtain Call,” where real-life friends Triple H, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall embraced in the middle of a ring after a steel cage match at Madison Square Garden. Hall and Nash left the company for WCW, Shawn remained World Champion, while Triple H went on an embarrassing losing streak as punishment for the offense.

#5: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & The Third Man

“WCW Bash at the Beach” (1996)

It’s one of the most infamous incidents in televised wrestling history, an absolute watercooler moment where, if you didn’t see it live, you definitely heard about it the next day. It was the day the immortal Hulk Hogan turned heel, and joined up with “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as the N.W.O. Although this turn at WCW’s “Bash the Beach” from 1996 certainly qualifies as a Hogan moment, it’s amplified immensely by the charisma and Hall and Nash as the nexus of what would become wrestling’s most dominant faction. The sight of the ring littered with garbage while Hall, Hogan and Nash grin ear-to-ear is something we’ll never forget.

#4: You Know Who I Am

“WCW Monday Nitro” (1995-2001)

Wrestling fans were very used to Scott Hall’s portrayal of Razor Ramon in the WWF. WCW, however? Not so much, at least not until the night of May 27th, 1996, when Scott Hall interrupted a match on “WCW Monday Nitro” to make his presence known to a shocked and excited crowd. Hall was still speaking relatively in character as he entered enemy territory to speak his mind, make some challenges and put everyone on blast that “The Bad Guy” was here, and he meant business. Hall oozed machismo, just like Razor Ramon did, but this time it just felt a bit more dangerous.

#3: Putting Over “The Kid”

“WWE Raw” (1993-)

“He just beat Razor Ramon!” These were the words uttered by Bobby “The Brain” Hennan on commentary during an episode of “Monday Night Raw.” This was on the night that the seemingly unstoppable Razor Ramon underestimated his opponent, an unproven “jobber” who had been going by names like “The Lightning Kid” or simply “The Kid.” However, a missed turnbuckle spot from Razor, and a quick moonsault follow-up from “The Kid” (Sean Waltman again) resulted in a fluke victory that absolutely popped the “Monday Night Raw” crowd in a huge way.

#2: That Ladder Match

“WrestleMania X” (1994)

Some wrestling matches are great for their era, but age a bit poorly. Still others change the game, but somehow manage to transcend their time period to become something of a litmus test for all those who would try their own attempts. The ladder match between Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels at “WrestleMania X” was one of those matches, a contest that’s not just great for 1994, but great for all time. This is testament to the level of talent involved, as well as the preparation that went into ensuring that this ladder match would go on to define the stipulation for years to come. Hall and Michaels created magic and excitement with their work here, and we’re still watching in awe, so many years later.

#1: Hall of Fame Glory

We’ve discussed so many awesome Scott Hall moments in the ring throughout this list, but what about the man himself? Health is ultimately the most important thing in an athlete’s career, the ability to spend time alongside their loved ones and family. Although Scott Hall is no longer with us, his fans and family celebrated his career with his induction into the WWE’s Hall of Fame back in 2014, and again as a member of the N.W.O in 2020. We also celebrated Hall’s sobriety, and control over his personal demons. At the end of it all, however, we celebrated Scott Hall the man. He was imperfect, just like we all are, but also helped many throughout his career, and touched us all with his once-in-a-lifetime personality.