Tobias Forge GHOST Interview | Dee Snider & Ukraine | Mike Portnoy & Dream Theater | John Mayer

Tobias Forge GHOST Interview | Dee Snider & Ukraine | Mike Portnoy & Dream Theater | John Mayer

VOICE OVER: Joe Pacheco, Cassius Morris WRITTEN BY: N/A Hey everyone! Another jam-packed Innersleeve this week, Joe and Cassius are thrilled to be joined by GHOST frontman Tobias Forge! Tobias caught up with SoundMojo from the road to discuss GHOST's new album Impera, co-headlining with Volbeat, the future of his persona in GHOST, thoughts on Putin, society, religion and much more. Off the top of the show, we discuss Dee Snider showing support for Ukraine via his music, Drake's $50M new mansion, Mike Portnoy attending his 1st Dream Theater show. Finally, John Mayer parts ways with Columbia records after 21 years!

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0:00 Intro
2:24 Dee Snider Supports Ukrainians using "We're Not Gonna Take It"
4:28 Mike Portnoy attends Dream Theater Concert
9:42 Drake buys Robbie Williams $50 Million mansion
13:46 John Mayer parts ways with Columbia Records
19:34 Tobias Forge Interview
20:11 Touring
21:17 Impera concept
23:59 Concept & Themeatical Albums
25:09 Rise and fall of empires
28:03 Papa persona
28:39 Embracing ageing
30:34 Performing as Tobias Forge
30:52 Most common question fans ask Tobias
31:22 Being a control freak
33:16 Touring experience
36:00 What can Ghost fans expect from the Impera tour
37:56 Ghost takeaways

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