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Dee Snider interview on Leave A Scar | Rock & Metal dominate 2021 Billboard 200 Album Charts

Dee Snider interview on Leave A Scar | Rock & Metal dominate 2021 Billboard 200 Album Charts
VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Frank Pavan, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A
Enjoy our chat with Dee Snider on this week's episode of Innersleeve! He stopped by to chat about his new solo album, “Leave a Scar”, how he plans to be a voice for those who don't have one, and what drives his passion for singing and songwriting still to this day.

Cassius, Frank and Joe also talk about how Rock & Metal bands have dominated album sales in that surprising to you?

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Happy Birthday Frank
2:22 Rock & Metal Dominate Pure Album Sales in 2021
5:53 Metallica's Black Album longevity
7:29 Tool's Fear Inoculum vs Taylor Swift
9:16 Dee Snider preview
13:39 Dee Snider
14:39 Leave A Scar
15:30 A voice for the voiceless
18:01 Writing & Creative process
23:04 George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
24:39 Doing what you're passionate about
26:30 Transitioning into the mainstream
31:22 What do die-hard fans say to you?
32:58 Gratitude
34:58 Challenges for musicians
37:32 Will there be another stadium band?
39:24 Long term s effects of COVID 19 on the arts
41:42 Interview recap
44:02 On This Day Frank Zappa
45:32 On This Day Amy Winehouse
48:24 On This Day Beyoncé

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