Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Disney Channel Original Movies
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Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Disney Channel Original Movies

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We did not see these Disney Channel Original Movie twists coming. For this list, we'll be looking at the most unexpected twists and reversals in Disney Channel's original films. Our countdown includes "You Lucky Dog," "Zombies 2," "Halloweentown," and more!

Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Disney Channel Original Movies

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Disney Channel Original Movies.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most unexpected twists and reversals in Disney Channel’s original films. Of course, beware of spoilers ahead!

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#10: There’s Something Dark About Max
“Now You See It” (2005)

Before “Wizards of Waverly Place”, we got all our magic content from “Now You See It”. In this movie, Allyson is searching for the world’s best kid magician and she finds Danny… except his powers are real. He receives praise from Max, the show host and world-renowned magician who reveals that his powers are also, you guessed it, real. The only problem is that Max doesn’t want to help Danny so much as control his powers. When Allyson discovers that Max’s old mentor, Antonio DeMilo, died after a prop collapsed on him, she realizes Danny’s in a worse spot than she thought. Maybe this one’s a little predictable, but a good guy going bad is always a classic twist!

#9: Lyle Poisoned His Uncle
“You Lucky Dog” (1998)

This one’s a little bit of a darker twist, but as was most media aimed at kids before the 2000s. The film follows Jack, a dog therapist who can read the mind of his own dog and also, apparently, Lucky’s. When Lucky’s owner, Clyde Windsor passes away suddenly, his niece and two nephews, Margaret, Lyle, and Rueben, believe themselves to have inherited their uncle’s estate. As it turns out, Windsor has left everything to his dog, Lucky. The twist comes in a court scene later on, when, through reading Lucky’s mind, Jack discovers that Lyle is the one who likely killed his uncle. What can we say, it’s a dog-eat-dog world!

#8: Addison Isn’t Really the Great Alpha
“Zombies 2” (2020)

She isn’t actually a werewolf at all! In “Zombies 2”, the werewolves are in pursuit of the moonstone in order to maintain their powers. The prophecy tells them a girl with white hair, the Great Alpha, will lead them to the moonstone, and they believe it to be Addison. They give her a necklace to help her transform if it turns out she really is a werewolf. By the time she gets to put it on though, the great reveal falls flat. This is a pretty cool twist and it leaves a lot of room to explore Addison’s true identity in “Zombies 3”.

#7: Zachariah Kull Was Innocent
“The Scream Team” (2002)

Here’s a movie that makes us think a little harder about mob mentality. Zachariah Kull is presented as the villain from the start. Legend says that he burned his wife to death and, now, every year, the town throws a festival in his villainous honor. To make matters worse, Ian and Claire discover that Zachariah’s ghost has been harboring souls, including their late grandfather’s. However, as it’s later revealed, Zachariah’s story has been twisted. He wasn’t evil so much as he was an inventor, and it was one of his creations that accidentally killed his wife. He was unjustly put to death for his crime and his rage kept him from ever crossing over. The truth eventually sets him free, but his backstory is devastatingly tragic.

#6: Thantos DuBaer Controls the Darkness
“Twitches” (2005)

Throughout “Twitches”, the Darkness was a pretty prevalent threat. We see it kill the twins’ father in the very beginning after he transfers all his powers to them in order to keep them protected. Twenty-one years later, and the Darkness is still kicking. When the twins learn of their true origin and finally meet their mother in Coventry, they also find out that their mom has remarried… her late husband’s brother, Thantos. (Just a bad situation all around, really.) But, then comes the reversal: Thantos was responsible for his brother’s death with what else to gain other than power and wealth. (It’s always power and wealth…) Miranda discovers this much too late but, with the help of her daughters, Thantos is vanquished and Coventry is saved.

#5: The Stevens’ Gotcha!
“The Even Stevens Movie” (2003)

When the Stevens are tricked on to a reality show, they’re, naturally, at each other's throats. It seems to go much too far, with Ren really being pushed to the brink. She corners Louis off a cliff’s edge and… pushes! The show’s host, Miles, who’d duped the family into thinking they were on a tropical vacation, is overcome with guilt. At this point, we were a little freaked out too–seriously, it looks like Ren just flat out murdered her brother. But then the Gotcha! helicopter rises through the air with Louis safe and sound and, as it turns out, the Stevens are really great coordinators!

#4: The Mayor is the Mastermind
“Halloweentown” (1998)

People are disappearing in Halloweentown. Aggie knows something sinister is going on and sets out to find out just what so she can stop it. Meanwhile, the kids follow their grandma Aggie back to Halloweentown. Soon after, Mom comes to get them, only to run into the town’s mayor, Kalabar, who also happens to be her old ex-boyfriend. Aggie discovers citizens of Halloweentown frozen in an abandoned theater at the hand of a hooded demon. The demon turns out to be none other than Kalabar, who’s still bitter about his ended relationship with Gwen. As a kid, the “Halloweentown” movies always had the best twists. Remember when Splendora turned out to be Aggie in “Return to Halloweentown”?

#3: Allie is the Real King Arthur
“Avalon High” (2010)

This movie single-handedly created an army of preteen medieval history buffs. King Arthur and his brother Mordred are prophesied to return according to Allie’s medieval literature scholar parents. When Allie notices a pattern with a quarterback, Will, she theorizes that he’s the reincarnated Arthur and that his stepbrother, Marco, is the reincarnated Mordred. If Mordred kills Arthur, it’ll send the world into another dark age so, you know, the stakes are pretty high. When the day comes, though, Marco is revealed to be protecting Will and the real Mordred ends up being their teacher, Mr. Moore. He attacks the group and Allie grabs a prop sword to defend herself… only it transforms into Excalibur. Surprise! Allie’s the reincarnation of King Arthur!

#2: Dr. Olsen & Dr. Spaulding Are Twins
“The Suite Life Movie” (2011)

Did anyone else find this movie incredibly dark considering the lightheartedness of “The Suite Life” shows? Cody decides to spend his spring break interning at a research firm for Dr. Donald Spaulding. Cue Zack messing things up for his twin, and, just like that, Cody’s kicked out of the program. While Cody’s no longer a fit for Dr. Spaulding, the Martin twins are ideal candidates for the Gemini Project run by Dr. Ronald Olsen. After a little bit of waffling, the two eventually sign up. The experiments produce some pretty gnarly effects between them, but that isn’t all. Dr. Olsen’s evil intention of merging twins is divulged. And then, there’s one last twist: Dr. Olsen rips off his mask, Scooby-doo-style, to reveal an identical face to Dr. Spaulding’s.

#1: Eric is a Synthodrone
“Kim Possible: So the Drama” (2005)

If you watched this the day it premiered, you may just have had nightmares that night. Although Kim is looking forward to prom, she’s not looking forward to her lack of a date. Enter cool, cute, charming Eric. He and Kim quickly start dating and, despite him seeming like the perfect guy, things that seem too good to be true usually are. It turns out, Eric is not only so not the perfect guy, he’s not even a guy at all! Meet synthodrone #901, created by none other than Dr. Drakken. Luckily, Eric would be the thing that inevitably brought Kim and Ron together so, you know, maybe this one wasn’t all bad! But that melting face… Yeah, no.

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