Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials
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Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

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Commericals are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl...until they're not. For this list, we'll be looking at the most abysmal advertisements to air during the big game. Our countdown includes an Uncomfortable Kiss from GoDaddy, Matthew McConaughey's ad for Doritos, an unwanted Marilyn Monroe homage from Sierra Mist, and more!
Script written by Andrew Tejada

Commericals are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl...until they're not. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most abysmal advertisements to air during the big game. Our countdown includes an Uncomfortable Kiss from GoDaddy, Matthew McConaughey's ad for Doritos, an unwanted Marilyn Monroe homage from Sierra Mist, and more! What ad made you want to turn off the TV? Let us know in the comments below!

#10: Mc Hammer & Ed McMahon Don’t Strike Gold


In an attempt to convince consumers to give them valuable metals, Cash4Gold made a bizarre pairing of celebrities. Famous rapper MC Hammer and notable tv personality Ed Mc Machon both try to hawk the golden items they have left from their heydays. Although this was meant to poke fun at their real-life money issues, it’s a little hard to laugh when you know the truth. While MC Hammer had struggles with bankruptcy, McMahon grappled with lawsuits and bills. People were divided on whether this ad was cheap or plain cringeworthy. At the end of the day, it was clear that this golden commercial wasn’t treasured by everyone.

#9: A Rough Dog Ad


You might expect an advertisement about a popular sport drink might be full of action or famous athletes. But this lackluster Gatorade commercial had neither. After the ad opens on a dog drinking the beverage, absolutely nothing else happens. We’re forced to listen to a dog making slurping noises until we’re reminded that he's doing this for Gatorade. Why executives would shell out Super Bowl bucks to get this boring clip out is still a mystery. If they wanted a dog in their ad so badly, they could’ve gone with an exciting canine like Air Bud. Instead we have an entirely unremarkable tv spot.

#8: An Overly Angry Beaver

Miller Lite

After a group of nomads decides to settle in the woods, they chop down a few trees before drinking Miller Lite. Their destructive actions motivate a man in a beaver costume to torment them. The manimal disrupts their celebration, chews away parts of their house, and even chomps down on someone’s peg leg. When the smoke clears, the man beaver enjoys a Miller lite. This bizarre series of events is made worse by the ad’s absolutely grating song. And even if we didn’t have to listen to the “Evil Beaver” tune, we’d still be confused about who to root for here. The unlikable characters and bad artistic choices made us want to skip Miller Time.

#7: A CEO Makes an off Key Musical Ad


Oatly CEO Toni Petersson decided against hiring actors or singers and starred in this musical ad himself. But he really should’ve considered letting somebody else take the role. While Petersson isn’t the worst performer on the planet, his so/so singing chops didn’t win him many new fans. And the jingle itself is so annoying and overly simplistic that it actually made us question whether buying his oat milk was the right choice. Although Oatly tried to capitalize on the commercial’s poor reception by selling self-deprecating t-shirts, it wasn’t enough. Peterrsson wasted money and our time with this terrible Super Bowl jingle.

#6: An Unwanted Marilyn Monroe Homage

Sierra Mist

While we normally love Patton Oswalt, we heavily disliked seeing him in this compromising Sierra Mist ad. During the spot, a band full of men sporting bagpipes and kilts on a hot day notice one of their group is missing. They find the MIA band member Oswalt cooling himself down by letting nitrogen blow up his kilt. Hearing his uncomfortable noises made an already horrible homage to a classic Marilyn Monroe moment even worse. To make matters more confusing for the company, a kid calls the ad out right after Sierra mist shows off their product. After this bad commercial, we think we’ll stick with water on a warm day.

#5: Naomi Campbell Awkward’s Dance Number


When supermodel Naomi Campbell aggressively puts a bottle of Sobe Life water down, a lizard consumes a few drops. For some reason, the small sip of the beverage encourages him to recreate the Thriller dance with a bunch of reptiles. Watching terrible CGI monstrosities dance is bad enough on its own. But the commercial becomes unbearably cringeworthy when it cuts between Campbell’s dance moves and the lizard’s janky movements. By the time this ad ends, not too many people were thrilled with SoBe’s awkward ad. While people can argue which show or movie had the best homage to this MJ song, SoBe’s ad unquestionably made the worst tribute.

#4: McConaughey Falls Flat


How do you make a bad ad with Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey? Just throw in some bizarre body horror. Throughout this Super Bowl spot, we see what a day in the life would be like for a 2 dimensional McConaughey. This leads to a commercial that’s full of existential horror and unsettling moments. McConaughey’s nightmare seemingly ends when he slips into a vending machine and eats some 3D doritos. Unfortunately, his sudden body change leaves him trapped behind glass. The unpleasant imagery and mean spirited punchline of this Doritos left a bad taste in our mouths. We’d rather watch 100 of McConaughey’s odd Lincoln ads than see his 2D commercial again.

#3: Offensive Animals

Using a cute creature to sell your product is ordinarily a great way to pull in customers. However, sent people running from their company at full speed with one Super Bowl ad. The commercial follows pandas who are struggling to get their business off the ground. Before deciding to use to get them out of a tough situation, the bears speak in horrendously stereotypical accents that we’ll pass on replaying for you here. The shockingly offensive voice acting sparked an extremely negative reaction from many viewers. After the heavy backlash, representatives stopped running the ad. But it’s horrendous that people found this animated commercial fit to run on the air in the first place.

#2: An Uncomfortable Kiss


GoDaddy was notorious for making racy and cringey commercials before 2013. So, audiences were already bracing themselves for the company’s Super Bowl XLVII ad. During the spot, Danica Patrick introduces us to people who personify GoDaddy’s sexy and smart sides. The two representatives proceed to make out to symbolize that the company is intelligent and cool. Unfortunately for GoDaddy, the agonizingly long make out session and uncomfortable closeups inspired feelings of negativity and disgust. And as a horrifying not-fun fact, there’s apparently a worse edit of this commercial that never made it to air. This make out session wouldn’t be the last GoDaddy ad to stir up controversy. But this particular Super Bowl ad reigns as one of the company’s most infamous clips.

#1: Insulting Tibet


If you look up the definition of tone deaf in the dictionary, you’ll find this ad staring right back at you. This Groupon commercial starts by having actor Timothy Hutton celebrate Tibet’s natural beauty and people with a sobering voiceover. But after the narration gets grim, the ad takes a hard turn into insensitive territory. Making light of real struggles to how the company could save you money on Tibetan food was an absolutely shameful move on Groupon’s part. And to make matters more offensive, experts claim the food ordered in the commercial isn’t even a notable Tibetan dish. While Groupon representatives claimed this was meant to be a clever parody, this fumble of a Superbowl ad feels wrong on every level.