Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Queens



Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Queens

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These "RuPaul's Drag Race" queens are #FashionGoals. For this list, we'll be looking at contestants who brought the most stunning and inventive looks to the runway on this reality competition series. Our countdown includes Gottmik, Aquaria, Symone, and more!

Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Queens

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Fashion Queens.

For this list, we’ll be looking at contestants who brought the most stunning and inventive looks to the runway on this reality competition series.

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#10: Gigi Goode

In Season 12, it quickly became clear that this queen had the goods. Viewers know that many of Gigi’s looks resulted from her fruitful collaboration with her mother Kristi, a costume designer. In fact, the latter’s Instagram details much of her daughter’s wardrobe, with sketches showing the origins of completed garments. The contestant boasted a variety of silhouettes, from minidresses and thigh-high boots to glittered pantsuits. But her outfits also had pop culture touchpoints, like Christian Dior’s runway collections and even Daphne from “Scooby Doo.” Even in a competition as demanding as “Drag Race,” Gigi practically never faltered on the runway. Suffice it to say, she’s good.

#9: Gottmik

This queen may be a makeup artist to the stars, but that isn’t her only talent. From day one, Gottmik was serving truly immaculate looks on the catwalk. The queen won Season 13’s ball challenge, thanks in part to an asymmetrical garment made from straps and drawstring bags. But she also delivered creative interpretations of main-stage prompts, like her “little black dress” loincloth. Gottmik’s crowning achievement, though, took place at the finale. With the contestants required to present three ensembles, Gottmik stunned as the bald Pinhead character from the “Hellraiser” franchise. And when it came to her final gown with gold ribs and jeweled heart, this contestant truly looked the part of a queen.

#8: Sasha Velour

With more than one hundred queens having entered the Werk Room, it’s not easy to carve out a signature look. However, this competitor’s shaved head and crown have become iconic. And, while she may not have scored any solo challenge wins, she still made a huge impression on the runway. Her very first presentation showed her love for the New York City art world, and she continued to deliver thoughtful ensembles. From her leather and giant mohawk outfit to her “Wizard of Oz”-inspired headpiece, Sasha made the most of weekly runway categories. Her rose petal reveal may be legendary, but it’s far from her only show-stopping moment on the show.

#7: Naomi Smalls

If a queen names themselves after Naomi Campbell, they’ve got big shoes to fill. Suffice it to say, Smalls has got the legs for the job. This queen absolutely dazzled in design challenges on Season 8, with her “Book Ball” homemade gown easily standing out from the crowd. Her original scarecrow-inspired skirt for the makeover challenge even won praise from designer Marc Jacobs. Although she’s known as a model-esque queen, she’s shown incredible range across her two “Drag Race” stints. Sure, she’s given us high fashion, but she’s also appeared as a Viking, a housewife, and even Prince.

#6: Aquaria

On the Season 10 runway, it was the “Age of Aquaria” week after week. This queen strutted her stuff sporting countless instantly memorable outfits. Her three “Last Ball on Earth” ensembles were definitely standouts — and who could forget her appearance as an oil-slicked mermaid? Her edgy interpretation of the category paid off, with model Kate Upton comparing it to the work in Italian “Vogue.” But RuPaul truly went crazy for Aquaria’s “Evil Twins” presentations, calling them some of the best the show had ever seen. The competitor obviously had incredible style — but unlike some other ‘look queens,’ she showed personality and comedy chops as well.

#5: Kim Chi

If we’re talking absolutely original looks, this Season 8 contestant can’t be forgotten. Among Kim Chi’s signature style elements on the show were dramatic makeup and larger-than-life eveningwear. But she was no slouch when it came to creating garments, either. In the three-part “Book Ball,” her homemade paper masterpiece seemed to breathe as she walked down the runway. To boot, Michelle Visage noted that she’d created a striking visual storyline with her trio. But just as impressively, Kim crafted the first episode’s winning lioness outfit out of wigs. This queen credits Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton as inspirations — and the influence of high fashion on her aesthetic is apparent.

#4: Raja Gemini

In Season 3, Raja was the undisputed queen of the runway. With her signature strut, this queen could have sold any garment — but it didn’t hurt that her garments were amazing, too. Her strength in design challenges was obvious from her very first outing. In addition to the holiday-inspired look she served in the premiere, we were also blessed with a towering gown made of paper money and a colorful look made out of wigs. Okay, that last one may have infamously included some fabric as well, but it’s still impressive. We’ll never get tired of contestants with pageant origins or retro aesthetics. But Raja truly brought high fashion to the “Drag Race” stage, and she deserves her legendary status for that reason alone.

#3: Detox

This queen made a splash on Season 5 with some unforgettable looks. It quickly became apparent that Detox loved a form-fitting gown — the more revealing, the better. But she truly became a “Drag Race” fashion icon after her first run in the competition. At the reunion, she presented a jaw-dropping black and white illusion long before this became a runway theme on Season 8. She then continued her streak in “All Stars,” with her fierce latex ensemble particularly standing out. And who could forget her masterful use of body paint for the “Future of Drag” category? Considering how Detox has been a fashion-forward force on the show, it isn’t surprising that Thierry Mugler was a major influence on her drag persona.

#2: Symone

When it came to consistently incredible fashion on Season 13, there was just no one like Symone. For practically every runway category, this queen had a truly inspired look up her sleeve. She wore a giant durag as a train, hair beads that spelled out her name, and appeared inside a huge pocket. The girl even wore a fur suit! But as whimsical as her presentations could get, Symone also wasn’t afraid to bring a message to the runway. In episode 9, she paid tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, and it was powerful to witness. Considering the intellect and creativity that this queen demonstrated, we weren’t surprised to see her invited to the 2021 Met Gala.

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#1: Violet Chachki

Sure, this Season 7 contestant wasn’t the first to bring incredible looks to the “Drag Race” runway. But she was so consistent — and her style was so distinctive — that she quickly gained a reputation as one of the foremost fashion-focused queens. She’s had huge success in the industry, appearing in a Prada campaign and on the runway for Moschino. But it all started with looks like the waist cincher and oxygen tank combo, and her homemade “Hello Kitty” outfit. Taking cues from burlesque and pinup styles, Violet spun gold from well-worn visual traditions. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s simply no arguing with her Season 8 finale gown.