Top 10 Most Bizarre Things to Happen in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Everything is a JoJo reference! Join Ashley as we count down the strangest moments from across the JoJo franchise, including scenes from "Diamond is Unbreakable", "Phantom Blood", "Stone Ocean", and more!
Script written by Garret Alden

Top 10 Most Bizarre Things to Happen in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 most bizarre things to happen in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

For this list, we’ll be going over the strangest events to happen in the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” at least, so far.

If there’s a “JoJo” moment that has you shouting “NANI?!” every time you watch it, don’t “be the roundabout” and tell us in the comments.

#10: Meeting an…Alien?

For as many weird things that happen in “JoJo’s,” there is a certain order to things…sort of. One of the most out-of-place characters is Mikitaka Hazekura. Josuke and Okuyasu encounter him in the middle of a crop circle, where he claims to have come to Earth after his own planet was destroyed. Josuke and Okuyasu naturally think it’s a prank and burst out laughing. However, his uncanny behavior and abilities, including eating tissues and apparently being allergic to emergency sirens, has us wondering. Some of his powers could be explained by his Stand, which lets him shapeshift. We never do learn if Mikitaka is an alien or if he’s just a weirdo.

#9: Anything Involving Forever, the Orangutan

Speaking of wacky characters, one of the most outlandish villains on the show isn’t human either. Forever is an orangutan Jotaro and the gang find on a deserted ghost ship. Forever is soon revealed to have human intelligence, doing things like smoking, wearing a sea captain’s outfit, and solving a Rubik’s cube. Also, he’s a pervert. Like most of the antagonists Jotaro’s group runs into, Forever has a Stand. Most of these psychic projections are, at most, human sized. But Forever’s is the entire ship he lives on, which he can manipulate at will and move through! It’s too bad Jotaro “ORA ORAs” him, since we just have so many questions!

#8: Raining Frogs

Desperate to save her father, Jolyne fights her way through to the prison courtyard in an effort to deliver her father’s soul disc, only to be gunned down for her troubles. Even her ally Weather Report is incapacitated and unable to reach her directly. However, Weather does have something that will save the disc, at the risk of endangering Jolyne – by summoning a downpour. Except, he makes it rain…frogs. And not just any frogs – poisonous frogs from the Amazon! Sure it’s ludicrous, and downright Biblical, but “Stone Ocean” is set in Florida – that’s normal for them right? Either way, the result is hilariously devastating.

#7: Silver Chariot Requiem Body Swapping

When Giorno Giovanna and the gang go to meet Jeanne Pierre Polnareff at the Colosseum, things don’t go as planned. Polnareff is killed by Diavolo, but that’s not the worst of it. Powered by the arrow, Polnareff’s Stand, Silver Chariot, becomes independent and starts to swap the souls of everyone nearby into different bodies. The reactions of the group are admittedly pretty funny, particularly Mista and Trish. Oh, and the dead Polnareff’s soul ends up in a turtle. Just another day in a gang-star’s paradise.

#6: Kira’s Dad is a Ghost in a Photo

Yoshikage Kira is a serial killer with a Stand – a deadly combo. However, even he has someone who loves him. Kira’s father, Yoshihiro, is willing to do anything to protect his son. Did we mention Yoshihiro is dead? His Stand, Atom Heart Father, is bound to a polaroid camera. This allows him to manipulate photos it takes, as well as move and appear inside them. Even so, it doesn’t make it any less strange to see his torso sticking out of a polaroid as he flies around town, creating Stand users to defeat his son’s enemies.

#5: Baron Zeppeli Punches a Frog

The O.G. JoJo mentor. Baron Will Antonio Zeppeli certainly makes a memorable first impression. Healing Jonathan Joestar’s arm by hitting him with his pinky will do that. But that’s just how 19th century Italian noblemen rolled. Zeppeli then decides to explain this mysterious power of Hamon…by punching a frog sitting on a rock in the middle of a nearby stream. The sheer absurdity of a guy dressed like Willy Wonka performing a haymaker on a frog is not something you forget. No wonder this moment is meme’d so much.

#4: Joseph Joestar’s Great Tequila Deception

When the GOAT Speedwagon is captured by the Nazis, Joseph concocts a hilarious and outlandish scheme to infiltrate the compound. His brilliant idea is to dress in drag and join the queue of women bringing goods inside. This was his first plan! Not scaling the wall – crossdressing. Naturally, the German soldiers see through Joseph’s cunning disguise. But when they insult his strangely attractive appearance, Joseph uses Hamon to launch his tequila corks at some nearby coconuts and wipe out the reich remnants. The whole scene is like the world’s funniest fever dream!

#3: Hiding in a Horse

People sleep on how straight up bizarre Part 1 is. While traveling to Dio’s new castle, Zeppeli, Jonathan, and Speedwagon must pass through a tunnel via carriage. Upon entering it, they find their carriage has stopped and their horse is full of scalpels. That’s not half as surprising as the fact that the guy who killed it is hiding inside of the horse. It turns out to be Jack the Ripper, a minion of Dio’s. Also, he’s a zombie. Yes – zombie Jack the Ripper jumps out of a dead horse! This is a thing that happens.

#2: The Torture Dance

Vocal percussion on a whole other level! After Bucciarati’s gang get attacked on a boat by Mario Zucchero, Mista decides to torture the decapitated, but still-living head for information on his hidden partner. Hooking a fishing line through his eyelid and using glasses to burn his eye, Mista leaves Zucchero hanging from a railing. Then, apropos of nothing, Narancia decides to put on some tunes and bust a move. Mista and Fugo soon join in for an elaborate and psychedelic dance number. We gotta’ figure that they either rehearsed it beforehand or else all three of them were on the same wavelength about styling all over a dude while they tormented him. That’s bros for you.

Before we get to our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions:

Stray Cat
An Evil Cat Gets Reincarnated as a Plant/Stand…Sure.

Scary Toilet
A Pig Pen Underneath a Toilet? Polanareff Has the Worst Luck With Bathrooms.

Kars Plays Lisa Lisa Like a Guitar
And That’s How an Aztec God of Fitness Invented Rock ‘N Roll

Josuke & Okuyasu vs. Tonio
Weirdest. Italian Restaurant. Ever.

#1: Kars Turns His Hand Into a Squirrel

After donning the stone mask with the Red Stone of Aja, Kars becomes the ultimate lifeform, gaining immunity to the sun and complete control over his own molecular structure. To test out the latter of these powers, he decides to turn his own hand into a live, carnivorous squirrel. The hand squirrel proceeds to devour a real squirrel before tunnelling through several nearby Nazis. We can only bask in the glory of what may be the weirdest flex of all time, as well a pure example of peak JoJo.