Marvel Meets Iron Maiden! | RIP Virgill Abloh | Paul Gilbert Interview

VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A
Hey everyone! In episode 50 of Innersleeve, Cassius and Joe are joined by the legend himself - Paul Gilbert! From Mr. Big to Racer X, to his solo work, Paul Gilbert tells all about his illustrious career during an exclusive one-on-one. Off the top of the show, We discuss 'This Week In Music', Iron Maiden's new partnership with Marvel and the passing of designer/ music influencer Virgil Abloh (RIP).

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0:00 Intro
4:45: Marvel & Iron Maiden Collaboration
6:59 Virgil Abloh Passes at 41
10:15 Madyson Lash 👉
10:36 Pink Floyd The Wall
15:38 Michael Jackson Thriller
18:22 Glen Campbell's Last performance
19:32 "With The Beatles" Album
21:08 George Harrison
22:53 Paul Gilbert
23:53 Guitar collection
26:36 guitar setup
27:23 Billy Sheehan
28:43 New album 'Twas
31:41 'Twas album lineup
36:28 Reading music
39:59 Thoughts on apps like Tik Tok & Instagram
42:22 Where should new Paul Gilbert fans start?
44:54 Staying Inspired
47:50 Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin
51:18 Guitar solos in today's music
53:59 Final thoughts

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