Top 10 Villains We Want Tom Holland's Spider-Man to Fight



Top 10 Villains We Want Tom Holland's Spider-Man to Fight

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Hey, Sony and Tom Holland, make this happen. Thanks! For this list, we'll be looking at the antagonists we most want to see in a marvelous webhead adventure. Our countdown includes Aleksei Sytsevich [AKA The Rhino], Doctor Victor Von Doom, Cain Marko [AKA Juggernaut], and more!

Top 10 Villains We Want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to Fight

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Villains we want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to fight.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the antagonists we most want to see in a marvelous webhead adventure. Since we’ve talked about “Ten Spider-Man villains we need in the MCU” before, we’re taking our picks from an all new roster of big bads that the webhead’s fought in the past.

Did we miss a villain that you want to see Tom Holland’s Spidey go toe-to-toe in either list? Let us know who else needs their time on the big screen in the comments below.

#10: Mister Negative

Shady experiments gave this villain superpowers and a dual life. On one hand, he was Martin Li, the generous man behind the New York City F.E.A.S.T. project that aimed to help those in need. But he was also a strong supervillain known as Mr. Negative who could wield black energy and corrupt people into doing his bidding. Seeing as the villain usually wants more power in the NYC underworld, Holland’s Spider-man would have reason to stop him. Mister Negative’s ability to corrupt people and fight Spider-man would make him an incredibly tough challenge. But if Holland can stay positive, he might be able to defeat this villain.

#9: Morlun

While Morlun may not be a household name, the multiverse and hero rivalry aspects of his story have made him worthy of recognition. Not only does this villain love to steal life force from Spider-people, but he has multiple abilities that make him very dangerous in a direct fight. Morlun’s also traveled across the multiverse itself just to hunt different versions of the webslinger. His inclusion in a Holland story could easily open up the door for a Spider-Verse crossover. Morlun’s hunt for webhead variants could lead the MCU Spider-Man to team up with McGuire’s spidey, Garfield’s Peter, Miles Morales and more. With the concept of the multiverse becoming increasingly more important, now's the perfect time for Morlun to appear in a mainstream movie.

#8: Aleksei Sytsevich [AKA The Rhino]

The last version of the Rhino to appear in live-action was a complete joke. But he could repair his damaged reputation in a Holland outing. With the help of scientific experiments and a big rhino suit, Aleksei became fast and strong enough to wreck the webhead. While he can be portrayed as a mindless muscle head, there are versions of the character that are stuck in the suit. Maybe a new live-action version could focus on a Rhino who commits crimes to steal enough money for surgery or to earn favor with someone that can free him. Holland’s Spidey has shown sympathy for villains before. If he’s paired with a powerful yet vulnerable Rhino, it could make for a plot that people take seriously.

#7: Spencer Smythe, the Creator of the Spider-Slayer

After reading a few negative Daily Bugle articles about Spider-Man, Spencer Smythe built a robot meant to take down Spider-man and offered it to J. Jonah Jameson. This dangerous machine was just the first of many Spider-Slayers that were made to pursue Peter. While previous versions of Smythe have been dangerous, an MCU version could make a bigger impact. The presence of nanotech and alien weaponry within the cinematic universe could allow the villain to make awesome and powerful Spider-Slayers. And since these robots can be controlled remotely, anyone, even J.K. Simmons’ Jameson, could chase Holland’s Peter across the city. While his Spider-man has fought drones before, how will he do against a robot specifically designed to slay him?

#6: Silvija Sablinova [AKA Silver Sable]

It's fitting that a mercenary nicknamed Silver Sable often operates in a morally gray area. Although she has a history of successfully stopping and capturing outlaws, her methods can sometimes cause her to clash with heroes like Spider-Man. We could easily see Silver Sable going too far while trying to apprehend a villain in the MCU’s New York. Although Holland's Spider-Man might initially be forced to fight her, the two could eventually unite against a common enemy. The fact that Silver Sable has no superpowers and historically has an entire squad behind her makes her even more fascinating. We’d love to see how she’d fit into Holland’s world.

#5: Miles Warren [AKA The Jackal]

Professor Warren cared deeply for Gwen Stacy when she attended his university. After he’s led to believe Spider-Man took her life, he becomes the Jackal to avenge her. This villain has sharp claws, fast reflexes and the knowledge to create clones. The Jackal’s also made copies of everyone from himself to Spider-Man. Although the villain's cloning habits led to confusing comic plots, the MCU could streamline a clone storyline. There could be a movie just dedicated to Holland’s Peter fighting a duplicate and questioning who’s the original. Or the Jackal could just make multiple copies of himself and fight Spider-Man. Whether they go with those plotlines or something else, we’d love to see what complex scheme this villain comes up with next.

#4: Doctor Victor Von Doom

Although Spider-Man has clashed with Doctor Doom many times over the years, we've never seen them face off in live-action. But MCU’s phase four might be the best time to have them fight. Marvel has promised to reboot the Fantastic Four within the next few years. Since the team has a history of living in New York, they’ve run into Spider-Man in between their clashes with Doom. Maybe Holland’s Avenger could meet the Fantastic Four while they’re fighting this villain. Having them all work together to defeat Doom would be a great and organic way to bring the team into the MCU. And even if the Fantastic Four doesn’t show, we’d welcome the groundbreaking sight of Holland’s Spider-Man shooting live-action webs at Dr. Doom.

#3: Hobgoblin

There have been many people who have worn the orange and blue Hobgoblin costume. But we think the most interesting option for the MCU would involve Ned Leeds. In the comics, this character is brainwashed by another version of the Hobgoblin. Ned is then used as a pawn for the villain’s schemes and is occasionally forced to wear the orange and blue outfit. A similar plotline would be heartbreaking in live-action. Holland's Peter and the MCU Ned have been inseparable since they first appeared together on screen. If this version of Spider-Man found out his closest ally was being brainwashed into being Hobgoblin, it would utterly break him. We would definitely buy tickets to see if Peter could bear to fight his best friend.

#2: Cletus Kasady [AKA Carnage]

A sadistic and violent criminal known as Cletus Kasady became Carnage after he got an alien symbiote into his blood. The villain's wide range of abilities and immense strength make him one of the most dangerous Spider-Man rogues of all time. Seeing how the MCU Spider-Man would stop the vicious Carnage from causing chaos and destruction is an exciting idea by itself. The only way this concept could get better is if they use Woody Harrelson's version of the character from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Having the two face off would provide a strong connection between the two cinematic storylines. It would also pave the way for Hardy’s Venom to give Peter some backup.

#1: Cain Marko [AKA Juggernaut]

Juggernaut has more than enough strength to squash Spider-Man. The villain’s also so durable that he can take hits from the powerful webhead without even flinching. It usually takes every bit of Spider-Man’s cunning and strength to stop the Juggernaut. Since Holland has pulled off more than a few amazing feats, we think he’s up to the challenge. We’d welcome any variant of Juggernaut in a Spider-Man film. However, our personal pick would bring in the version of the villain that appeared in “Deadpool 2”. While we don’t know if the mouthy merc would be much help, he’d probably talk to us about the battle in real time. Seeing a Juggernaut vs Holland Spider-Man match-up with Deadpool commentary would be a dream come true.
Can we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Doctor Doom in the upcoming MCU film as speaking of the moment we want?