Top 10 Best Victorious Guest Stars



Top 10 Best Victorious Guest Stars

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These "Victorious" cameos are all winners. Our countdown includes Perez Hilton, Yvette Nicole Brown, Nathan Kress, and more!

Top 10 Victorious Cameos

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Victorious Cameos.

For this list, we’ll be looking at guests who appeared on the Nickelodeon sitcom after they were famous.

Did we miss your favorite guest star? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Charles Shaughnessy as Mason Thornesmith
“Tori Goes Platinum”

Judgement has never sounded quite so nice. The British actor first appears on the show as Neutronium Records CEO looking for an unknown artist to perform at his Platinum Music Awards. After lazily criticizing a hoard of submissions, he eventually decides to offer Tori the chance to perform in front of millions. But only if he could change every aspect of her personality and style. Eventually T gets to perform in her own way, but not before Mason manages to become an extremely unlikable character with a pretty likable delivery. Whether he is in soap operas, sitcoms, or kids shows, Shaughnessy knows how to play a memorable character.

#9: Perez Hilton as Himself
“Wi-Fi in the Sky”

Known for his gossip blog, Hilton’s appearance on the Nickelodeon show was… controversial. His scene was quite short: he’s on a plane when Trina steals his camera and he has to forcefully take it back. At the time of the show airing, he was fighting to save his image. Hilton made a name for himself and had grown a fanbase online that were excited to see him on TV. But in previous years he had been accused of teasing and intimidating others, making false claims, and outing celebrities. Though some fans were happy to see the celebrity on screen, many were angry he ended up on a kids show.

#8: Rob Riggle as Vice Principal Dickers
“The Breakfast Bunch”

In its third season, the series recreated their version of some of the most popular scenes from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club, all wrapped up into one 20+ minute episode. Creating absolute hilarity, Riggles takes on the role of the strict Vice Principal, who is quick to dish out detention. We’re not sure what it is about him, but he takes on the role of authority in a way that demands to be argued with. The veteran actor seems to always make a role funny, but his stint at Hollywood Arts was especially hysterical.

#7: Dennis Haskins as Mr. Belding
“April Fools' Blank”

Hey, hey, hey, hey, what is going on here? It’s Mr. Belding! Nothing is as it seems in this April Fool’s Day episode. Tori rushes into Sikowitz’s classroom ready to prank her theatrical friends. But she is met with judgement when they told her the holiday was for kids. And then absolute chaos descends. Mr. Belding comes out instead of Sikowitz and starts talking to characters of the wrong show. After a brief moment, the “Saved by the Bell” charecter aggressively exits, leaving Tori almost as confused as we are. We have to admit though, it is pretty funny to see a principal act like a kid.

#6: Shirley Jones as Mona Patterson
“Car, Rain, & Fire”

The group of people who watched both The Partridge Family and Victorious might be small, but it is a group that would be pretty excited about this episode. When Cat learns one of her favorite actresses has died, she is devastated and convinces Tori and Jade to go with her to pay their respects. After a whole lot of obstacles, they eventually reach Mona’s house - only to be greeted by mama Partridge herself. Turns out Mona is not dead and not too happy about strangers being at her front porch. She hilariously blasts the girls away with a mega water gun.

#5: Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay

This well-known star can be found on numerous Nickelodeon projects. From Drake and Josh to iCarly, Jerry is recognized by most viewers. So we expected him to have an important role in any projects he is featured in. However, Trainor is first featured in “Victorious” as an unspeaking audience member at Trina’s one woman show. He is seen again in the April Fool’s Day episode, however. Tori opens the door to the janitor's closet and somehow ends up in Spencer Shay’s place. They greet each other, but the scene quickly changes and Jerry is gone, leaving us wishing for more.

#4: Nathan Kress as Audience Member
“Who Did It to Trina?”

Blink and you’ll miss this cameo. Kress gained fame from his starring role as Freddie Benson in Nickelodeon’s iCarly. And the cast of Victorious got to meet his character in the crossover iCarly special “iParty With Victorious”. So it came as quite a surprise when F showed up in this episode of Victorious, and it was even more surprising that no one seemed to even acknowledge him. Since his character was an existing part of this show's universe, we would’ve expected his role to at least be a speaking one. But the camera merely passes over the actor as an audience member. Makes us wonder: what was Freddie doing in Hollywood?

#3: Yvette Nicole Brown as Helen
“Helen Back Again”

Helen’s character adds confusion to the Nickelodeon Universes. Drake and Josh fans got to know Yvette as the strict Premiere movie theater manager. But after that show ended, her character transitioned over to Victorious, now as the new Hollywood Arts Principal. Many fans were excited to see the familiar character on the show because it meant that Drake and Josh and Victorious canonically happened in the same universe. But in the very next episode, the Victorious gang refers to D&J as a show. So is the new principal acting as a character on a show? Maybe “Drake and Josh” is a reality series in their universe.

#2: Jennette McCurdy as Fawn Liebowitz
“Crazy Ponnie”

Like her iCarly co-star Nathan, Jennette is seen in the Victorious universe on multiple occasions. She first meets the students of Hollywood Arts as Sam Puckett. At the time Tori even recognized her and Carly from their famous online show. So fans were a little confused when J showed up at HA solo, brunette, and going by the name Ponnie. Turns out she was there as a whole different character to hilariously cause chaos and seemingly try to make people think Tori is losing her mind. No matter what character she appears as, Jennette always adds something great to a show.

#1: Kesha as Herself
“Ice Cream for Ke$ha”

There was once a time when the word tiktok was nearly synonymous with Ke$ha. When this episode aired, the popstar and her catchy songs were dominating the pop charts in real life and on the show. The singer, who plays herself, is hosting a contest to give away a free private concert and the stakes are high for Tori to want to win the prize. After much effort, the HA students eventually win the contest. But we think the viewers are the real winner, as getting a private Ke$ha performance on tv was a true treat.

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