10 Times JJ Was the Best Character on Outer Banks
Trivia 10 Times JJ Was the Best Character on Outer Banks



10 Times JJ Was the Best Character on Outer Banks

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Kim Mabee
More often than not, JJ was the best character on "Outer Banks." Our countdown includes JJ & John B go to the motel, JJ wakes up on the lifeboat, JJ gets arrested for Pope, and more!
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Top 10 Times JJ Was the Best Character on Outer Banks

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times JJ Was The Best Character On Outer Banks.

For this list, we’ll be looking at JJ’s most heartfelt, funny, and memorable moments in seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks. Because we’ll be talking about some important plot points in the series, a spoiler alert is in effect.

If you love JJ as much as we do, let us know your favorite moments in the comments.

#10: “I Think My Heels Touched the Back of My Head”

Right from the start of the show, JJ showed us how charismatic and funny he is. We also saw that he could be a bit reckless, and in the first episode of the series we see all of his qualities put on display. One of those moments is when Pope is driving the boat while JJ stands and drinks beer at the front. When Pope hits what he thinks is a sandbar, the boat comes to an abrupt stop and JJ does a surprisingly graceful front flip off the boat. When his concerned friends ask if he’s okay, he comes back with this priceless, descriptive response.

#9: JJ Asks Kiara About Her Relationship with Pope
“The Gold”

More than one person in their group has had a flirtation with Kiara at some point, as she kissed John B in the first half of the first season and then Pope later on. At the beginning of season 2, Pope and Kiara’s relationship takes center stage amongst the Pogues. Just as it looks as though Pope and Ki’s romance is really starting to take off with JJ as their self-proclaimed third wheel, he starts asking Kiara about Pope. He tries to play it cool, and asks hilarious questions ranging from asking Ki to compare John B and Pope, to asking whether or not Pope is, quote unquote, “freaky,” all out of sheer curiosity. Do we detect a hint of jealousy, JJ?

#8: JJ & John B Go to the Motel

When John B and JJ go to the hotel room in the first episode, we get to see JJ showcase all of the qualities we love about him. After John B finds a motel key in the shipwreck, they decide to check out the room. Kiara tells them to be careful, and JJ spends the walk to the room mocking her and teasing John B about pursuing her. After a comically squeaky “housekeeping” when knocking on the door, they go inside and find a safe containing money and a gun, much to their delight. JJ then proceeds to take a cut of the money and play around with the gun, before accidentally dropping it outside of the window not five minutes later.

#7: Sneaking Into Ms. Crain’s House
“Parcel 9”

It seems as though JJ knows almost everyone in the outer banks, so it is no surprise that he is familiar with the chilling story of Ms. Crain. He tells the Pogues about how Ms. Crain murdered her husband with an axe, revealing more and more creepy details as they prepare to break into her house to look for the gold. When they arrive at the house, hilarity ensues when JJ suggests moving very slowly so they don’t trigger the motion sensors, and when he and Pope mock Sarah and John B by telling each other to be safe. Despite his friend's reassurance, JJ remains totally freaked out about Ms. Crain, and we understand why after we see her appear on-screen.

#6: JJ Pretends to Be a Waiter at Midsummers

There’s no question that JJ would do anything for his friends, so when John B asks JJ to disguise himself as a waiter so he can deliver a message to Sarah, he doesn’t hesitate. At Midsummers, all of the kooks are dressed to the nines as they celebrate lavishly, and John B sends in JJ to recruit Sarah for the next leg of their mission. He plays off being a waiter seamlessly, as he is well-known for being an impeccable liar, and he blends in well until Rafe and company spot him and try to jump him. He ends his short reign at Midsummers by calling out all the kooks, taking some food and drinks, and saving Kiara and Pope from the party.

#5: JJ Wakes Up on the Lifeboat
“The Coastal Venture”

If you’ve finished season two of Outer Banks - and if you haven’t, what are you doing? - you’ll know how intense the last episode was. With the Pogues as stowaways on Ward’s boat, everyone ends up in fights as they attempt to steal the gold cross and escape. JJ ends up getting hurt and falls unconscious into the water, so Ki jumps in after him, which was exciting for “Jiara” stans everywhere. After a few scary moments, he wakes up and in classic JJ fashion, casually asks everyone what’s up, while all his friends make fun of him for always needing to be the center of attention.

#4: JJ Steals the Ambulance
“The Darkest Hour”

When JJ visits John B in jail, we get to see another great JJ moment as he sports an irresistible charm while dealing with seeing his best friend and father in prison. (xref) We see him concoct a plan to break John B out, and while his idea seems crazy, even for JJ, John B agrees to it. After “borrowing” an ambulance, we see almost everything go south for him after a cop follows him to the hospital, he picks up the wrong patient, he gets busted by the police and trapped in the ambulance. Luckily for him, the Pogues were there to bail him out when he needed them.

#3: JJ Buys a Hot Tub
“Dead Calm”

JJ’s tragic home life is one of the reasons why he is so close to his friends, and in this episode we get to see how much he needs them, as he considers them his real family. After they pawn the only gold bar they managed to snag, JJ intends to use it for his restitution. Instead, he gets into a massive fight with his abusive father, and he decides to blow the money on a hot tub. Pope and Kiara are initially furious when they find out, but a drunk and beaten JJ explains that he bought it for them, and we get to see one of the most tender and vulnerable moments between the three.

#2: JJ Gets Arrested for Pope
“Spy Games”

In yet another instance where we get to see JJ’s loyalty to his friends, he takes the fall for golden-boy Pope as he is about to get arrested. After Rafe and Topper beat up Pope, JJ convinces him to seek vengeance by sinking Topper’s boat. This causes Pope to almost be arrested, until JJ steps in. While JJ tends to be reckless and not so bright, there is no doubt that he is selfless and kind when it comes to the Pogues, and is willing to do anything for them. The fallout for him is rough, as his father beats him up after picking him up from jail, but seeing how grateful Pope is made it all worth it for him.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Moldy Bread, “The Forbidden Zone”
JJ Says Moldy Bread Is Good for You, Then Gags & Spits It Out Seconds Later

JJ Saves John B from Topper, “Pilot”
As Topper Tries to Drown John B, JJ Takes Things Into His Own Hands

“I Can’t Read Cursive,” “Prayers”
After Pope Receives a Mysterious Note, JJ Hilariously Admits That He Can’t Read It

JJ Tries to Pawn the Gold, “Dead Calm”
After Finding the Gold, the Pogues Task JJ with Selling It

JJ & Pope Save Kiara from the Drain, “The Heist”
After the Drain Is Flushed, JJ & Pope Get Ki Out Before She Drowns

#1: JJ Says Goodbye to His Dad & Gives a Speech to His Friends
“The Cross”

Throughout “Outer Banks,” we see JJ cope with the tumultuous relationship he has with his dad. In this season two episode, as JJ and Kiara try to get supplies to save John B’s vehicle before it sinks, they run into Luke Maybank as he’s on the run from the cops. Realizing that if he helps his dad now he might never see him again, JJ helps him to escape with a bittersweet goodbye. Once he’s reunited with his friends, JJ tells them about how lucky he is to have them after coming so close to losing them. Even though he might not know Spanish from French, his speech earns him a round of applause from his chosen family, and from us.