Top 10 Things You Missed in Loki Episode 6



Top 10 Things You Missed in Loki Episode 6

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Loki goes out with a bang! For this list, we'll be looking at the Easter Eggs, comic book references, and MCU callbacks you might've missed in the season finale of the Disney+ series. Our countdown includes Loki's Officially the Reason Why the Avengers Got a Time Travel Pass, The Number 63's Connection To Kang, Ravonna's True Name, and more!

Top 10 Things You Missed in “Loki” Episode 6

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things you missed in “Loki” episode 6.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the Easter Eggs, comic book references, and MCU callbacks you might’ve missed in the season finale of the Disney+ series. Since we’ll be talking about every detail, it’s time to give a spoiler warning.

Which of these “Loki” moments surprised you the most? And is it just us or did the hideout that He Who Remains lives in look exactly like a TVA pruning baton? Let us know what you thought about the finale's twists and Easter Eggs in the comments below.

#10: Miss Minutes May Have Subtly Influenced Loki

There was a brief moment in the finale where it looked like Miss Minutes might be behind everything. But it turns out she was assisting a bigger threat. However, Miss Minutes still may have helped steer one of Loki’s final decisions in the series. In episode 2, she really wants the god of mischief to understand that the existence of other timelines could destroy everything. Loki is later given the choice of whether to preserve the TVA or allow for the possibility of other timelines. But he chooses not to open the door to multiple realities. While Miss Minutes might not have been the deciding factor of his decision, her earlier lecture may have influenced his final choice.

#9: Thor Historically Had a Better Encounter With He Who Remains

Shortly after Loki and Sylvie arrive in the Citadel of Time, they meet an eccentric man who calls himself He Who Remains. Although he looked fairly young, they learn that he’s lived for an extremely long time so he can keep the timeline at peace. Thor met a similar character at the Citadel of Time in the comics. While this version of He Who Remains looked a little older than Jonathan Majors, the comic character still believed his actions kept the timeline safe. But Thor convinces He Who Remains to change his methods and save all of time. Thor’s actions at the Citadel of Time lead to peace. So it's fitting that a Loki variant’s encounter with He Who Remains ended in pure chaos.

#8: Loki’s Officially the Reason Why the Avengers Got a Time Travel Pass

Although Sylvie and countless others were captured by the TVA for messing with the flow of time, the Avengers were allowed to time travel without consequences. When Loki initially called out heroes out, he got a vague answer for why the Avengers were allowed to go free. But He who Remains finally gave us a more concrete answer. He carefully manipulated events so that both the Loki variants went on a journey that ended with them in his office. But they wouldn’t have made it this far if the Avengers didn’t drop the tesseract and get Loki on the TVA’s radar. If He Who Remains didn’t have a grand plan for Loki, the time heist might’ve been over before it even started.

#7: A Dr. Strange Villain Foreshadows the Finale’s Dark Ending in the Intro

The finale opens with a medley of memorable MCU quotes playing over Cap and Peggy’s iconic theme. We hear Black Panther’s iconic phrase, the voices of two Steve Rogers, how the Hulk insulted Loki and much more. But the ominous voice that closes the medley is from Dr. Strange villain Kaecilius. In the full version of his quote, he accuses time itself of being the biggest antagonist in the MCU. He spent his entire movie trying to free Earth from the normal clutches of time by giving the planet to Dormammu and the dark dimension. Ultimately, Kaecilius failed to change the world. But his ominous time warning in the episode’s intro hits differently after seeing everyone’s panicked reaction to the existence of multiple timelines when the story ends.

#6: The Number 63’s Connection To Kang

Right before we see a statue of Kang, Mobius says: (insert broll here) While the number 63 seems random, it references the conquering villain in two major ways. A Kang variant appeared in the comics for the first time in Fantastic Four #19. This pivotal issue was released in 1963. The number 63 also ties to Kang’s origins. While the exact details of the character’s origins have changed numerous times, an early version of the villain came from a dimension known as Earth-6311. Using this number was one of the many clever ways the finale nodded to Kang without saying his name. But we have a feeling we’ll hear the conqueror’s name a lot more in season 2.

#5: Loki & Sylvie's Final Fight Mirrors Their First One

It was heartbreaking to see Loki and Slyvie fight each other after they had grown so close. Their tragic clash carries many parallels to the scrap they had when they barely knew each other. In both fights, Loki stops using his weapon and tries to convince Sylvie to stop attacking him. Their first conflict ends when he uses the tempad to teleport both of them away from the TVA. But it’s Sylvie that ends the second fight by transporting Loki back to the TVA by himself. In both clashes, neither of them truly wins. If they ever see each other again, we hope they’ll finally break their fighting pattern once and for all.

#4: Kang May Use the Avengers to Get Rid of His Variants

He Who Remains said that variants of himself worked together before fighting each other on the show. It sounds like he was describing the Council of Cross Time Kangs. In the comics, this group was made up of beings from across time who all looked like Kang. One of the variants decided to take out the rest with a complex plan. After this prime Kang let council members get swallowed by the creature Alioth, he tricked the Avengers into making sure the council members couldn't recover. On the show, He Who Remains also relied on a beast to destroy his brethren. But now that he’s gone, another one of his variants may use the Avengers to get rid of his competition.

#3: Ravonna’s True Name

While Judge Ravonna was trying to uncover the mysteries of the TVA, Hunter B-15 was exposing her boss’ true identity. It seems like Ravonna was a variant of a high school principal. If you look closely at a degree in the background, you can see that the woman’s name is Rebecca Tourminet. This was a great callback to a major Ravonna comic storyline. After she betrays Kang in the future, she decides to go back in time to hang out with an earlier version of him. She changes her name to Rebecca Tourminet to blend into her new setting. Time will tell if the Ravonna on the show will keep her new name or start going by Rebecca again.

#2: A Mild Mannered Office Worker Becomes A Hunter

We were shocked to learn that Mobius no longer remembered Loki after Sylvie freed the timeline. But it looks like she may have radically changed the minor character Casey. In the first couple of episodes, actor Eugene Cordero played him as a gentle and naive spirit. The character wasn’t a fan of violence and clearly didn’t get out of the office much. But after Sylvie changes everything, we seem to see and hear Casey as he runs around dressed in hunter gear. The credits also credit actor Eugene Cordero as Hunter K-5E. If the mild-mannered Casey we knew became a warrior, does that mean that other characters we’ve met in the MCU will get new personalities too?

#1: Ravonna Could Return With a Powerful Kang Variant

Throughout the series, Ravonna tried her best to keep the timeline and the TVA intact. Although she lost control of the organization, she still believes that time should be kept in check. But Ravonna likely won’t take on this mission by herself. In the comics, she eventually joins forces with a Kang Variant who calls himself Immortus. He spent most of his time manipulating events and other versions of himself all to serve his master plans. Although He Who Remains shared similarities with Immortus, he notably went by a different name. If one of the Kang Variants decides to clean up the timeline and call himself Immortus, Ravonna may become his fiercest ally. They could make for a powerful duo of villains in season 2.