Top 10 Mean Girls in Musicals



Top 10 Mean Girls in Musicals

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Villain songs were made for these mean girls in musicals. Our countdown includes "Wicked," "Grease," "Hairspray," and more!

Top 10 Mean Girls in Musicals

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mean Girls in Musicals

For this list, we’ll be looking at characters who take on the role of antagonist in their respective musicals and give the protagonists a hard time.

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#10: Lady G(a)linda Arduenna Upland

Don’t get us wrong, we love Glinda as much as the next Ozian but just hear us out. When we first meet her, she’s spoiled, self-centered, and a bit of a bully. She uses her popularity to get the other students to turn on Elphaba and is happy to manipulate others to get what she wants. After all, let’s not forget that her title as “Glinda the Good” is all based on a lie that involved smearing her so-called best friend’s name. At least, she’s a fair ruler, unlike Nessarose who grows bitter by circumstance and terrorizes Munchkins under her tyrannical reign.

#9: Carlotta Giudicelli
“The Phantom of the Opera”

Prima Donna has a double meaning when it comes to describing the Paris Opera House’s resident soprano. Carlotta is a huge diva and believes that she’s god’s gift to opera. She expects everyone to bow down to her every desire and demands to be the center of attention. So when she storms off stage one night, leaving Christine to stand in, she feels threatened by the young singer’s talent and jealous of the attention she’s now receiving. Carlotta does whatever it takes to push Christine back into the sidelines. She may be used to getting her own way, but she doesn’t stand a chance against The Phantom.

#8: Cinderella’s Stepsisters
“Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella”

This tale is as old as time but just in case you haven’t seen this version, let us get you up to speed. Cinderella lives with her evil stepmom and sisters. Her stepsisters are horrible people, cruel, selfish, and self-centered. They treat Cinderella so awfully and never pass up the opportunity to put her down. They’re also rather delusional thinking they could land the prince, and when that doesn’t work they simply whine about their own hard luck. They’re determined to ruin Cinderella’s chance of a happily ever after and well, we all know just how well that goes down.

#7: Eva
“Bring It On: The Musical”

“Adorable” Eva has everyone fooled at first. But eventually, she sheds her sheep’s clothing and exposes the mean girl hidden underneath. After she’s named “Sophomore Spirit Leader,” things start to go mysteriously wrong for the other members of the squad, leaving Eva as Captain. Only Campbell seems suspicious, and it turns out she’s right to be as Eva’s cutthroat ambition comes to light. We learn that there’s nothing she won’t do to come out on top, even blackmailing her own mother and deliberately infecting Kylar with mono. At Nationals she finally shows her true colors to the others, trying to justify her actions and showing no remorse.

#6: Velma Kelly

Even behind bars, Velma isn’t above using her celebrity status to get whatever she wants. She’s happy to use people, lie, and even commit perjury, as long as there’s something in it for her. She’s the jealous Femme Fatale type, constantly vying to be the center of attention. It’s also Velma who introduces Roxie to prison politics and then gets upset when the newbie becomes her fiercest competition. Both women are utterly ruthless when it comes to ensuring that it’s their name on everybody’s lips. They might both be horrible people but there’s no denying that they make a great double act.

#5: Betty Rizzo

On first impression, Rizzo, leader of the Pink Ladies, comes across as the cold, sarcastic, and tough-as-nails. She’s easily grated by Sandy’s good nature and doesn’t hesitate to mock her behind her back or stir the pot between her and Danny, for her own amusement. She is the only person not swept up by Sandy and Danny’s summer romance, even interjecting with a wry comment and kicking the eternally peppy Patty off of the bench. Rizzo would like everyone to believe that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. However, underneath her tough-girl image, she’s just trying to protect herself from getting hurt.

#4: Vivienne Kensington
“Legally Blonde: The Musical”

There’s something about Elle’s pretty in pink appearance and happy-go-lucky attitude that deeply annoys Vivienne. And it doesn’t help that this blonde bombshell just happens to be the ex of Vivienne’s boyfriend Warner.. She takes an instant disliking to our protagonist and makes it very clear that she has no business attending Harvard Law School. She gets her kicked out of class, makes frequent disparaging comments, and, of course, sets up a particularly horrid costume party trick. However, even Vivienne is eventually won over by Elle’s good nature and solid integrity. She realizes just how wrong she was to judge this book by her pristine pink cover.

#3: Amber Von Tussle

Onscreen, she might play “One of the Nicest Kids In Town,” but when the cameras stop rolling, it’s a whole other story. Amber is a snobby, self-absorbed and superficial bully, who constantly vies for the spotlight. She wouldn’t even hesitate to take you down if you got in her way. She picks on Tracy due to her weight and has clearly learned her prejudices from her mother (xref), who’s even meaner than she is. At least Amber is more in tune with the changing times and eventually has a change of heart. Meanwhile, at least in the movie, Velma stays stuck vehemently in the past.

#2: Regina George
“Mean Girls”

Queen Bee Regina George is the leader of the popular Plastics clique and the “Apex Predator” of North Shore High. This queen manipulates everyone around her to ensure that her reign continues. But when new girl Cady Heron unsettles the status quo, Regina watches her perfect world collapse around her, and boy will she make the “World Burn” as she exacts her revenge. If you thought that movie Regina was bad, then just imagine hearing her sing her innermost thoughts. Regina might literally mean “queen,” but our crown goes to the meanest girl who walked so that this mean girl could run.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lina Lamont, “Singin’ in the Rain”
Silent Movies Were Invented for the Lina Lamonts of the World

Miss Trunchbull, “Matilda the Musical”
She Terrorizes Young Kids: Need We Say More?

Chloe Valentine, “Be More Chill”
She’s Mean & Manipulative to Cover Her Insecurities

Lucy Dunn, “13”
This Teen Doesn’t Hesitate to Stir Things Up

Veruca Salt, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
This Brat Is a Cautionary Tale for Being Spoilt & Greedy

#1: Heather Chandler
“Heathers: The Musical”

This “demon queen of high school” is so vicious that she practically makes Regina George look like a saint. The red scrunchie-wearing clique leader is as hated as she is popular. She rules Westerburg with an iron fist and even her so-called best friends aren’t exempt from her cruelty. Veronica knows it’s better to be on Heather’s good side but that comes at a price that haunts her for at least the rest of the show. Just as the school thinks it’s finally free of Heather’s oppressive reign, Heather Duke shows her true colors and a new age of terror begins.