Top 10 New PS4 Games of 2021



Top 10 New PS4 Games of 2021

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
The PS5 is here but that doesn't mean there are no new games coming to PS4 this year! For this list, we're looking at the most exciting upcoming games releasing on the PlayStation 4. Our countdown includes Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Resident Evil Village, Biomutant, Horizon Forbidden West and more!
Script written by Caitlin Johnson

Top 10 New PS4 Games of 2021

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 new PS4 games of 2021.

For this list, we’re looking at the most exciting upcoming games releasing on the PlayStation 4. We’ll be including titles that aren’t exclusive to this console.

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#10: “It Takes Two” (2021)

The next game from Hazelight, the developers behind “A Way Out”, is also going to be a co-op adventure. But unlike “A Way Out” it’s going to be a little more family-friendly. Players take on the roles of May and Cody, a couple going through a divorce, who are turned into dolls by the wishing of their daughter. Cody and May must then reconcile their differences to navigate the magical, miniature world, working together to make use of new abilities to solve puzzles and challenges. It’s an incredibly endearing game that is sure to be a hit with people looking for a robust co-op experience.

#9: “Rainbow Six Quarantine” (2021)

In the years since the release of “Rainbow Six Siege”, the game has become incredibly popular – so popular that it will take something pretty special for Ubisoft to tear people away from it. The next game in the series is going to be about a dangerous, biological parasite and the people tasked with keeping it under control. To boot, it will feature many game modes from “Siege”. But it’s had a difficult development, suffering multiple delays and with an impending rename due to quarantines being a sensitive topic at the moment. Rumors have claimed it’s going to be called “Parasite”, but Ubisoft says this isn’t true – it’s new name is yet to be revealed.

#8: “Boundary” (2021)

After many delays, this bizarre first-person shooter is hopefully going to come to PlayStation consoles and PCs this summer. “Boundary” is a competitive multiplayer game that lets you play as astronauts fighting to the death in outer space, with a highly impressive zero gravity mechanic. Mastering movement will be just as difficult as mastering the gunplay, with far more complex controls than your ordinary, Earth-based FPS title. It’s also got immense customization options and very different, highly specialized classes. When it releases it’s sure to take the world by storm, and is part of Sony’s effort to support indie game developers in China.

#7: “Little Devil Inside” (2021)

Originally set to release in 2016, “Little Devil Inside” all but disappeared during its incredibly long development. But now it’s back and even more charming than before, with beautiful, stylized graphics promising another indie darling. It’s about adventurers traveling through a unique world discovering, studying, and fighting monsters – everything from dragons to krakens to yetis, as seen in the trailers so far. It’s also got a lot of interesting gameplay elements, like characters having certain, hidden traits that will affect the game. And yes, it has multiplayer, so you can kill all those cool monsters with your friends.

#6: “Where the Heart Leads” (2021)

Another incoming indie game, “Where the Heart Leads” – previously known as “Where the Heart Is” – is a story-driven adventure game. Right away, trailers will have you entranced by the distinct art style, eager to see what else development studio Armature has in store. It’s about family man and farm owner Whit Anderson, who, along with his beloved dog, falls into a mysterious sinkhole in the middle of a violent storm. He finds himself in an uncanny, parallel world that lets him reach into his past and undo his mistakes. Or maybe he’ll find himself making them all over again.

#5: “Kena: Bridge of Spirits” (2021)

With graphics as good as a Pixar movie, “Kena: Bridge of Spirits” is one of the most exciting upcoming releases of the year. Kena is a young girl with magical abilities, able to communicate with the spirits of the world she inhabits and battle demon-like monsters. When you’re not hanging around with adorable creatures, called the Rot, you’ll be having plenty of fun with the game’s combat system. With pre-orders live already, it’ll be coming to PlayStation and PC in late August, and it won’t cost a premium either; you can pick up this game at launch for just $40, making it a steal since the quality looks so high.

#4: “Resident Evil Village” (2021)

Yes, though originally announced for PCs and next-gen consoles only, Capcom has gone back on this and revealed that the next “Resident Evil” game will be on PS4 and Xbox One as well. It’s not yet clear exactly how well the 8th-gen version of “Village” is going to perform, but if it’s on par with “Resident Evil 7” then PS4 players certainly won’t be missing out. And considering the graphically astounding games the PS4 has already seen in its long lifespan, it’s likely that the downgrade to get it to run on last-gen won’t be too severe. Besides, as long as it’s still terrifying, horror fans everywhere are going to be happy with it when it releases in May.

#3: “Back 4 Blood” (2021)

Valve may still hold the rights to “Left 4 Dead”, but for over a decade it’s been refusing to make another game. So developer Turtle Rock Studios have gone their own way and finally, we’re getting a sequel in everything but name. “Back 4 Blood” promises more of the same four-player co-op gameplay that made “Left 4 Dead” so popular and enduring, only on more recent consoles this time around. Since people have spent so long missing “Left 4 Dead”, the closer “Back 4 Blood” is to the originals, the better. One thing’s for sure: we’re going to be killing a lot of zombies in 2021.

#2: “Biomutant” (2021)

Definitely one of the weirdest games on the horizon, “Biomutant” has been in the works for years and it looks like its launch is finally near. A post-apocalyptic, kung fu extravaganza, “Biomutant” is an RPG that will let you customize your own furry, mutated character, then use that character to take down similar foes. It’s the debut game from small studio Experiment 101, and the reason we haven’t seen much of it for a long time is that the developers have been polishing the game without crunching – no easy feat for a company with only 20 people, but certainly to be admired.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

“Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” (2021)

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“Gotham Knights” (2021)

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“Far Cry 6” (2021)

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“Psychonauts 2” (2021)

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#1: “Horizon Forbidden West” (2021)

The biggest Sony exclusive coming in 2021 is, without a doubt, “Horizon Forbidden West”. So far, trailers have shown that “Forbidden West” is even more gorgeous than the previous game and seems set to become the PS5’s best-looking title when it releases. But never fear, it’s coming to PS4 as well, so if you haven’t had a chance to upgrade yet you’re still going to be able to play. This time around, Aloy is heading out of the wilderness of Colorado to California – we’ve seen San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge featured prominently in the promotional material. So far, it looks like it’s going to be even better than its acclaimed predecessor.