WandaVision: Top 10 Behind the Scenes Facts



WandaVision: Top 10 Behind the Scenes Facts

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These behind the scenes facts about "WandaVision" will show you how the magic was done. Our countdown includes director Matt Shakman acted in sitcoms, bringing in a live studio audience, "Agatha All Along" was created by a familar duo, and more!

Top 10 Behind The Scenes Facts About WandaVision

Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Behind the Scenes facts about “WandaVision”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best production details about this bewitching show. Since some of these set secrets involve plot details, a spoiler warning for the series is in effect.

Which behind-the-scenes fact enchanted you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Dick Van Dyke Provided Some Sitcom Advice

There are tons of references and homages to older sitcoms within the world of “WandaVision”. One of the show’s biggest influences was legendary actor Dick Van Dyke. At one point, series director Matt Shakman and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige met with the icon at Disneyland’s Club 33. While they caught him up to speed on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Van Dyke gave them advice on how to create a great sitcom. We wish we could have been a fly on the wall during this meeting of the minds. Who wouldn't want to see Feige explain Infinity Stones to Dick Van Dyke? However, we’ll settle for the knowledge that the legendary actor took the time to consult on “WandaVision”.

#9: Teyonah Parris Initially Didn’t Know She’d Be Monica Rambeau

Audiences were introduced to Monica Rambeau in 2019’s “Captain Marvel”. By the end of the film, she saw her friend Carol become a superhero. Since Monica got powers during “WandaVision”, it looks like she’ll follow in Captain Marvel's footsteps soon. Actress Teyonah Parris initially had no clue she was being considered for the role of Monica. But after an impressive audition, she learned she would be playing an iconic Marvel character. On “Marvel Studios: Assembled”, Parris expressed her excitement about joining the MCU. She also acknowledged the significance of portraying a black female superhero. Based on her tremendous performance as Monica so far, we can't wait to see her again in “Captain Marvel 2”.

#8: It Took a Lot of Detail To Represent Each Time Period

Over the course of the series, audiences got to see how the town of Westview would look in different decades. The production team put in a lot of work to capture the essence of each time period. They had a limited time to change the set exteriors and interiors to reflect the decade they were in. At the same time, they changed camera lenses and lighting constantly. For example, they used older lighting instruments on set when they were shooting the first episode to make “WandaVision” look like it was really shot in the 50s. The results were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Thanks to the crew, each and every decade the show covers feels distinct and accurate.

#7: It Was Partially Filmed at a Familiar Hollywood Location

If you got a sense of deja vu when you saw the outside of Wanda and Vision’s house, we don't blame you. A few of the show’s establishing scenes were captured on Blondie Street. While that location may not sound familiar at first, there's a strong chance you've seen a movie or show that was set there before. Classic sitcoms like “The Partridge Family'' and “Bewitched” filmed on that famed street. The exterior of the house our Avengers and their kids live in has also been seen in many movies. You can spot it in everything from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” to “Hocus Pocus”. That makes us wonder...would the Sanderson sisters get along with Agatha?

#6: Director Matt Shakman Acted in Sitcoms

Matt Shakman directed every episode of “WandaVision”. The experienced director has worked on everything from “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to “Game of Thrones”. Having those two shows on his resume alone proved he could handle dynamic action scenes and zany comedic beats. But one of the best things Shakman brought to the table was his first-hand experience with sitcoms. After making appearances in a variety of shows as a child actor, he got a lead role on “Just the Ten of Us.” When that sitcom ended, Shakman largely shied away from acting. Fortunately, he drew on his experiences from that show and the rest of his extensive resume to direct “WandaVision” and give us a superhero show unlike anything we’ve seen before.

#5: They Used a Variety of Visual Cues & Tricks

The first couple of episodes mainly consist of black and white visuals. In order to make Vision’s natural purple skin hue pop on camera, they followed the example of older TV shows and painted him blue. But that’s not the only way the production team played with the visuals. Whenever things took a dark turn in the first few episodes, “WandaVision” slowly turned from looking like a cheery sitcom to appearing like an episode from the classic horror series “The Twilight Zone”. This helped increase our anxiety and hinted at hidden darkness underneath the seemingly happy town of Westview. The aspect ratio also changes to punctuate significant moments. “WandaVision’s” obvious and subtle visual tricks helped immerse us deeper into this complex world.

#4: Bringing in a Live Studio Audience

It would’ve been easy for the production team to add a laugh track underneath the whole series. But they decided to try to make a live crowd laugh on set for the first episode. The audience seating was also changed to make it look like they were attending a TV taping in the 50s. Even the crew got dressed up in period-appropriate clothing. Although the prospect of performing in front of an audience was a little nerve-wracking to Bettany and Olsen, they fully embraced the live experiment. The resulting episode was a fantastic introduction to this offbeat sitcom series. If you rewatch the aptly titled “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience” episode again, keep an ear out for the audience’s authentic laughter.

#3: Practical Effects Were Used To Create Some Magic

While Marvel projects are usually celebrated for their groundbreaking CGI, their latest series relied on more old-school techniques. Wanda’s magic was initially portrayed with practical effects. When she wanted to make things float, the crew placed a bunch of props on strings and moved them around. Instead of using CG to help things appear or disappear, the editors just added in quick cuts. These practical effects and sneaky switches made “WandaVision” look like an episode of the 20th century “Bewitched” series. And although we love the advanced visual effects in the later episodes, there’s something incredibly charming about seeing the strings underneath Wanda’s magic.

#2: “Agatha All Along” Was Created by a Familiar Duo

Is the catchy “Agatha All Along” song still stuck in your head? We think we know why. The duo behind that insanely catchy bop and the other sitcom theme openings were Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. If you don't know who this duo is, allow us to remind you of their biggest and coolest hit. That's right, these are the same songwriters behind “Frozen’s” “Let It Go”. Not only do they have a great relationship with Disney, but Robert also happened to know director Matt Shakman from his college days. This duo’s familiarity with the creative team as well their insane musical talent made them the ideal team for “WandaVision”...all along. Yep, it’s stuck in our head again.

Before we conjure up our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Paul Bettany Thought He Was Getting Fired When Marvel Called Him Up
Luckily, They Wanted To Talk To Him About a Magical Opportunity

Matt Shakman Never Meant To Tease Reed Richards
The Aerospace Engineer Was Always Meant To Be Major Goodner

Ralph Bohner’s Name Was a Reference To Growing Pains
It Wasn’t Just Meant To Be a Juvenile Joke

There Was a Sitcom Boot Camp for the Cast
This Made Them Prepared for Any Comedy Style

Olsen Couldn't Wiggle Her Nose Like Samantha From “Bewitched”
Olsen Used a Hand Gesture To Pay Homage To “Bewitched” Instead

#1: Señor Scratchy Was Going To Have a Bigger Part

One of the best parts of watching “WandaVision” weekly was that fans got to create and share fan theories. While our theories about Mephisto, Reed Richards, and Ultron being involved in the plot were all wrong, whoever thought Señor Scratchy had a bigger part to play was 100 percent right. According to director Matt Shakman, Darcy, Billy, Tommy, Ralph and Monica were originally going to try to steal the dangerous Darkhold from Agatha’s basement. But Señor Scratchy would transform into a hideous demon to protect the book. Although this scene was shot, it was ultimately cut so it wouldn’t disrupt the flow of the overall plot. We hope Marvel will eventually take a page out of DC’s book and give us the Señor Scratchy cut.