Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned from the Meghan & Harry Interview
Trivia Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned from the Meghan & Harry Interview



Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned from the Meghan & Harry Interview

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The shocking things we learned from the Harry and Meghan interview ammounted to a television landmark. Our countdown includes a big reveal, feeling trapped, their finances, and more!

Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned from the Harry and Meghan Interview

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned From the Harry & Meghan Interview.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the biggest revelations from the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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#10: Limited Knowledge of the Monarchy

The amount of information people have about the monarchy varies greatly depending on where they were raised. For Meghan Markle, growing up in the United States meant that she didn’t know much about the Royal family she found herself marrying into. In fact, she told Oprah that she was quite naive, and didn’t even Google Harry when they started dating! Funnily enough, she recalled having to learn to curtsy right before meeting the Queen for the first time. Of course, this also meant she was somewhat unprepared for the actualities of being a working Royal. According to Markle, people’s romanticized idea of the monarchy is nothing like reality, which led to some wildly inaccurate judgments.

#9: A Big Reveal

Throughout the special, we learned a great deal about Meghan and Harry. Namely, they revealed that they held a private wedding days before their public nuptials when Oprah visited their California home. Most excitingly though, they disclosed that this second time around they are having a girl! To say the pure joy on their faces had us emotional is an understatement. The couple’s newest bundle of joy is set to arrive in the summer of 2021, and they also confirmed that it would be their last child. Meghan and Harry have built a beautiful life together despite all the hardships they have faced, and it looks like they’re going to live happily ever after!

#8: The Royal Family & the Press

Much of the criticism directed at Meghan Markle by the press has been racially charged, and Harry addressed this head-on with Oprah. Notably, he described feeling disappointed that his family never publicly acknowledged the role race played in the dangerous treatment Markle endured. Interestingly, he credited their fear of angering the British media for their silence. You - like Oprah - might be wondering what the Royals could be afraid of. Well, Harry elaborated on the agreement, or “invisible contract”, that exists between the monarchy and the British press. He reported that they give the tabloids access, and in return they are portrayed favorably. In other words, the two entities need each other to survive.

#7: Feeling Trapped

Meghan and Harry were quick to shut down the narrative crafted by the media that blamed Markle for their withdrawal from Royal life. She actually explained that she did everything in her power to make the family proud. Unfortunately, she received very little help in the process. Not only that, Harry shockingly revealed that while he may not always have realized it, he was trapped inside the institution long before he met Meghan. All she did was help him see a way out for himself. When asked how he thinks Diana would have reacted to the way things unfolded, he was candid. Harry expressed that while she wouldn’t like how it happened, his mom’s priority would have been the couple’s happiness.

#6: Their Finances

In a surprising revelation, Harry admitted that his family cut him off in 2020. In fact, it’s largely thanks to the inheritance Diana left him that the couple has been able to start anew. Their biggest priority has understandably been making sure they can afford security, which is a big part of why they signed deals with streaming services. In light of this, you might be wondering where Harry’s relationship with his family currently stands. Interestingly, he describes his rapport with his grandmother as extremely positive! As for his dad, things are fraught but he is hopeful they will bounce back. And while he and William are currently taking some space from one another, Harry was clear that he will always love his brother dearly.

#5: The Truth Behind the Couple’s Exit

When Meghan and Harry announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family, there was plenty of speculation. Most of it was incorrect. When asked what prompted their decision, Harry explained that he feared what happened to Diana would happen to Meghan. The press was relentless, and the Firm wasn’t protecting them. Considering social media, and the fact that Markle is a mixed-race woman on top of that, they knew they had to act. The couple didn’t want to leave the family altogether, they just needed some space. As for the allegations that they blindsided Her Majesty the Queen? Nothing could be further from the truth. Harry had numerous detailed phone conversations with both his grandmother and his father beforehand!

#4: Meghan Markle Was Silenced

Meghan Markle’s entry into the Royal Family was different for a number of reasons. As a mixed-race American divorcee, she didn’t exactly fit the mold the monarchy is known for. Markle described how her - and everyone in her entourage - were under strict instruction to never give any comment to the press. Thinking it was for her safety, they obliged. But it soon became clear that the protection other Royals were afforded was never extended to her. Importantly, Markle made sure to distinguish the Institution from the members of the Royal Family here. For instance, she described the Queen as absolutely lovely and supportive. However, the Firm - those running the business - muzzled her, which was very isolating.

#3: The Real Flower Girl Dress Story

Most people remember how, months after Meghan and Harry’s wedding, a story about Markle making Kate Middleton cry emerged. When asked about it, the emotion on Meghan’s face was obvious. She described that story as a pivotal moment for her, and told Oprah what really happened that day. It was actually Middleton who made Markle cry. She was clear that her sister-in-law apologized and that there is no ill-will between them. While Meghan never wanted the details of what really happened to come out, she wished someone within the Institution would have simply denied the report. Understandably, the lack of action is what really bothered her about the whole situation.

#2: Disturbing Discussions

Before little Archie was even born, there were reportedly many conversations surrounding his arrival that raised red flags. To start, the powers at be did not want him to receive a title. By the same token, this meant he would not be afforded any security. Naturally, Markle described this as disconcerting for two reasons. Firstly, her child’s safety should have been paramount. Secondly, the monarchy wanted to change convention to deny the first person of color born into the Royal family a title. That was disturbing, to put it mildly. As if that wasn’t troubling enough on its own, Markle recalled how concerns surrounding the potential color of Archie’s skin were brought to Harry before his birth.

#1: Meghan Markle’s Mental Health

In an extremely honest moment, Meghan Markle revealed how the hate and vitriol she was subjected to eventually took its toll. Her mental health began to suffer as a result, and she started experiencing thoughts about taking her own life. She described how she was denied when she went to a senior member of the Institution for help. Similarly, Human Resources told her they couldn’t do anything. Markle was scared, yet she was effectively ignored. She was luckily able to confide in both Harry and in a close friend of Diana’s. But it’s heartbreaking and infuriating to think that - according to Harry and Meghan - the system Markle was forced to depend on failed her. There’s no doubt that her vulnerability and openness with Oprah in this segment helped many feel heard.