Top 10 Hilarious Snickers Commercials
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Top 10 Hilarious Snickers Commercials

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While we love the candy bar itself, we also can't get enough of these Snickers commercials. For this list, we'll be looking at the funniest and most memorable ads for this chocolate bar. Our countdown includes Mr. T, Mr. Bean, Robin Williams, and more!
While we love the candy bar itself, we also can’t get enough of their hilarious ad campaigns. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Snickers Commercials.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest and most memorable ads for this chocolate bar.

#10: Snickers “Ahmend” (like you’re from Chicago)

One of the variations on the standard Snickers bar is Snickers Almond. This spot advertising the spinoff product is a play on alternate pronunciations of the star ingredient, with two men sitting in a car together while one proceeds to say “almond” in a very specific way so many times in a 15 second period that it would drive anyone nuts (pun intended). He leaves the L silent saying “ahmend” instead of “almond” which eventually forces his companion to throw himself out of a moving vehicle just to avoid having to hear it one more time. Dude, calm down: the dictionary says they’re both right.

#9: Mr. T

Starting in 2006, Snickers collaborated with actor, TV personality and professional wrestler Lawrence Tureaud AKA Mr. T. He starred in a series of ads in which he targeted seemingly wimpy men by yelling at them using his famous catchphrases and launching Snickers bars in their direction. The first featured a soccer player who seemed to be exaggerating an injury on the field while another featured a man speed walking and another who was afraid to get into a cold pool. They typically used the slogan: "Snickers: Get Some Nuts!"

#8: Fix the World

Over the years, there have been many companies who have run ads implying that their product can cure the world of all its ills. In fact, this has been the theme of some of the most iconic ads of all time. But in 2020 for their Super Bowl ad campaign, Snickers decided to put a twist on this concept with a more satirical take. Their “Fix the World” commercial lists all of the things that are troubling about our modern existence, and then shows a hoard of people gathering to give the Earth a Snickers...literally.

#7: Sharks

This commercial manages to be funny while also being pretty darn dark. Viewers drop in on a meeting of a group of sharks have done a taste test for Snickers. They taste two humans, and strongly prefer the flavor of the one who recently consumed Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. When they request a second taste, a hapless man is brought in holding the candy bar and seems to quickly realize what’s about to become of him. The implications of this ad are a bit gory, but it’s definitely memorable!

#6: Hunger Keeps Inventing New Problems

A running theme in Snickers ad campaigns is the idea that hunger will cause you to do crazy things. In a series where the slogan was “Hunger Keeps Inventing New Problems,” we see a couple of instances of men who let their hunger get the best of them. One “confulish” (confused and foolish) man working as a figure drawing model ends up nude in a chemistry classroom by mistake. Another “dimpatient” (dim and impatient) job seeker shows off his racy social media pages during an interview and then makes a call to the interviewer to follow up...while he’s still in the room.

#5: Joe Pesci & Don Rickles

In 2010, Snickers kicked off their latest ad campaign whose slogan was “You're Not You When You're Hungry.” In this ad, which features Oscar winner Joe Pesci, a group of young people are chatting at a party but their hunger overtakes them one at a time, causing them to act like crotchety old men. Two guys are trying to hit on two girls, but one of them transforms into Joe Pesci and begins to be incredibly rude. When his friend calms him down, they decide to try again — but one of the girls has morphed into legendary insult comic Don Rickles in their absence.

#4: Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean has become a beloved figure in British pop culture, and the character’s popularity has spread around the world. While we hadn’t seen much from the bumbling Brit for a while, in 2014 he popped up in a series of Snickers commercials. The premise of the ads was that a master of martial arts had inadvertently turned into the awkward and essentially useless Mr. Bean because he was too hungry. We see Bean trying to keep up with a group of samurai warriors and making us laugh every step of the way.

#3: Brady Bunch

Brands always come up with their best commercials for the Super Bowl, and Snickers is no exception. In 2015, for Super Bowl XLIX (49), Snickers created an ad campaign that used old footage from episodes of “The Brady Bunch” and digitally added modern actors into the scenes. Danny Trejo plays a disgruntled Marcia after she has been hit in the nose with a football before the big dance (as well as doing her iconic hair brushing bit) and Steve Buscemi plays the jealous Jan who feels like no one ever pays attention to her. Because these scenes are so familiar, the commercials were all the funnier.

#2: Robin Williams

Beloved late comedic actor Robin Williams took part in the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign before his death in 2014. In this TV spot we see a football team getting ready to hit the field while their coach (played by Williams) spouts enthusiastic but incoherent jargon at them. It’s classic Williams, doing the sort of bit that he became known for in his lifetime. Of course though, he’s only acting this way because of his hunger, and once he has a bite of a Snickers bar he’s back to his usual self.

Well, now I’m hungry. And you know what they say: you’re not YOU when you’re hungry. So does that mean I’m also having an existential crisis??? WHO AM I??? I’d actually love to be our #1 pick, so let’s take a look at the HMs and then we’ll show you our favorite Snickers ad

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Marilyn "Dafoe"




Fantasy Night

#1: Betty White

The very first ad in the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign has got to be the best one. For the 2010 Super Bowl, they debuted the new catchphrase with a commercial featuring actress Betty White. After being tackled on the football field into a puddle of mud, White starts getting aggressive with the guys she’s playing with. It’s hilarious to see her running around the pitch with the boys and mouthing off to them. But of course, like the other spots in this series, as soon as she has her Snickers, she’s back to her usual self.