Top 10 Big Mouth Running Jokes
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Top 10 Big Mouth Running Jokes

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Growing up is full of changes, but these Big Mouth running jokes will always be hilarious. For this list, we're taking a look at funniest reoccurring gags from this Netflix animated series. Our countdown includes Coach Steve's awful life, Nathan Fillion fantasies, Jay's dad's law commercials, and more!
Growing up is full of changes, but some things never stop. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Big Mouth Running Jokes.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest reoccurring gags from this Netflix animated series.

#10: Featuring Ludacris Speaks

Jay’s family is notoriously awful to him, but at least he has a faithful dog in his corner. Given his intimidating size and name, Featuring Ludacris may appear fearsome, but this dog is all bark and no bite. Actually, he doesn’t just bark. This Pitbull can talk too! Whenever he pops up, Featuring Ludacris is usually restricted to a line or two. Yet, his one-liners are always surreally hysterical… and kind of sad. Where most dogs haven’t a care in the world, Featuring Ludacris is aware of his existence, meaning he can feel insecure about his weight and afraid that he’ll never find happiness anywhere. What makes this all the more hilarious/tragic is that seemingly nobody understands him… unless they’re on a drug trip.

#9: Mirror Missy

As crude as “Big Mouth” can get, it does reflect the insecurities that young teens face, both literally and figuratively. Although Missy’s usually a ball of positivity, Mirror Missy looms over her like a shameful shadow. Missy’s reflection serves as a physical personification of her self-hatred, saying horrible things whenever a mirror is present. Basically, she’s like a comment’s section full of trolls. Missy does summon the confidence to tell off her reflection thanks to an enlightening trip to a spa. Mirror Missy resurfaces in Season 3, but instead of going after her counterpart’s body image, she motivates Missy to stand up for herself. Whether she’s being hateful or helpful, we can all identify with that person looking back at us in the mirror.

#8: Coach Steve’s Awful Life

Coach Steve is rarely seen without an optimistic smile on his face, which is ironic since he’s lived such a sucky life. While his childhood is a bit mysterious, we know that his mother had an affair with a man named Garry… who took his own life while Steve was locked in the car. This man-baby has little understanding of human reproduction – or “making thick in the warm,” as he puts it. He thus struggles to have a meaningful adult relationship, instead spending most of his time around kids. That’s… not creepy at all… Oh, and he lives on a diaper barge. We’d say that we pity Coach Steve, but he’s clearly too stupid to comprehend how horrible he has it. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

#7: “ANDREW!”

If you’ve ever wondered why Andrew has such low self-esteem, look no further than his overbearing father. Marty Globerman never misses an opportunity to criticize his son, starting off most of his sentences screaming, “Andrew!” As a matter of fact, Marty decided to name his son Andrew because it sounded right when he shouted. Marty blames Andrew for everything, including stuff he has no control over – like when Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.” Andrew nearly cracks after his father forces him to wax his mustache, but even then, Marty learns nothing about his harsh parenting. While Marty does love his family deep down, he’s shown more affection towards a plate of scallops than his own son.

#6: Svetlana + Dimitri 4 Eva

Chances are you overlooked one of this show’s best running gags. In the second episode, Jessie accurately deduces that a “female hating janitor” intentionally neglected to stock the girl’s bathroom with toilet paper. We then cut to Dimitri the janitor throwing toilet paper into the sea, cursing out his love Sevtlana and her gender. Rewinding, you’ll notice the words, “Sevtlana + Dimitri 4 Eva,” etched out on the bathroom stall. This isn’t the last we see of the couple, as Dimitri and Sevtlana can be spotted having a bitter date later that season. Andrew also encounters Sevtlana in the Pornscape, which may explain why Dimitri was so angry with her. Are we the only ones who want to see their full love/break-up story?

#5: Nathan Fillion Fantasies

Whether it’s based on his work on “Castle” or “Firefly,” you may be surprised to learn how many women have a celebrity crush on cult actor Nathan Fillion. Missy is so enamored with Fillion that she has a poster of him in her bedroom. She regularly casts him in her “Vagilantes” fantasies, which is the next best thing to seeing Captain Mal Reynolds back in action. Nathan is also the central character in her “Rock of Gibraltar” fanfiction. And yes, that’s the actual Nathan Fillion voicing himself, which only makes Missy’s fantasies funnier.

#4: Jay’s Dad’s Law Commercials

Jay may be his own hormone monster, but his father doesn’t even know the meaning of the word discreet. Even before we meet Mr. Bilzerian, we’re given a pretty good idea of what he’s like. That’s because Jay frequently quotes his dad’s viral law commercials, much to the frustration and disgust of everyone else. To say that these commercials sound shocking and demeaning towards women would be an understatement. When we finally see one of Mr. Bilzerian’s divorce ads, it somehow manages to be even more over-the-top than what we initially imagined. The clients Jay’s dad represents are every bit as sketchy, ranging from a blood smuggler to a child liquor distributor. And remember, “love dies!” Great, now we’re quoting his law commercials…

#3: Jay & His Pillows

During a sleepover, Jay gives an explicit description of how he gets intimate with his pillow. In a subsequent episode, it’s revealed that the pillow talks and she’s voiced by Princess Anna herself, Kristen Bell. Making matters weirder, the pillow is 40 years old. If you think that’s bizarre, the pillow, whose name is Pam, gets pregnant! It turns out that the father isn’t Jay, but his brother Kurt. From there, Jay seeks comfort in a series of rebounds, including his bath mat, a motel pillow named Suzette, and a couch cushion named Brad, the latter of whom leaves him questioning his sexuality. Let’s just assume that if there’s a piece of furniture in the house, Jay has stuffed some bags of soup in it.

#2: Coach Steve’s Jobs

We’re surprised that it took two whole seasons for somebody as incompetent as Coach Steve to lose his job. Over the course of Season 3, the former PE teacher goes through a revolving door of new jobs, none of which he’s qualified for. He’s first seen as a Walgreens greeting clerk where he falls in love with Valentine’s merchandise. From there, Steve lands brief gigs as a store mannequin, a caterer, and a Lyft driver. Coach Steve finally scores a win when he’s welcomed back as a gym teacher, even though he could’ve accepted another job at the school for a lot more money. Even if coaching doesn’t work out for him in the long run, he can always fall back on his DJ career.

#1: The Ponytail Killer

In the Season One finale, Jessi nearly meets her demise at the hands of the Ponytail Killer. This mystery character naturally targets victims with ponytails, which he keeps as trophies. In one episode, we see things from the killer’s perspective as he drives a car with a ponytail hanging from his rearview mirror. As of Season 3, we still don’t know the Ponytail Killer’s identity or his motivation. While Coach Steve has apparently been ruled out, there are plenty of other potential suspects. Our money is on one of Jay’s family members… or at least somebody who lives in Guy Town. We just hope we get an answer somewhere down the line.