Top 10 Times Paul Rudd Was Awesome
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Top 10 Times Paul Rudd Was Awesome

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Kenneth Hedges
Paul Rudd's pop culture moments are just the best! For this list, we'll be looking at his public appearances that stood out as particularly memorable. Our countdown of best Paul Rudd moments include an "Unscripted" interview, an appearance on "Tim and Eric," his "Hot Ones" interview and much more! Did your favorite Paul Rudd moment make the list? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 Paul Rudd Moments

Some actors, you can't help but like. Welcome to Watchmojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Paul Rudd Moments.

For this list, we're sticking to public appearances and sketches, ignoring full-fledged feature films, so Rudd’s memorable movie moments don't apply.

#10: Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

"Billy on the Street" (2011-)
Billy Eichner’s abrasive, on-the-street interviews are intentionally irritating and few actors have been more game than Rudd. He played his generally likable self while the premise was laid out: Who would have sex with Paul Rudd – one of the most handsome talents in Hollywood – for the meager price of one dollar. Naturally, few refused, but those who did made it all the funnier. Rudd ran alongside him, only enhancing the overt silliness of the premise. It's the kind of playing along that makes you realize that Rudd definitely doesn’t take himself too seriously.

#9 Bloopers

Various Films
Anyone who has sat through a blooper reel knows the typical set up: a bunch of in-jokes between actors and performers blowing lines. They can start to all feel the same. But with Rudd, it's like he's still performing rather than messing up, desperate to make cast members crack up while still showing off for the camera as well. One need only look as far as "Wanderlust" (xref) – a film Rudd made with David Wain, to see the effort the actor puts forth even for an unnecessary laugh track. Any film with the actor follows suit, setting up comic gold to roll over the end credits.

#8: Mall Blub

"Late Night With Seth Meyers" (2014-)
We've covered how funny Rudd when he's just being himself, but what about when he's in character? Well, we got a glimpse when the actor – disguised with a conspicuous moustache – showed up in the audience on Seth Meyers. Clad in a sleeveless shirt and a baseball cap, he demanded that the host "Bring out the Rudd." Meyers called out his disguise immediately, but rather than own up to it, Rudd used the homonymous-albeit-nonsensical "Mall Blub". It's one in a long line of examples proving there's little that Rudd takes seriously.

#7: Rudd & Corden's Inappropriate Kids Duo

"The Late Late Show With James Corden"
Anyone who’s seen "Role Models" has seen Paul Rudd behave inappropriately around children. But the television version is equally funny, with the actor and James Corden forming the fictional band Naptime Boyz. The two create songs that may sound innocent at first, save for unintentionally risque dance moves that . . . well, change everything. Hmm, maybe 93% of communication really is non-verbal . . . It's one of the numerous pairings that Rudd has had with other funnymen that pays off with big laughs. Rudd's complete obliviousness toward why the duo never saw success is a highlight.

#6: Derailing an Interview

Press Tour for “I Love You, Man”
Press junkets can be unbearable experiences for actors and directors alike, each tasked with answering the same questions hundreds of times. But to upset the norm, friends and co-stars Jason Segel and Paul Rudd decided to flip the switch on what otherwise would be an intolerable interview when they were forced to repeat sentiments that they had given over and over again. Taking their cue from the nature of their bro-comedy, "I Love You, Man," the two just started messing around - turning what was just another interview into a whole lot of fun.

#5: Steve Carell Interview

Jon Stewart and Denis Leary, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris – sometimes, you can just tell when two comedy legends like and respect each other. As a result, they usually start high school-style ribbing. That was the case when Steve Carell sat down with Rudd for an episode of Moviefone's webseries Unscripted. Though little is actually revealed about their movie “Dinner for Schmucks”, there are plenty of laughs to be had on both sides of the camera, as the two focus more on having a good time than on actually putting together a legitimate interview.

#4: Celery Man

"Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" (2007-10)
Throughout years of constant mugging for the camera, teasing the press and generally just being awesome, few of Paul Rudd’s moves have become more iconic than his goofy white guy dance. It appears in countless films, talk show interviews and perhaps most notably in Tim Heidegger and Eric Wareheim's show, in which he does web searches for himself doing the dance on repeat. The surreal Adult Swim show, which has seen its fair share of celebrities poking fun at themselves, could not have put his wacky dance moves to better use.

#3: Hot Ones Appearance

"Hot Ones"
The premise for the webseries "Hot Ones" is a simple one: celebrities eat increasingly hot wings while being interviewed. And there are few better places for Paul Rudd to turn on the charm and wit. Initially, he expresses trepidation about the “plutonium” he’s about to consume. But he handles himself well, despite eating some of the hottest sauces known to man, showing just how well he can acquit himself even in trying times. There appears to be nothing that really phases him, at least not enough to stymie his trademark charisma.

#2: Owning Jimmy Fallon in a Lip Sync Battle

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (2009-14)
The concept of the Lip Sync battle may have originated on Jimmy Fallon, but it's since grown into its own half-hour show. And few guests have fared better against the original host than Paul Rudd – his first competitor - who destroys Fallon with his ability to lip sync to Tina Turner's "You Better Be Good To Me". Rudd not only brings his own moves to the song, he also mimics Turner to a tee. Many have tried to top it since, but few, if any, have.

#1 Mac & Me

“Late Night With Conan O'Brien” (1993-2009)
It's the most indelible Rudd-ian talk show moment in history, so much so that he's done it numerous times. A standard talk show guest answers questions about whatever they're promoting, makes the odd joke and exits stage right. But for years, Paul Rudd has been punking host Conan O'Brien with specific clips. Instead of showing some footage from his latest project, as promised, Rudd has been running a clip from the "E.T." knockoff "Mac and Me". Even now, when both you and host are expecting it, it still gets a laugh.