The Good Place: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends
Trivia The Good Place: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends



The Good Place: 10 Things We Need to See Before It Ends

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Trevor J Fonvergne
With the final season underway, these are the things we want to see before The Good Place ends.
All good things must come to an end. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 things we want to see in the fourth and final season of “The Good Place”.

For this list, we’re considering things that have been foreshadowed, referenced, and established throughout the first three seasons, as well as stuff that we would just plain like to see while we still can. Since we’ll be taking plot points from the first three seasons into account, there will be spoilers.

#10: The Love Triangle

Season three left Chidi and Eleanor’s romance in a rather precarious position. With Chidi’s memories of both her and Simone wiped away, it’s possible he could once again fall for either woman. With Eleanor posing as the architect this season, though, things are a bit complicated, to say the least. Eleanor’s character growth and commitment to the experiment will surely be tested, as interfering with Chidi’s actions or feelings would surely put the ball in Shawn’s court. With the stakes higher than ever, the core romance is thrown through a creative ethical loop for our final batch of episodes, and it will be interesting to see how the writers decide to tackle it.

#9: Conclusion to Philosophical Themes

“The Good Place” manages to be more clever than most other modern sitcoms by wearing its philosophical themes on its sleeves and exploring them with its eclectic cast of characters. We’ve seen this explicitly explored via the trolley problem and recurring references to the book “What We Owe to Each Other,” and we would like to see these concepts bookended during the final season’s test. While we’re not expecting the show to answer these unanswerable dilemmas, we would still like to see some kind of resolution to the ideas that the series has brought up. Doing this would really cement its status as one that tells a complete story with something to say, and at this point we really expect nothing less.

#8: Shawn’s Comeuppance

We simply cannot overstate the love we have for character actor Marc Evan Jackson. That said, his deadpan nefarious portrayal of Shawn has resulted in one of the most hateable villains in recent memory. After messing with our beloved heroes season after season with little repercussions, we would love to see this demonic fiend finally face some consequences. Given how creative “The Good Place” tends to be with its metaphysical fantasy, we’re looking forward to what the show’s team has in store for this jerk. Our fingers are crossed that his punishment will come at the hands of either Michael or Maya Rudolph’s superb interdimensional Judge.

#7: Results of the Test

While we would love ten more seasons of the show, creator Michael Schur has said that four seasons would constitute the story the writers wanted to tell. As such, it makes sense that the fourth season’s gambit was one that would bring the primary themes of the series front and center. Michael and company are tasked with proving that a new foursome can better each other just like they did in The Good Place. It’s a fun idea that puts each character, especially Eleanor, in a totally new position and brings the story full circle. While it’s certainly a big task, we look forward to seeing our heroes get challenged, and we’re hoping they can pull it off.

#6: Justice for Michael

Ted Danson’s performance as Michael has consistently been a high point in a show already full of great elements. As Michael watches the humans learn from each other, he begins to develop a sense of empathy and joins their side. Now that Michael is a certified good guy, we would love to see him get an ending where he isn’t retired, but instead leads the afterlife into a new era of compassion and reformation. The humans may have had quite a bit of growth throughout the series, but there’s no doubt that Michael has come the farthest - since, ya know, he literally began as an evil being meant to torture others. But damn it if he isn’t the most lovable beings of his kind that you’ve ever seen.

#5: More Janet & Jason

Janet and Jason’s relationship is the classic dead boy meets not-a-robot-not-a-girl story. Ever since their impromptu wedding, we wanted these weirdos to end up together, and after their reunion at the end of season three, it looks like we’ll be getting a lot more of them. Despite being relatively one-dimensional characters on the surface, they really bring out the humanity in each other, and they have some great comedic chemistry. We love them because they prove that even the most oblivious dork has a digital queen somewhere out there, and even though Derek has been a thorn in their side, we have a feeling these crazy kids are gonna be okay.

#4: Eleanor the Architect

Eleanor has come a long way from the selfish misanthrope that she began the series as, which is why it will be so intriguing to see her take on Michael’s role of architect in the last season. After being forced to take a more hands-on role in the project, she’ll have to guide the new participants through a system that she barely understands. There’s nothing more fun than watching these guys fake it ‘till they make it and we’re sure we’ll be treated to plenty of bizarre gags. It’s also a safe bet that Janet will be involved in most of them, and who doesn’t want that?

#3: The Return of Chidi’s Memories

As season three came to a close, Chidi decided that the best course of action would be to erase his memories of Simone to maintain the integrity of the test. We already talked about the interesting position this puts the characters in, but it would be a shame to throw away three seasons of character development. That’s why we’re pretty sure that we’ll see our favorite ethics professor get his memories back at some point in this final stretch. Though it was a heroic sacrifice to give up his memories, a better character arc would require the man who couldn’t make a choice making the difficult decision between Simone and Eleanor. Speaking of which…

#2: Closure for Eleanor & Chidi’s Relationship

Chidi and Eleanor seemed like polar opposites at the start of the show, but the two were able to bring out the best in each other and fell in love many times. Several wrenches have been thrown into this storyline, but since it’s been a common thread throughout the series, we’re expecting some kind of conclusion. We’re not necessarily saying they need to end up together-although we would certainly prefer that-but we at least need something from the show’s main love story. Whether it makes us believe in love or turns us into total nihilists, we’re excited to see where “The Good Place” takes them…but please don’t hurt us like that!

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Tahani Throws a Huge Party

A Chance for Janet to Shine

More Character Growth for Jason

#1: A Happy Ending for Our Protagonists

“The Good Place” is one of the most unabashedly optimistic shows to grace our screens in a TV era oversaturated with nihilism. For a series ostensibly centered around four people who have earned their spots in The Bad Place, the idea that a person can improve oneself has always remained at “The Good Place”’s core. For three seasons Eleanor, Michael, Jason, Tahani, Chidi and even Janet have taught one another lessons about what it means to be a better…er…person. After joining these wonderful characters on this incredible journey of self-betterment, we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.