Top 10 Most Hilarious RuPaul’s Drag Race Moments



Top 10 Most Hilarious RuPaul's Drag Race Moments

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Whether they're trying or not, these queens bring the laughs, as demonstrated through the most hilarious moments on RuPaul's Drag Race. We're looking at the funniest bits from Drag Race that leave us cackling. We're basing our choices on a mix of amazing insults, amusing mistakes and interactions that just bust us up. MsMojo ranks the most hilarious moments on RuPaul's Drag Race. What do you think is the funniest RuPaul moment? Let us know in the comments!
Whether they're trying or not, these queens bring the laughs. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Hilarious Moments on RuPaul's Drag Race.

For this list we're looking at the funniest bits from 'Drag Race' that leave us cackling. We're basing our choices on a mix of amazing insults, amusing mistakes and interactions that just bust us up.

#10: How's Your Head?

Miss Fame kept bringing up her intrusive thoughts to the judges, so RuPaul tried to earn some smiles with a classic double entendre. The joke hilariously went right over Fame's head though, which left Michelle Visage to comically fill in the punch line on more than one occasion. While the oblivious reactions provided a comedy all their own, Ru still made a teaching moment out of these blunders. Whether Fame was still unaware or just being sassy, her bizarre response to RuPaul's advice left the host and viewers in stitches. As one of the few running gags from 'Drag Race' herstory, there was a surprising amount of laughs to be had from 'How's Your Head.'

#9: Roxxxy's Shaw and Sequenced Gown

While Roxxxy Andrews wore plenty of fancy outfits on 'Drag Race,' she didn't always know what to actually call them. Case-in-point was her hysterical pluralisation of sequin, which caused a whole music challenge to stop dramatically. Roxxxy's insistence about the pronunciation was goofy to watch, but it was funnier as she realized she was wrong. Her silly misunderstanding of the word 'Sash' however, was unbelievable enough to throw Michelle Visage into a giggle fit. Roxxxy's laughable attempts to correct herself were also embarrassing enough that she pricelessly read herself for it. Roxxxy smiled through both incidents though, and showed that she had the humor to take things in stride.

#8: Monique Heart Can't Cartwheel

Monique Heart amusingly bombed a cartwheel in season 10, so she looked hilariously freaked out at the idea of doing more on 'All Stars'. While Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change delivered sloppy attempts of the move, Monique's repeated flops were just too ridiculous. As her fear ruined her composure, she ludicrously bailed out of cartwheels like they would kill her. Trinity's cackling reaction was endlessly contagious as well, but it was Monique's absurd arm waving that had us really losing it. The fact that they opted to remove the cartwheel altogether only upped the comedy of her fails too. It was Monique's utter lack of coordination however that had us coming back to this gaffe.

#7: Look How Orange You Look

Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards had been feuding all of season five, so a simple joke from Alyssa comically sent them into a spat. Since the mocking got serious far too quickly, Edwards amazingly read Coco's obscene makeup color. The dig was so blunt and hysterical, that we couldn't look at Montrese after without laughing. Their catty attitudes were also so over-the-top that the other queens were howling like school children. And it was hard to keep a straight face with Coco's overly aggressive comebacks. Though fights have always been entertaining on 'Drag Race,' Alyssa's outlandish comments here cemented this as one of the show's silliest.

#6: Party

After Alaska won so many challenges on 'All Stars,' her one late misstep on the season had her up for elimination. Though she laid out plenty of reasons to send her home, she made a impassioned plea to Katya to save her. Despite the emotional words however, Katya comically responded like she didn't care. Her smirk was especially hard not to laugh at too, since it added to how uncharacteristically mean she was being. Katya's unusually positive choice of words was so unexpected as well, which was equally shocking and entertaining for viewers. Plus, this kind of messing around is exactly why Katya was so fun to watch.

#5: RuPaul vs. Tammie Brown

Tammie Brown had a serious bone to pick with the judges when she came on the first 'Drag Race' reunion episode. Her tantrum over critiques set RuPaul off, and turned their whole exchange into a ridiculous shouting match. As Ru argued that she was focusing on the negatives, Tammie fired back in the most confusing way possible. Her strange example of saint-like behavior was so hilariously unrelated that it became impossible to forget. She even inexplicably tried to read RuPaul's language, and then upped the laughs with an absurdly smug face. With so many goofy comments, this fight was comedic gold through and through.

#4: Jesus Is a Biscuit (Explanation)

Though Latrice Royale's fellow queens had enjoyed her classic phrase 'Jesus Is a Biscuit' all season,' they didn't know what it meant. But upon hearing that no one even knew what sopping-up was, Latrice insulted the lack of cultural awareness with an amusingly specific call-out. While her reads during the explanation were already funny, her ability to use Anglo-Saxon in a joke was undeniably rich. And Dida's overtly eccentric response to 'Sopping it up' was silly enough to have us smirking. It was Latrice's humorous reactions to everyone and the silly nature of her answers though that kept us laughing at this moment.

#3: Hellow Hellow Hellow Christine

For a parody acting challenge based on 'Get Out,' Vanessa Vanjie Mateo had to play a zany father. Her first lines were so bland though, that Ross Mathews encouraged her to ham it up. Her wacky voice however was hysterical simply because it sounded more like a Muppet than a real person. While we were already laughing at Vanjie's first voice, her nasally attempt to fix it had us cackling more than the grumbling one. Her unpredictable mistakes actually improved her TV correspondent role on the season, but her fumble here was actually funnier than the final product. Regardless of what she got right and wrong, Vanjie's weird delivery helped this challenge entertain viewers endlessly.

#2: Back Rolls

Tempers were flaring backstage after a 'Snatch Game,' which saw Alyssa Edwards read Jade Jolie for being fake. So despite her usually chipper demeanor, Jade hit back with a sly dig at Alyssa's body. The sidebar from Coco and the music were priceless already, and then we heard an unexpectedly harsh burn. Alyssa's melodramatic reaction was so excessive and ludicrous that it had us crying with laughter. Given her penchant for insults, Edwards' utterly shocked reaction to taking one herself was a funny change of pace as well. The sheer comedy of Alyssa's face in the moment however is why this 'Drag Race' gem has been immortalized in Drag Race herstory.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

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Trinity Struggles with Choreo

Ornacia’s Delayed Intro

Come on Teletubby Teleport Us to Mars

#1: MacBitch

While drag has been part of Shakespeare performances for a long time, you wouldn't have known it watching 'Drag Race's 'Macbeth' parody. Though there were plenty of funny drag-based rhymes, it was more comical to hear the queens stumble through their lines. All of Jasmine Masters' sassy phrases combined with her stiff performance also created unintentional comedy of its own. However it was Pearl's flat delivery and delayed entries that hit a level of 'So bad it's good' humor. Yes it deserved the laughable slow-clap, but this sketch became entertaining on repeat viewings for its incredible mediocrity. Whether the editing added to this train wreck or not, we couldn't turn away.