Top 10 Amy Santiago Moments From Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Top 10 Amy Santiago Moments From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Being a good cop doesn't always look cool, but these Amy Santiago moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine never failed to win us over. We're looking at Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes that best capture Amy's character, whether they're triumphant or embarrassing. We're basing our choices on a mix of surprising lines, over-the-top reactions and little details that show just how quirky Santiago can be. MsMojo ranks the best Amy Santiago moments. What's your favorite Amy Santiago moment? Let us know in the comments!
Being a good cop doesn't always look cool. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Amy Santiago Moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

For this list we're looking at Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes that best capture Amy's character, whether they're triumphant or embarrassing. We're basing our choices on a mix of surprising lines, over-the-top reactions and little details that show just how quirky Santiago can be. A minor spoiler alert is now in effect.

#10: Diaper Up
"The Overmining"

Amy Santiago's obsession with academics is excessive to say the least, which is why Terry turns to her for help with his lieutenant's exam. But rather than suffering from poor studying, Terry admits that his major issue is long bathroom breaks. Amy seems to understand completely, and hilariously responds with an absurdly specific test motto. When she realizes that she's bragging about diapers, Santiago's embarrassment is difficult not to laugh at. With her track record for over-achieving though, the audience has no trouble believing that Amy would defecate in public for a good grade. It's the confidence behind Santiago's advice however that has us in stitches.

#9: "You Be Crazy"
"The Bank Job"

Despite her talents for finding out other people's secrets, Amy isn't always so smooth at keeping them to herself. So when Boyle and Terry sloppily reveal that they're excited for Gina's pregnancy, Santiago nervously tries to pretend that she's oblivious. Amy's panic forces her to blurt out hysterical broken English to cover for herself. Given how much she loves grammar, her inability to speak nicely reflects just how frantic Santiago feels. This also leads to Amy inserting a Beach Boys' lyric into her manic rambling. Though it's not her proudest moment, the slip-up shows how spectacularly Santiago can fall apart under the right circumstances.

#8: Acting Out

Due to her over-the-top professional attitude, Amy can't stand to see a screwball like Jake Peralta receive praise from Captain Holt. Santiago tosses around the idea of goofing off to fit in, and Rosa is more than happy to encourage her. Amy's wild antics backfire immediately, and she causes enough damage to visibly scar herself. Though clowning around could help her grow as a person, it's funnier and more fitting to see how she stumbles at the simplest bit of mischief. While Amy learns later that Holt actually likes her work, her attempt to break character is also a fun change of pace.

#7: Strong Tabs
"Gray Star Mutual"

Office supplies are a sacred part of Amy Santiago's life, so even wedding dress shopping seems straightforward by comparison. Despite voicing her doubts about one gown, Amy decides she'll buy it without trying anything else on. Rosa questions her carefree attitude, given how Santiago is usually so picky with her folders at work. Amy's insulted reaction is priceless, as she launches into a ridiculous outburst about her aggressive filing. It's heartwarming to see Rosa encouraging Santiago to look after her needs too, especially since it shows that Amy's friends can tell when she's not herself. And it's definitely on-brand for Santiago to get angrier over paperwork than her own marriage.

#6: "I Will Dump You So Hard"

Jake and Amy's relationship is competitive to say the least, and they don't shy away from using their romance to fool each other. But when Jake proposes to Santiago during the annual Halloween heist, she lets her guard down for a second. Her excited look disappears hilariously fast however, as she realizes the ring could just be one of her boyfriend's tricks. Though her threat to leave Jake is ridiculously extreme, Amy's concern shows how well she knows her partner. And given that Santiago's nerdy quirks inspire Jake to marry her, (xref) it's beautiful to see that he wholeheartedly embraces her too. That said, Amy's rage also makes it clear that, love or not, she's always thinking ahead of her boyfriend.

#5: Reading Jake's Mom's Lips
"Karen Peralta"

Amy's talent for lip-reading helps her win a Halloween heist, so it's only natural that she would also use this skill in her day-to-day life. This becomes painfully obvious after a dinner with Jake's mother, where Karen Peralta admits that she actually likes Santiago. Despite her being in a car, Amy comically yells in response to what Karen says to Jake as if she was part of the conversation. Santiago's prying is definitely goofy, but it's also a great illustration of her eager-to-please attitude. The fact that she has to close her eyes to stop reading exemplifies both her best and worst obsessive tendencies. With such an endearing display of her skill however, Amy charms mother and son alike.

#4: Amy Is All Out of Hoots

Raymond Holt's approval is so important to Amy Santiago that she'll usually go against her better judgment just to please him. Amy even tries to console Holt when he intrudes on her honeymoon, but the Captain insists that he's leaving the force. While she puts up with the bad attitude, Holt's mean comments about Jake push her too far. Santiago tears into the Captain for his childish behavior, showing that her love really does have limits. In fact, it's her years of devotion to Holt that seem to break Amy, as she understands how easily they can be overlooked. This moment also shows audiences how hard Santiago can snap back when pushed.

#3: Nervous Amy
"Chasing Amy"

To say that Amy Santiago is easily affected by stress and tension is an understatement. The nerves involved in her sergeant's exam for instance, triggers what's known as the Santiago Panic Scale. Given Amy's typical excitement for academics, her hair-braiding tick is a funny but clear indication of how important the test is. Her anxious rendition of the Great American Songbook however, is the exact kind of geeky breakdown that we expect from Santiago. Though most of these reactions seem rational for her, the violent mess she makes of the kitchen is obvious proof of the contrary. This scene shows how well everyone knows Amy, but it also does a great job of reminding us just how unpredictable she actually is.

#2: Six-Drink Amy
"Beach House"

Though Amy is generally a pretty orderly person, alcohol can change her mood drastically. Gina reveals that these unusual sides of Santiago change with every drink, ranging from dancing to uncomfortable flirting. Each personality is a hysterical counterpoint to Amy's usual demeanor, which is why it's so funny to see them come out at Boyle's beach house. With all of Gina's anticipation around what Six-Drink Amy is like, it's hilarious that Santiago becomes dramatically hopeless. All the comedy from the alter-egos also highlights how well Amy is defined in the series. But ultimately, the Drink Amys are so exciting to watch because of how much they depart from her character.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“I Learned a Bunch of New Dance Moves for Tonight…”

“Fraud Dog”
"The 9-8"

“Nice Lam Job”
"The Overmining"

Almond Rage
"Fancy Brudgom"

Ping Pong Rage
"The Road Trip"

#1: Holt's Mentorship Binder
"The Last Ride”

Captain Holt is a role model to Amy Santiago, but she doesn't admit this to him for a long time. But when Santiago suggests that his mentorship is just symbolic, Holt insists that they're actually in the middle of a program to train her. While the initial reveal of his binder is a satisfying twist on their work relationship, it also shows just how compatible they are. Amy's scream at potentially losing the binder is priceless, and it convinces Holt to teach her the remaining lessons at lightning speed. It's a testament to Santiago's respect for Holt that she takes his advice on sleeping positions and desserts so seriously. And it's classic Amy that she's more sad than excited about finishing Holt's program.