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Top 10 Bughead Moments on Riverdale

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
This detective couple showed us that weird and dark work pretty well together. For this list, we're looking at the sweetest and most romantic relationship highlights from Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. Our list includes Jug breaking in to help, serpent partners, their breakup, Polly's baby shower, inspiring Betty, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Bughead Moments on Riverdale.

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Top 10 Bughead Moments on Riverdale

This detective couple showed us that weird and dark work pretty well together. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bughead Moments on Riverdale.

For this list, we're looking at the sweetest and most romantic relationship highlights from Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones.

#10: "Bughead" Revealed to the Gang
"Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place"

After Jughead helps Betty through all her family drama, he lends her a calming arm as she's talking to their friends. Rather than brushing it off, Cooper holds onto his hand. The lack of acknowledgement from Bughead towards the touching shows just how comfortable they've become around each other. It takes Veronica's hilarious 'Catcher In The Rye' joke for Betty to admit that Bughead are an item. Hearing how wholesome and uplifting Jughead has been, Veronica speaks for the audience by saying 'Oh My God, swoon.' By starting things low-key and private, Jughead and Cooper begin their relationship earnestly.

#9: Jug Breaking in to Help
"Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens"

When Chic's dangerous associates threaten the Coopers, Jughead brings in the Serpents to keep everyone safe. In the nick of time, Juggie angrily breaks through the Coopers' door, with the Serpents whipping out switchblades. Betty's sly smile and sassy taunt reflect how strong she feels with Jughead and the Serpents. Together, they tell the degenerates holding her family hostage to run while they can. The move establishes Bughead's synergy as a power couple, and also helps Alice accept Jughead. More than anything, this moment highlights how far Jughead will go to protect Betty, and displays Betty’s badass attitude.

#8: Serpent Partners
"Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day"

With the summer coming to an end, Betty laments how she's drained from working on Archie's legal case. Just as she says her life is out of control, Juggie assures her that he'll be standing by her through everything. He declares in front of the fire that the couple are partners in life, in the Serpents and everything else. In an already heartwarming scene, Jughead acts even cuter by putting his iconic beanie on Betty's head. Going into the third season of 'Riverdale,' this chat really solidifies that the couple are finally tackling all their problems together, and as equals.

#7: Their Breakup
"Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil"

Betty performs a provocative initiation to join the Serpents and get closer to Jughead, but all it does is scare him. He’s already having trouble protecting his belle, and has no idea what dangers she’ll face in a gang. When Betty insists that she wants to join the Serpents, Jughead breaks up with her to convince her otherwise. Betty had ended things with Jughead earlier in the season to protect him from the Black Hood. Despite the tears and heartbreak, what shines through these moments is that the couple care above all about keeping each other safe - even if it hurts.

#6: Polly's Baby Shower
"Chapter Eight: The Outsiders"

As Veronica starts excitedly planning a baby shower for Polly, Jughead asks whether or not he should even be there. When Veronica insists that it's his job as Betty's boyfriend, no one fights their new relationship status. Despite his initial reservations, Jughead dives head-first into helping out and setting tables. When Betty says that it was sweet of him to come, Jughead jokes that planning a baby shower was on his bucket list. Rather than freaking out when she learns that Jughead’s dad is a Serpent, Cooper lovingly tells Juggie that she believes in him. By not only helping each other but also insisting on knowing everything about each others’ lives, Bughead grow as a couple.

#5: Bughead Back Together Again
"Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the Divine"

While Betty and Jughead are still broken up, Jones talks about all the amazing things that he and Betty accomplished together. When Betty admits that she likes hearing him say “we”, he apologizes for having taken drastic measures to protect her. Cooper declares that she can handle herself and all of Jones' darkness too. Just when Betty is about to leave, Jughead tells her to stay and immediately starts kissing her. This romantic release gets Bughead back together, and marks their first time having sex. It’s a reunion that sets the two on a much stronger path.

#4: Inspiring Betty
"Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion"

With Polly drifting from the family and all the drama between the Coopers, Betty breaks down in front of Jug. She says her family is falling apart and there’s nothing she can do it. Jughead manages to lift her spirits however by calling Betty the glue that holds her family together, and urges her not to give up. In Jughead’s eyes, Betty is stronger than either of her parents, and all the noise in her life too. Jones' speech is not only a sign of love towards Betty but her family as a whole.

#3: Jug Learns about Dark Betty
"Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend"

When Betty organizes a surprise party for Jughead, this isn’t the reaction she expected . . . Once the dust settles, the two talk things over at Pop's. Jones apologizes for reacting so badly, and admits he's scared to be vulnerable. Betty in turn comes clean about Chuck, and discusses how her dark side makes her lash out. When Betty shows her scarred palms as a side-effect of her impulses, Juggie grabs her hands and kisses them. Though these two admit a lot of secrets to each other throughout the series, this is still one of their most transparent and romantic confessions.

#2: Saying "I Love You" (and Getting Physical)
"Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter"

Betty’s assurance that she’ll never give up on his dad’s case confirms everything that Jughead is already thinking about her. When he responds with 'That's why I love you,' she returns the sentiment before he can repeat himself too many times. The two get aggressively physical in the kitchen and start tearing off clothes, before Serpents knock at the door. With their relationship getting truly serious for once, Betty looks genuinely concerned that Jughead is joining the Southside. This moment ended season one on a satisfying note for Bughead thanks to their sweet words and some steamy romance.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Reviving the Blue & Gold

Supporting Jug

Getting Closer While Investigating the Black Hood

Jug Walks Betty Home

I Love You & Will See You Soon

#1: First Kiss
"Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!"

All of Betty's family life is driving her crazy, until Jughead climbs up to her window. Though Betty seems confused by the ladder, she happily lets Jones come right in. Jug adorably says 'Hey there Juliet' before listening to Betty's rant about her parents. Just then Jones pauses and kisses his Juliet for the first time ever. Both of the lovers savor the moment and show a little smirk as they pull away from the smooch. In typical Betty fashion, however, she realizes something about their investigation after the kiss. Though this diffuses their intimate moment, their excitement to get back to work is proof that they're meant for each other.

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