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Top 10 Craziest 90 Day Fiancé Fights

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Every engagement has its tense moments, but the 90 Day Fiancé fights are another level of explosive. We're looking at the most heated arguments between couples, family members and other couples on this reality series and its spin-offs. We're basing our choices on a blend of excessive screaming, unreasonable reactions and how quickly each fight got out of hand. MsMojo ranks the craziest 90 Day Fiancé fights. Which fight do you think was the most insane? Let us know in the comments!

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Every relationship has it speed bumps, but some have potholes. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 90 Day Fiancé Fights.

For this list, we're looking at the most heated arguments between couples, family members and other couples on '90 Day Fiancé' and its spin-offs. We're basing our choices on a blend of excessive screaming, unreasonable reactions and how quickly each fight got out of hand.

#10: Larissa & Colt's Cousin Have an Explosive Fight at Family BBQ
"No Way Out"

From the moment she arrived in Las Vegas, Larissa made it clear that she was disappointed with the life her fiancé Colt was offering her and she even shamed Colt's mother. Soon, at a family bbq, his cousin John came by to talk to them. John didn't greet Larissa, and instead accused her of using Colt for his money. Larissa and John's yelling went from childish to hilariously outrageous. After John exploded in front of everyone, Larissa ridiculously shrieked 'Who is against the queen will die!' Thanks to everyone's overreactions and quotable lines, this feud only got more entertaining the longer it went on.

#9: David's Daughter Splashes Him
"Breaking Point"

At this family dinner, Ashley hasn't seen her father David in years, and is upset to hear that he's jumping into a marriage so quickly with Annie. David and his son Jacob try to switch topics, but the conversation only gets more out of control. Ashley then appears to twist David's words about Annie, and tries to turn everyone against her father. When David pushes back, Ashley responds by acting like a child and throwing water at him. The argument is so aggressive and unusual that Annie actually questions whether this behavior is a normal part of American culture. Though Ashley's exit is certainly over the top, it's Annie and Jacob's comments that have us hanging on every second of the fight.

#8: Fernanda & Jonathan Fight After the Club
"I Know What You Did"

Fernanda is out clubbing with her fiancé Jon, only to find him talking (and possibly dancing) with another woman. After questioning him, Fernanda swings out and hits a drink onto the dance floor. Though Jon says he was pushing the woman away, his fiancée won't listen to a word out of his mouth. Their bickering gets so loud that the authorities even drive by to check on them. Despite the fact that Jon is the one drinking, Fernanda appears to blow the situation out of proportion - though that’s not to say she didn’t have a right to be mad, but she could have reacted a bit less dramatically, considering the circumstances.

#7: Narkyia Hit Olulowo for Lying
"Are You Ready for This"

After Narkyia finds out that her online boyfriend Lowo is actually living in Vietnam instead of Alabama, she flies all the way to Hanoi to see him. Though she starts warming up to her beau again, a friend that they meet up with brings up Lowo's baby mama. Narkyia gets mad at Lowo for talking to an ex behind her back, while also lying about her death. Since all he can do is get mad, Narkyia loses her cool and smacks him with ice cream. She's so upset that she won't talk to producers either, but her reaction is satisfying given all the lies. With all the drama in Narkyia and Lowo's relationship, this hit is as funny as it is exciting to watch.

#6: Jesse Threatens to Call the Police During a Fight with Darcey
"Trust a Try"

Jesse's first dinner with Darcey's children goes so badly that both adults barely touch their food. Darcey's daughter Aniko says 'Both of you are acting my age', before giving a hilariously mature breakdown of their relationship issues to the producers. Things are so strained that Jesse fumes the next morning over his shoes. After Darcey allegedly throws her own footwear at him, he threatens to call the cops for ‘assault.’ Though Jesse's tantrums about social media are excessive themselves, claiming a near-death-experience from a heel is far too dramatic. By threatening to escalate this fight to police involvement, Jesse and Darcey leave us guessing how much more their love can endure.

#5: Throwing Things & Abuse
"The Roles Reverse"

Despite her terrible breakup with Mohamed, Danielle still decides to chase her ex all the way to Miami. Though she admits to travelling in hopes of winning Mohamed back, Danielle whips out her binder to scold him instead. She completely ignores his pleas, and just reads out lines from her documents. When Danielle doesn't get her way, she throws her folders at Mohamed and threatens to deport him. Only the police can keep Danielle from taking things further, as Mohamed stands by looking intensely frustrated. This shouting match becomes painfully embarrassing due to Daniel's out-of-control reactions and delusional attitude.

#4: Nicole & Azan's Blowout
"Testing the Waters"

Azan's fiancé Nicole is visiting him in Morocco, but she can't understand why couples don't show affection in public there. Rather than respecting Azan's culture for the trip, Nicole takes it personally and gets mad at her partner instead. Though Azan tries to explain why he's so restrained, Nicole just tells him that she's not a sit-and-listen kind of girl. Her utter lack of compassion angers Azan enough to make him question the relationship as well. While this couple could get over differences on parenting, Nicole's attitude is far too immature here. Azan and Nicole's fight is also frustrating to watch, since both people refuse to compromise over something so simple.

#3: Molly & Luis Go Too Far
"The Blame Game"

Following Molly and Luis' season of '90 Day Fiancé,' they are arguing so much that Luis locks himself in a room to escape. With Luis blasting music in her house, Molly has to pick a lock just to get him to talk. The second he emerges however, she's pushing him around and ramming doors. All of Luis' passive reactions drive Molly crazy, but her violence pushes the situation further. Rather than speaking to her about their issues, Luis threatens to call the police instead. By forcing Molly to leave her own house, Luis lets this argument spiral out of control.

#2: Anfisa Yells at Jorge
"When the Past Catches Up"

Anfisa and Jorge's marriage is falling apart and they start seeing lawyers to figure out what they should do next. Jorge sneaks off to a lawyer alone to try and protect his own money, but Anfisa calls him before he can even talk to anyone. She screams over the phone at him for secretly leaving, and demands he come back. Anfisa shrieks so loudly that Jorge goes from sighing to giggling at how crazy she's being. The audio alone from this fight is enough to scare you, but his defeated face is haunting as well. Considering how intense Anfisa gets, this fight is over before Jorge can even get a word in.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

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Eric & Leida

Evelyn to David: "You're in America Now!"

#1: Pedro & Chantel's Family Feud
"No Turning Back"

Despite all the judgement Pedro gets from Chantel's family, he tries to patch things up over dinner. Chantel and her relatives immediately gang up on Pedro's sister Nicole however, who can barely defend herself in English. When Pedro tries to switch seats to help his sibling, Chantel's brother River treats him like he's going too far. River starts yelling and smacks a light, which sends Pedro and eventually the entire family into a fist fight. The brawl gets so heated that the producers have to stop everyone from drawing blood. Pedro's skirmish with Chantel's family sticks out as a whole because of all the tears and physical blows it results in.

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