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Top 10 Hilarious Riverdale Bloopers

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Being serious isn't always easy. For this list, looking at the goofiest slip-ups that happened behind the scenes of this teen drama. We're basing our choices on a mix of klutzy mistakes, word flubs and funny unscripted moments that show us how wacky the cast can be. Our list includes KJ Apa's bad goofing off, Luke Perry scares Marisol Nicols, Nana Rose's phone call, Lili Reinhart keeps Casey Cott in check, when Cole Sprouse can't blow out candles, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Riverdale Bloopers.

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Top 10 Hilarious Riverdale Bloopers

Being serious isn't always easy. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Riverdale Bloopers.

For this list, looking at the goofiest slip-ups that happened behind the scenes of this teen drama. We're basing our choices on a mix of klutzy mistakes, word flubs and funny unscripted moments that show us how wacky the cast can be.

#10: “I Have a Theory”

As the gang are discussing another case at Pop's, Jughead very dramatically says 'I have a theory.' All the mystique is taken out of the moment however, as Cole Sprouse looks to the crew and asks 'What's the theory?' While messing up lines is ridiculously common, Cole's attempt to play it off is seriously funny. Sprouse completely breaks character when he realizes his mistake too, which causes everyone else to start laughing. His silly smile is all the more hilarious, given how gritty Cole's initial delivery is. Whether Sprouse was going for a cheap laugh or not, this snappy line has us in stitches.

#9: KJ Apa's Bad Goofing Off

During one of the many cafeteria scenes in 'Riverdale,' KJ Apa, who plays Archie, decides to mess around and hold Casey Cott's hand. While the moment is certainly worth a few smirks, the cast mostly hold their composure for a moment. But when a crew member shouts 'KJ you have a line after that,' Apa breaks and says 'Do I?' right back at them. Between the yells and KJ's New Zealand accent, everyone starts giggling. Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes try to give Apa his line, but he still doesn't remember it.

#8: Who Invited the Horse?

In the middle of a party scene, things get so out of control that a man walks by wearing a horse mask. Kevin, Veronica and Joaquin all look utterly confused, and almost disgusted for a moment. Though the cast hold it together at first, they can barely help themselves when Casey Cott says 'Was that a horse mask?' Whether it's Cott's face or the question itself, you can actually hear people laughing in the background as he talks. Between the awkward lack of music and Kevin's genuine look of shock, it's a wonder Rob Raco keeps a mostly straight face.

#7: Luke Perry Scares Marisol Nicols

When Hermione finds a snake delivered by the Southside Serpents, Fred comes over to help her deal with it. As Luke Perry and Marisol Nichols are shooting a talking scene at Pop's afterwards, Perry starts shouting out of nowhere. Marisol screams right back at him when she sees the prop snake coming out of his coat. Nichols is falling into her booth by the time Luke starts laughing and apologizing. The crew are audibly groaning at the prank as well, rather than just giggling along. Considering they allegedly had a real snake on set too, Marisol's fear was more than warranted.

#6: Nana Rose's Phone Call

The Blossoms finally leave Nana Rose alone for a minute, so she crawls out of her wheelchair to warn Toni about Cheryl. The whole scene is grueling and painful to watch, and exemplifies just how far Rose will go to help out her granddaughter. Barbara Wallace surprises us however by picking up the phone and asking for 'eggs benedict' like she's calling for room service. The utter drama of the scene adds to Wallace's gag. Barbara shows viewers that even the older cast members have a good sense of humor.

#5: Camila Mendes’ Scarf Cracks Madelaine Petsch Up

During a night time scene in a carriage, Veronica and Cheryl plot to work together despite their shared animosity. Things derail quickly however when Camila Mendes' scarf tumbles on her head and covers up half of her face. While Camila seems perturbed at first, she smiles and then cracks up when she realizes what's happening. Madelaine Petsch tries to ignore it, but Mendes struggles for so long that it's hard not to laugh. All of Cheryl's typically theatrical dialogue sounds hilarious as Petsch tries to power through the moment. With both actresses attempting to keep this scene going in spite of the issues, it becomes a more entertaining mess to watch.

#4: Lili Reinhart Keeps Casey Cott in Check

Ahead of a take in Riverdale High, Casey Cott holds up shooting with his giddy and uncontrollable laughter. Lili leans over to grab some food and turns to Cott like a parent to say, 'calm down.' The move just makes Casey laugh more and sends the crew into their own fit of chuckles. The whole moment comes off as even more hilarious thanks to the smug smile Reinhart delivers as she says it. Camila Mendes can barely contain herself, and nearly spits out her coffee in the process.

#3: All The ‘Try Agains’ & Flubs

The crazy dialogue on 'Riverdale' causes a lot of retakes, which can occasionally send the whole cast howling. The older actors get comically frustrated at themselves while Lili Reinhart always smirks until she asks to try again. The actors seem painfully aware of their errors however, and will often make the call before the director does. Madelaine Petsch curses out her co-stars, and occasionally uses gibberish to help herself recover. Mädchen Amick takes this trick one step further and rewinds herself all the way out the door in one bedroom scene. If none of these get you laughing, seeing the serious Principal Weatherbee lose his cool definitely will.

#2: When Cole Sprouse Can't Blow Out Candles

A scene for Jughead's birthday calls on him to blow out all his candles towards the camera. Cole Sprouse blows for what feels like forever to clear all the flames, but a few candles manage to stay burning. One crew member lets out a disheartened sigh when they notice, before more people start giggling in the background. Sprouse is so upset with himself that he looks at the camera and makes a cartoonish frown in response. Lili tops it all off by comparing Cole's face to the 'I am disappoint' meme.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Tongue-Tied Charles Melton

Molly Ringwald's Choking

Funny Faces

Kevin Keller's "Documenrararay"?

A Stuck (& Very Bendy) Door

#1: Every Time KJ Apa Trips

While many cast members mess up their lines, KJ Apa can barely walk around set without falling. Apa tumbles up stairs and down, and trips getting on and off of seats. One chair scene in the musical episode of 'Riverdale' sees KJ knocking himself over as he tries to sing. Despite skidding perfectly in one biking shot, Apa also gets stuck trying to dismount the very same bike. Co-stars like Hayley Law have ruined their own takes this way though, while Amick and Reinhart have slipped in the same kitchen fight. It's so common for KJ to stumble however that cast members make fun of him for barely walking through a doorway unscathed.

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