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Everything We Want In Pokemon Sword And Shield

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Pokemon Sword and Shield looks like Nintendo's best Pokemon game ever, but we want more than just the standard Pokemon formula. Will Pokemon Sword and Shield have a Nuzlocke mode? It better!

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Things We Want to See in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at the things we most want to see in “Pokémon Sword” and “Shield”, no matter how likely or unlikely they may be.

Nuzlocke Difficulty Mode

In recent years, these strict, self-imposed rules have become more and more popular with people looking for a different “Pokémon” experience, brought on by frequent criticism that the series has become too easy over the years. So putting these rules into the game officially as an additional mode is bound to go over well with players, if there’s an incentive to do so; such as rare Pokémon only available in Nuzlocke mode. Game Freak haven’t given any indication that they will include an optional Nuzlocke mode, but it’s worth holding out hope for. Even if they don’t, there will definitely be a “Sword” and “Shield” set of Nuzlocke rules appearing online after release.

Not An Up-Scaled 3DS Game

With the jump to the Nintendo Switch, “Sword” and “Shield” will be bridging the gap between those who favor portability and those who favor power. With this in mind, we hope that the next releases take full advantage of the Switch’s hardware and capabilities, rather than making a slightly shiner 3DS game. The Switch has surprised everybody by holding its own against Sony and Microsoft since its 2017 debut, and it would be a shame if one of the biggest games set to release for it didn’t reach its potential. Admittedly what we’ve seen so far doesn’t give us much confidence (Seriously look at that grass texture). But Gamefreak still has time to surprise us before release, so please don’t disappoint.

Galar-Form Pokémon

Where “Sun” and “Moon” gave us the Alola regional variants, we’re hoping this trend will continue from the 7th into the 8th gen. While there’s bound to be plenty of new Pokémon endemic to Galar, it would be fun to see new, regional designs for the old classics we’re all used to. Alolan variants included Rattata, Diglett and Meowth, but hopefully they won’t reuse the same ones for the Galar variants, too. The Ekans line could prove interesting if they were redesigned to look more like adders than rattlesnakes, the UK’s only venomous snake species; or a new, water-type Rapidash to represent the rainy, British weather. Some dedicated fans have already taken to the internet to post their own ideas for Galar’s natives, including a knight-in-shining-armor version of Golurk.

New Activities

New content added to games can really go any way, but no one will begrudge a developer the chance to add something. Some people want Gen 2 weekly activities and Gen 3’s contests to make a return to “Sword” and “Shield”, along with a wealth of other post-game content for the completionism in all of us. Galar certainly won’t be short on opportunities to add in something new, but how many of those opportunities Game Freak have taken is anyone’s guess. Still, there aren’t too many ways to go wrong by throwing in some fun, optional mini-games here and there.

Complete Gyms in Any Order

Initial footage shows the gyms being revamped with a specific, Galar twist; they’ll now look like enormous stadiums, presumably representing football – or soccer’s – position as the UK’s most popular sport. But while this is all well and good, other fans are hoping that “Sword” and “Shield” will give players much more freedom when it comes to gyms. Tackling them in any order, or at least a less-restrictive order, would be a breath of fresh air for the franchise. The map has already garnered criticism for looking rather linear, which would prevent gyms from offering much player agency. But there is a way around that, you see that train station near the player’s town at the bottom? When players first get on it, have it stop in any of the central towns. Also if you’re worried about walking into a gym with way too powerful Pokémon, that’s as simple as level scaling the Gym leaders depending on how many badges the player has at that point.

Travel to Another Region

Not that we don’t think Galar has plenty to offer all on its own, but an additional region to explore would definitely be cool. A Switch-powered redesign of an older area fans are already familiar with, is something nobody would complain about. There’s huge potential for something like this to greatly improve the post-game, as a fun, bonus place to explore once you wrap up the story. We haven’t had a Pokémon game explore two separate regions since Gold & Silver all the way back in 2000, so this is something that is long overdue. Even if this ends up being DLC, we’ll be happy. Just give us more Post Game Content.

Less Hand-Holding

Ok Gamefreak here’s the thing, we’ve been playing Pokémon games for more than 20 years, we have a very good understanding of how the series’ mechanics work and considering Pokémon repeatedly tops Best Selling lists, you’d be hard pressed to find a gamer who hasn’t played Pokémon before. So why in Arceus’s name do your games continue to tell us what to do every single step of the way like we don’t know what Pokémon is? It got particularly out of hand in “Sun & Moon” as those games kept you on a super tight leash for where you needed to go and when, right up until you got to the Elite Four. Appealing to a wider audience is not a bad thing, to be clear, but when the game is practically playing itself for you then it stops being fun.

A Better F***ing Rival

The days of having a jerk of a rival in “Pokémon” games have long been over. In recent releases, the rivals take the form of your supportive friend who only hopes to see you succeed – As a result there’s no motive to battle and upstage them. Not compared to the likes of Blue, or Silver from Gen’s 1 & 2 respectively. Many fans are hoping that “Sword” and “Shield” will be a return to form where the rival mechanic is concerned. At the heart of it, the friendly rivals aren’t as interesting as a cruel one would be, either; Hell you’d be hard pressed to find Pokémon fans who can remember the names of all the rivals from the last decade without resorting to Google. Hopefully, the newest instalment will bring with a real, nasty piece of work for you to fight.

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