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The Worst Game of 2018: Super Seducer

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
2018 had a lot of great games, and a lot of awful ones. In our opinion, Super Seducer was just the dumbest and worst video game in 2018.

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WOAT - Worst Game of 2018 - Super Seducer

Honestly, it’s almost mind-blowing how completely predatory, cringe worthy and non-self aware the worst game of 2018 is, we’ve had high profile disasters like Metal Gear Survive, Fallout 76 and Agony. But yet despite all their issues - none of them come close to the absurd antics of the self-declared pick-up artist Richard La Ruina in his pair of: “Super Seducer" games

These quote/unquote “educational tools” are technically games, but just barely… Each game is a choice-based visual novel of sorts that lets players select different pick up lines in an attempt to seduce women in various locations. It’s all very cheesy, cringe-worthy and downright unbelievable at times, and we’re still trying to figure out how its sequel was also released this year and why there’s another one coming in 2019. That’s a whole lot of “Super Seducer” when, surely, one would have been enough…

The first game managed to drum up some controversy in 2017 when it was dropped by both Kickstarter and Sony, which brought it some brief attention and support, but since then it has largely faded from the public eye, living out its life on Steam and through hilarious YouTube walkthroughs; and, that’s probably for the best as there’s little doubt that this is the worst game of 2018 with its sequel being a close second.

“Super Seducer’s” entire look just reeks of late-night infomercial – amateur at best, lazy at worst. The video is clean and crisp, (which is a really low compliment considering even our phones shoot in HD nowadays), but the rest of its production values suggest it was a rushed project with little to no quality assurance or polish. Harsh edits cut Richard off mid word, and the jump from full motion video to interactive screens is equally jarring. Richard stumbles over many of his own lines, and there’s no effort to correct such an error, which comes off as just plain ole lazy. (1:07 It’s very ‘stalk-ur-ish’) Would a retake or two have bankrupt production?? Also, the fact that the writing is so wooden and its delivery so stiff only further serves to highlight the overall sloppiness in production, making each flubbed line and rough edit stick out like a sore thumb.

With the production lacking and the dialogue stilted, it sure would have helped if the acting was half decent, but that too screams “infomercial” in the worst way. Granted, Richard La Ruina is not an actor – he’s a pick up artist, but damn… he’s got to have some more charisma in there somewhere if he’s gotten all the ladies his expertise suggests he has. There’s very little chemistry between Richard and the girls he’s courting; and, honestly, some of the girls just look downright lifeless, uninspired, and clearly in it for the paycheck. The combination of a wooden leading man and despondent leading ladies is about as fun to watch as it sounds. The outcome, even if Richard does surprise and offer some rare good advice like “don’t do drugs,” is one of absolute boredom and tediousness.

With all that said, about the only fun to be found in this game is in knowingly selecting the wrong answers and watching your attempts to pick up ladies end in utter disaster. It’s kind of fun watching Richard get stiffed over and over again and it put a slight grin on our faces. But, that doesn’t qualify for much in terms of passable gameplay, however. Here’s the play loop: watch video, click answer or response, watch more video, click another answer and so on and so forth. Every once and a while Richard pops in with some advice, but for the most part it feels like an old interactive title that would have been quite at home on the Philips CDi rather than a modern game of any sort.

Then we come to the conversations themselves… Yes, choosing the wrong answers can be amusing once or twice, but selecting the quote/unquote “right answers” and seeing just how bad the advice Mr. La Ruina is giving men seeking help in talking to women keeps this game from being funny and reduces it to a complete waste of time at best (and a knowing con at worst). It’s not educational; it’s a sad attempt to be edgy and cool. Fellas, the ladies are not going to fall for this stuff, so we suggest you don’t either and seek out some much better advice than the tripe offered here. The game’s claim that any guy can get any girl just by using this game’s instruction is absurd.

But if you thought that his first outing was bad, just take a look at how Richard’s 2nd game starts. (Shows him and I shit you not: arriving at a dockside restaurant in an army tank in slow mo)

Do we honestly need to say anything about this scene? Why is he arriving a tranquil dockside restaurant in an army tank? Why does everyone look at him like he’s a Hollywood celebrity? Why is this guy cleaning himself before he spills his coffee? How did he even get that tank along the waterside? How does this “restaurant” work? It looks like he just set up some tables in a wealthy housing estate’s park.

And just when you thought his ego couldn’t get any more absurd from that starting scene, the cutaways where he gives his “advice” in this game; has him sitting on a throne surrounded by beautiful people in elegant attire. WOW! How insecure with your ego do you have to be to blow your production money on ANY of this? We’ve all heard those Ferrari compensating jokes before, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Oh and his advice gets even more absurd, such as one suggestion where his recommendation for a birthday gift to a female friend is … a raccoon as a pet? While the situation goes as well as you expect, Richard still seems to defend the idea in his cutaway section, much to the shock of his co-host, and literally everyone else who has the slightest understanding of how raccoon’s behave.

And to think there’s supposed to be another one of those games coming out in 2019. What kind of monstrosity has been unleashed onto the gaming landscape? This is like the video game equivalent of 50 Shades of Grey. It goes against any sort of rational societal behavior and yet … the worst is supposedly yet to come.

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