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Top 10 Surprising Facts About Dead or Alive 6

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
“Dead or Alive” is back, and it’s just as intense and exciting as ever! Today, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Surprising Facts About Dead or Alive 6! Earlier this year, we were invited by Koei Tecmo and One PR to go play the new “Dead or Alive 6” as well as interview the game’s director and producer, Yohei Shimbori. This list is a handful of things we uncovered during our time with the game! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Surprising Facts About Dead or Alive 6

“Dead or Alive” is back, and it’s just as intense and exciting as ever! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Surprising Facts About Dead or Alive 6!

Earlier this year, we were invited by Koei Tecmo and One PR to go play the new “Dead or Alive 6” as well as interview the game’s director and producer, Yohei Shimbori. This list is a handful of things we uncovered during our time with the game!

#10: New Wardrobe

It just wouldn’t be a “Dead or Alive” game without a cornucopia of clothing options. Most of the cast have gone through costume changes, such as Ayane with her badass outfit from “Ninja Gaiden Sigma” and Bass Armstrong wearing...well, something only Bass would wear. Some costumes even come with a few color variations. But, suppose you want to give your costumes your own personal flair. Maybe change your character’s hairstyle or add a couple accessories? Introducing DOA Central, a feature where you can customize different outfits to your liking as well as spending in-game currency to unlock additional costumes. Now, you’re fighting with style!

#9: Cosmetic Damages

Speaking of fighting, “Dead or Alive 6” has a neat little touch to its fights! As characters exchange powerful blows, they’ll take cosmetic damages. This was a concept explored in “Dead or Alive 5”, but “DOA 6” is adding a few more touches. Not only will clothes rip and tear, but accessories can break off, hair can come undone, and characters will get bruised and a little bloody. Just a little. We realize most fighting games have already implemented this feature. However, “Dead or Alive 6” manages to show the intensity of a fight without being too extreme or on-the-nose about it.

#8: It’s Still Sexy as Hell

When “Dead or Alive 6” was revealed at E3 2018, games critics and pundits were quick to point out the absence of scanty outfits. Although, did anyone really believe the franchise would go cold turkey from its provocative nature? This is “Dead or Alive” we’re talking about. Of course “DOA 6” was going to retain that attitude! This isn’t Hallmark! Admittingly, its not showing as much skin as some of its…*ahem* other titles, but fans can rest assured that “DOA’s” sexy nature isn’t going away. We may crack jokes at its sex appeal every now and again, yet we wouldn’t want “DOA” any other way.

#7: Learning Something New Everyday

Look, guys, we get it - fighting games can have a pretty steep learning curve, especially when it comes to franchise as complex as “Dead or Alive”. Don’t let that steer you away from “Dead or Alive 6”, though, as the game offers plenty of options to hone your skills. Loading screens will display tips about the game’s mechanics, fighters, and stages. The game will also offer players tutorials on character-specific combos, and the story mode gives you plenty of opportunities to tinker with different fighters without stressing over wins and losses. There’s also a new mode that tests your abilities in using certain fighters, but will get to that in a bit. Overall, “Dead or Alive 6” is providing a sizeable buffet of lessons for players old and new to try out. Remember, kids - the more you know!

#6: All-New Stages!

During our time with the game, we got to play on every single stage, and we have quite a bit to go over. With the exception of stages like The Muscle and Zero, every stage in “Dead or Alive 6” is completely new...and they’re pretty big! Some of the stage hazards get pretty freakin’ insane, too! Seriously, even though we’re playing “Dead or Alive”, a series known for being ridiculous in its action, we still weren’t expecting to see a freakin’ kraken or a pterodactyl!! From the looks of it, fights are going to be just as thrilling as they’ve ever been.

#5: No Guest Characters…

It may not be a tradition of the franchise, but like most other fighting games, “Dead or Alive” has seen its fair share of guest characters. “Dead or Alive: Dimensions” featured Samus and Ridley from the “Metroid” games. Bungie and Team Ninja collaborated on an original “Halo” character to put in “DOA 4”. “DOA 5”, on the other hand, featured characters from “Virtua Fighter”, “Samurai Warriors”, “King of Fighters”, and, of course, “Ninja Gaiden”. Unfortunately, “Dead or Alive 6” will not be including any guest characters at launch. We did tried prying Mr. Shimbori for an answer on potential DLC. Alas, he could only reply with “no comment”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, folks!

#4: Super Meters

For the first time ever in the franchise, “Dead or Alive 6” is changing up the formula. In addition to the traditional rock-paper-scissors mechanics of previous titles, players will also have to focus on a meter consisting of two bars. With these, you can break out of combos with a Break Hold or unleash a devastating attack called a Break Blow. Using the ENTIRE meter will allow you to deliver a deadly combo known as a Fatal Rush. You may even get to see a close-up of your opponent meeting the end of your foot or fist, and the feeling is oh-so satisfying to see!

#3: No [Current] Plans for Switch

At the moment, “Dead or Alive 6” is only scheduled to launch across three platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Is it just us or does something feel off here? One of the best platforms to play fighting games on is - altogether now - the Nintendo Switch. The console is booming with successful fighting games like “Smash Bros Ultimate”, “Arms”, “Street Fighter”, and the upcoming “Mortal Kombat 11”, we can’t resist our craving to see “Dead or Alive 6” on our Switches. We asked Mr. Shimbori if there were any plans to bring “DOA 6” to the platform. Alas, he told us that there are currently none. Sorry, Switch owners! Maybe we’ll see it come to fruition within the next year or two?

#2: Quest Mode

Earlier, we mentioned a new game mode that tasks you with character-specific challenges. This is called Quest Mode, which, according to Mr. Shimbori, was made to give players another opportunity to learn how each character works. He wanted to something akin to the tutorial, but one that would be more engaging and less like homework. Each mission will require you to not only win the match, but to do so with a certain percentage of health and execute specific moves. That’s just a one example of the missions, though, and it was incredibly fun to retry them to go for all three stars. Now, the only question remaining is “just how hard does this mode get?”

#1: A Return to eSports

Remember the good old days of competitive “DOA”? Remember seeing Emmanuel “MASTER” Rodriguez kicking so much ass in “DOA” tournaments? Well, those days are making a triumphant return! “Dead or Alive 6” is bringing the franchise back on the competitive scene, starting with EVO 2019. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, MASTER is serving as the game’s community manager. Over the past year, Mr. Shimbori has shown great optimism in bringing “Dead or Alive” back into eSports. With a knowledgeable, skillful “DOA” expert behind the community wheel, “DOA 6” looks to have a bright future in eSports, and we’re looking forward to seeing fans coming up with crazy combos.

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