Another Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Video Games
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Another Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Video Games

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci
It's probably best not to play any of these games in the dark! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Video Games. In this video we'll be looking at games such as Dead Space, System Shock 2 and The Evil Within.

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Another Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Video Games

Time to take another dip into the darker side of gaming. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Video Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at another set of video games and ranking them on just how effective they are at scaring the crap out of us. If you don’t see an entry you think should have made the cut, be sure to look out our original top ten on this topic.

#10: “The Evil Within” (2014)

What happens when you give the mind that gave us the original Resident Evil free reign to create a new project? A title that wastes no time exploring just how artistically grotesque a survival horror game can be. Trapped inside a dream world where literally everything wants to kill him, Detective Sebastian Castellanos must fight his way through hordes of monsters and his own dwindling sanity in order to escape. There’s no shortage of blood here, not to mention a whole host of boss fights that are sure to make your skin crawl. We’re looking at you, Laura.

#9: “Inside” (2016)

Beautiful in nature yet chilling to the bone, “Inside” is a modern masterpiece of visual storytelling. And what a bleak story it has to tell. As a nameless child seeking to escape from the enforcers of a dystopian world, we are given hints to the disturbing fate of humanity. Escapees being hunted with attack dogs, using re-animated corpses as slaves, mutated siren creatures roaming free, all of it makes the minimalistic style feel poignantly brutal. And need we say more about that ending? Seriously what was that thing?

#8: “Dead Space” series (2008-13)

One engineer against an army of mutated monstrosities spawned from a divine alien marker? Things are going to get messy. Whether he’s trapped in the confines of the Ishimura, fighting his way through Titan Station, or trying to survive on the frozen surface of Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke does not have an easy time of it. The Necromorphs remain some of gaming’s most hideous enemies, ones that have a nasty habit of refusing to stay down. Throw in haunting visions of his dead girlfriend and a psychotic religion that worships the Marker, and you’re bound to be jumpscared several times over the course of this trilogy.

#7: “Until Dawn” (2015)

There’s something awesome about the campy horror flicks of old, but who knew it would make for such an entertaining gaming experience? While initially hitting every cliché beat for beat, right down to the stereotypical cast of teenage cannon fodder, we soon learned that the game was merely using it as a springboard for a more devilish tale. The threat of the Psycho and the Wendigo honestly had us on edge at times, while fearing which of our choices was going to end up getting our endearing cast ripped to pieces. Except for Emily, of course.

#6: “Slender: The Eight Pages” (2012)

Worming his way into mainstream culture with a menacing appearance and an abundance of creepypastas, the Slenderman is in many ways this generations’ Freddy Krueger. Where did all this infamy come from? You need look no further than his debut game. The premise is pretty simple, grab eight pieces of paper scattered around a forest before Slendy snags you. However, due to his tendency to sudden pop out of nowhere, it won’t be long before you’ll find yourself fearing each new corner you come across. Chances are he’s lurking right around the bend.

#5: “Sanitarium” (1998)

What can be scary about a retro point-and-click adventure? Well, a lot actually. After awakening from a coma, our amnesiac protagonist Max finds himself as an unfortunate guest of a lunatic asylum that has more than few strange quirks about. Namely how it leads to other worlds, none of which are places you want to visit. A plant creature that lives to feast on malformed children, giant insects, the scariest clown you’re ever likely to come across, demons, torture, death, there’s no end to the horrific imagery with this one.

#4: “Phantasmagoria” (1995)

It’s time to bust the live-action cutscenes folks, which means it’s time to see 90s actors get torn apart. One of the finest examples of incorporating the medium into a horror game, this supernatural thriller sees our unfortunate heroine attempt to discover the truth behind the magician Zoltan Carnovasch and the mystery surrounding the deaths of his five wives. Spoiler, they all died in horrible ways, which we get to see up close and personal in glorious cinematic footage. The effects may seem a little tacky by today’s standards, but when you see a woman forced to ingest animal entrails, your stomach is going to flip either way.

#3: “Alien: Isolation” (2014)

For those of you who thought the Xenomorphs had lost their scare factor, then we kindly refer to you to this little number. While searching for her mother, Amanda Ripley finds herself trapped aboard a colossal space station, one that has a rather unwanted visitor. In a true nail-biting game of cat and mouse, the Alien easily reclaims it place as an iconic creature of fear. Near unkillable, your only options are to run like hell and pray it doesn’t look in the one locker you’re hiding in. Guess it truly does go to show that quality over quantity pays off. Right, “Colonel Marines?”

#2: “System Shock 2” (1999)

If you want true sci-fi horror, then look no further than SHODAN. Trapped aboard a starship with an undead crew running amok, our protagonist must run and gun his way to safety. Of course, that’s not all he has to worry about, since the ship is also home to the most sadistic and intimidating A.I to ever grace gaming. With her voice in our ear at all times, SHODAN’s presence is even more terrifying than all the infected enemies we have to shoot. Did we mention her voice is something straight out of our nightmares?

#1: “Harvester” (1996)

Live-action returns, and while the quality of the overall graphics may not be top-notch, the sheer madness and gore of the crazy world that this game offers more than makes up for it. Making his way through the town of Harvest, Steve finds himself exposed to increasingly sickening sights. And we mean sick. There’s all manner of murder and torture to be seen on every street, though the one scene of children take bites out of their mother’s legs just about does it for us.