10 HILARIOUS Gordon Ramsay Moments



10 HILARIOUS Gordon Ramsay Moments

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Even when he's not cooking, swearing or racking up Michelin Stars, he finds ways to entertain the masses. For this list, we'll be looking at this culinary icon's funniest moments in popular culture - excluding his cooking shows, but including other contexts in which he's working his magic in the kitchen. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Pop Culture Moments.
Script written by Spencer Sher

10 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Pop Culture Moments

Even when he’s not cooking, swearing or racking up Michelin Stars, he finds ways to entertain the masses. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the 10 Best Gordon Ramsay Pop Culture Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at this culinary icon’s funniest moments in popular culture - excluding his cooking shows, but including other contexts in which he’s working his magic in the kitchen.

#10: The Swear Jar

Now this, to borrow from our British friends, was a bloody brilliant idea. During a 2017 visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Gordon Ramsay, whose penchant for cursing is arguably his most well-known trait, was forced to pay up every time he swore. Fallon instituted the policy after Ramsay’s last visit, where he allegedly got a little too naughty for late night television. Unsurprisingly, the swear jar was filled to the brim by the time Ramsay’s visit was over. It seems he’s unwilling or unable to keep a lid on his potty mouth.

#9: His Australian TV Interview

What happens when two provocative, profanity-loving entertainers share a stage? Some damn good television, that’s what! In Australia to headline the Good Food & Wine Show, GordonRamsay stopped by Rove McManus’s variety show for an interview. However, it quickly devolved into a battle of wits between the two men, with Ramsay repeatedly making fun of McManus’s height and the sharp-tongued host clapping back by calling him a “shithead”. It was all in good fun and demonstrated that Gordon Ramsay is just as comfortable trading barbs on a talk show as he is in the kitchen!

#8: His Visit to James Corden’s Hotel

In a riff on Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell”, James Corden invited the celebrity chef to spend a night at Home-Tel Corden. Much to his dismay, Ramsay encounters every manner of inconvenience while staying at the talk show hosts home - from being greeted with a lingering hug and kiss, to “the James Corden suite” decorated with Corden paraphernalia. Corden even provides his guest with dinner and a show . . if your idea of a nice dinner is random foods arranged to look like a face and your idea of a show is Corden doing karaoke. Ramsay may be acting, but it doesn’t diminish our entertainment levels in the slightest.

#7: Flubbing His Lines on British TV

A popular British panel show that’s been around since 1990, “Have I Got News for You” regularly features celebrity hosts. In 2006 Gordon Ramsay was tasked with helming the program for an evening, but things didn’t exactly work out in his favor. At the beginning of the show he promised to buy the entire audience dinner at one of his restaurants if he made more than six mistakes. Well, they didn’t have to wait long. Ramsay had six mistakes under his belt before the end of the first segment! It was a refreshing change of pace to see the other guests turn the tables on the indomitable chef, as he ended up being the butt of the joke for much of the episode.

#6: Eating Hawaiian Pizza

Even casual Gordon Ramsay fans know about his aversion to Hawaiian pizza. He never misses an opportunity to lambast the controversial dish, famously quipping “You don't put pineapple on a f**king pizza!" during his stint as the host of “The Nightly Show”. However, in 2017 he was finally forced to try a pizza with pineapple on it, after promising to do so if a certain number of people donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Despite his complaints, protests and general disgust towards eating a piece, he ultimately goes through with it – with predictable results. Ramsay quickly spits it out, before remarking, “this isn’t pizza, it’s a mistake.” Hey, to each their own, right?

#5: When He Hosted “The Nightly Show”

“The Nightly Show” had a fantastic premise, featuring a different host each week. For week five of the program’s run the job fell to none other than our favorite foul-mouthed chef, GordonRamsay. He did a great job and gave viewers some of the short-lived show’s most memorable moments. Some of the highlights from Ramsay’s week behind the desk include giving his guests a taste test, having James Van Der Beek’s head superimposed onto his for a cooking class and singing a duet with John Legend. The Grammy winner even sings some of Ramsay’s most famous insults.

#4: When He Played Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts

The premise of this “Late Late Show” skit is pretty simply: answer your opponent’s question truthfully or eat a disgusting dish of their choice. Some of the options that were up for grabs when Ramsay faced off against James Corden included: salmon ice cream, grasshopper, and cow tongue. We know, tasty. The questions weren’t exactly softballs either, so both men ended up eating their fair share of gross food. We particularly enjoyed watching Ramsay scarf down a bull’s penis marinated in hot sauce. Although truthfully, we suspect he’s had worse food on “Kitchen Nightmares”.

#3: His Twitter Roasts

Gordon Ramsay is not exactly short on opinions. So, when people started tweeting him pictures of their homemade meals and asking him to critique them, the internet let out a collective cheer. The result was hundreds of Ramsay twitter roasts; many of which are as savage, if not more so, than his on-screen insults. From insinuating that a tweet came from prison based on the quality of the food, to calling someone’s noodle soup “toxic scum on a stagnant pool”, Ramsay does not hold back. Then again, the tweets aren’t all bad, as evidenced by the time Ramsay responded to a woman’s picture of her fiancé’s pork loin with the comment, “Marry him”.

#2: Making Scrambled Eggs with Jimmy Kimmel

When Gordon Ramsay stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to teach the talk show host how to make scrambled eggs, one thing became abundantly clear: Jimmy Kimmel is a terrible cook. Ramsay spends the entire segment barking instructions at the clueless host, as he struggles to keep his eggs from sticking to the pan. In Kimmel’s defence, cooking with Gordon Ramsaywould make most people nervous; and truth be told, Kimmel genuinely looks like he’d rather be doing something else. As if the embattled talk show host wasn’t already flustered enough, Ramsay chucked the finished product on the floor for being “rubbery”. There go our culinary aspirations…

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

His “Simpsons” Cameo

His “Extras” Appearance

The Wax Figure Prank

Idiot Sandwich

His “Smurfs” Cameo

#1: His Appearance on "Hot Ones"

Since the show’s inception, “Hot Ones” fans have been clamoring for an appearance from Gordon Ramsay. The web series, which features celebrities being interviewed while eating insanely spicy chicken wings, finally managed to nab the elusive chef for their season eight premiere; and he did not disappoint! While the show provides water and milk to guests, to help them cope with the heat, Ramsay went ahead and brought a few things of his own, including lemon juice, lime juice and Pepto Bismol. And by the end of the interview he’d emptied them all - and had some choice words along the way to describe the experience.