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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review - Peachette Brings the Glory

VO: Riccardo Tucci
One of the best modern 2d Mario platformers got a re-rerelease on the Nintendo Switch, with a few new additions including... Peachette? Whatever, we'll take it, check out Mikes opinions in the MojoPlays

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New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Review

Is your body ready for some more Switch goodness after the holidays, and countless hours playing Smash Ultimate? Well, Nintendo is wasting no time bringing you additional AAA content in 2019. However, rather than deliver another truly original experience this soon, they are once again digging up a gem and selling it at full coin.

Due to this, while a Mario Bros. release is typically guaranteed to thrill old and new fans alike, this one feels like it's contained in a question mark box. That’s due to having to decide if you should leap at a game that has already been available for years at a steep discount. That is assuming you are among the few that ever owned a Wii U.

Moreover, the “New” branding is anything but, as it’s not just a game from 2012, but technically the 4th entry in the series, following the DS, Wii, and 3DS installments. All of which maintain the same overall aesthetic, while striving to be “everything and the kitchen sink” throwbacks to the beloved classic era of 2D Mario platforming. As such, it pretty much incorporates every popular element you can imagine from franchise highs, especially the likes of peak classics Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. It’s basically a 4 player co-op nostalgia blender with added surprises. While many loved it, some were meh on the whole thing back in 2012, and I suspect that will remain the case today.

The very last time we saw this series proper was actually with 2013's Year of Luigi celebratory game "New Super Luigi U". That add-on experience was eventually incorporated into New Super Mario Bros. U, and as a result it too lives in the Deluxe version on Switch.

All to say, absolutely everything from the original is here, save for the Wii U’s 5th player Boost Mode. Don’t ask, its fine you aren’t missing much.

So, the biggest and most obvious difference in Deluxe is that the core game's roster upfront replaces blue toad, much to the dismay of his surprisingly passionate fan-base, with both newcomer Toadette and minor game antagonist Nabbit. The latter of which was previously a playable character exclusively to New Super Luigi U.

So yeah sure, while the game looks somewhat sharper and more vibrant overall due to the newer hardware and resolution bump in portable mode, these two new playable characters represent the core “Deluxification” of the game. They have clearly been added to make the game more approachable to the younger and casual crowds. Right from the character select screen Toadette is already labelled as the “easier” character, but that doesn't even begin to paint the picture of what is in store for you.

Important sidebar, when playing the game solo you are no longer forced to play exclusively as Mario, and can choose to play anyone you wish. So yeah you can totally play as Toadette or Nabitt without anyone around to judge you.

Toadette isn't just the female Toad option, she is the headline attraction for this game, having already melted the internet on the lead up with her bizarre ability to transform into Peachette, a princess Peach clone. No matter how much time you spend playing as her, it just never sits right and raises so many questions. Seriously, just google her, or the fan creation “Bowsette” and prepare to be entertained!

Once transformed into Peachette by way of super crown power-ups that are EVERYWHERE, you are spoiled in terms of ease of play. This includes being able to perform a floating jump, double jump, and rely on mercy bounces out of pits.

Meanwhile, Nabbit stretches the definition of casual gaming, being invincible to anything aside from falls. He literally just runs past enemies, while bosses and certain obstacles can only temporarily stun him. Depending on the type of gamer you are, he can either be boring, as he cannot claim most power ups, or he will amuse you endlessly. I quite deviously enjoyed the fact that group power-ups are totally wasted on him, as they simply get turned into points.

Sure you would assume Nabbit is the best character choice if playing solo and just want to power through levels, if that that’s your style, but Peachette’s abilities are far more useful for the later more punishing platform sections.

So while you already know that these games have never been about their story, spoiler alert the princess is captured, what continues to be so appealing is the sheer amount of content to discover and unlock. There are well over 150 stages with multiple paths, and gathering every special coin hidden throughout will truly excite dedicated completionists. In my case, I have been known to occasionally respond to the overwhelming challenges by rocking myself in the fetal position.

So despite this quote on quote “New” series actually being old, it is still incredibly engaging and gorgeous. It is truly just as appealing to pick up today and works exceptionally well with the Switch, as it can go anywhere and the joy-cons allow for instant multiplayer action at a moments notice, my personal hand cramping with joy-con issues aside.

That said, for the switch release it would have been nice if they included more original content. I’m especially surprised that there is no non-local multiplayer to make use of Nintendo Online, or a “Super Peachette U” mode. That said, all the expansive content is here, from the various modes that include “Challenges”, “Boost Rush” and the multiplayer only “Coin Battle.”

All this content will keep you busy while tapping into every skill you become expected to master. Not to dwell, it would have been nice for them to throw in more than just swapped menu art, and a guide system in the form of “Hints and “Videos.” Seriously, why can't we play as Wario or WaLuigi, those guys are hilarious!

Believe it folks, this is the gold standard for accessible local multiplayer action for all ages and abilities. It literally is a "no player left behind" type of game thanks to being able to bubble along with your group after dying, or on a whim, quick saves, and unlimited continues. Just remember, the fun isn’t about getting to the end, but discovering all the hidden secrets and collectibles.

So is it worth it for you specifically?

I’m not going to lie, a retail price that matches entirely new AAA games hurts. So, if you already own the game on the Wii U, along with the Luigi U add-on, and aren’t itching to take it portable, then there simply isn’t enough reason to justify the premium re-purchase.

However, if you are one of the many people who missed out originally (and in the process helped doom the Wii U), it’s an absolute no-brainer. It’s a ton of fun and you will play it often with friends and family.

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