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SPOILER ALERT!! Deadpool 2 Review ft Double Toasted! (Mojo @ The Movies)

VO: Eric Cohen
It was a challenge to deliver our spoiler-free review for Deadpool 2, because there is so much to talk about but we didn't want to ruin any of it for anyone. Now that the movie is out, we have teamed up with Korey from Double Toasted for our no holds barred review with all the spoilers you could ever want! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies, where we reveal some of our favourite moments from Deadpool 2! Check out these related WatchMojo videos: What If Deadpool 2 Was an '80s Movie? MojoTalks Dream Casting Deadpool 2 Spoiler Free Review! - Mojo @ The Movies Top 10 Hard to Kill Marvel Comics Characters Watch on WatchMojo:

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