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Top 10 Best TV Sisters

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nicholas Miller
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ll always be family. For this list, we’re looking at the most memorable live-action fictional TV sisters, so no reality television or animated series on this list. Our deepest apologies to the Bouvier sisters. Our list includes Modern Family, Supergirl, Sisters, Game of Thrones, Roseanne, The Conners and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top Best 10 TV Sisters.

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Top 10 Best TV Sisters

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ll always be family. Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 TV sisters.

For this list, we’re looking at the most memorable live-action fictional TV sisters, so no reality television or animated series on this list. Our deepest apologies to the Bouvier sisters.

#10: Valerie and Holly Tyler

“What I Like About You” (2002-06)

Starring Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth as sisters Holly and Valerie Tyler, “What I Like About You” was one of the 2000s most underrated sitcoms. With the pair’s sister dynamic at the forefront of the show, Bynes and Garth had to have some serious chemistry to make it work, and thankfully they did. We miss watching Holly and Val work out their differences over the course of an episode, with Holly’s non-stop shenanigans and Val’s attempt to be both a sister and mother figure to her younger sibling. It was a show that worked based entirely on the believability of the pair’s relationship, and it’s one we still remember long after its cancellation.

#9: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield

“Sweet Valley High” (1994-97)

Back in the mid-1990s, it didn’t get any cooler than these high school sisters. “Sweet Valley High” starred real life twins Cynthia and Brittany Daniels as Liz and Jess Wakefield, two popular high school girls who were close, even though, at times, they couldn’t be more different. While Liz was more fashionable, outgoing and a little self-absorbed, Jess was more contemplative, caring and hard-working. Of course, this was a part of the show’s charms - they always came together as sisters despite their differences. We’re getting emotional just thinking about their relationship!

#8: Alex and Haley Dunphy

“Modern Family” (2009-)

The greatest thing about the portrayal of Alex and Haley’s sisterhood is how realistically it’s evolved over time. Anyone with a sister knows that it can be difficult to get along - you aren’t always close with your sister - but at the end of the day, you will always have each other’s backs. Sometimes, all you can ask for is for someone to co-endure your family’s wacky behavior, and it’s become clear over the seasons that Alex and Haley are experts in that regard. Like many of our other TV sisters on this list, it’s been a true joy watching the girls become independent adults as the series has gone on.

#7: Kara and Alex Danvers

“Supergirl” (2015-)

Sisterhood is a bond that’s much thicker than blood. Sometimes sisters aren’t even of the same species! That’s the case with these two adopted siblings: Alex is a regular ol’ human while Kara is, like Superman, a Kryptonian. That doesn’t get in the way of the love between these two though. Since the show’s debut in 2015, theirs has quickly become one of the most wholesome and supportive sister relationships on TV today. From the way Alex helps train Kara in combat to Kara’s support for Alex as she comes to terms with her sexuality, these two have an excellent relationship that any sisters would be lucky to share.

#6: Georgie, Teddy, Alex, and Frankie Reed & Charley Bennett

“Sisters” (1991-96)

It’s no surprise that a series titled “Sisters,” based around a group of, well, sisters, would have an excellent dynamic. This group, initially made up of four adult sisters, was joined by a surprise fifth in later seasons! The show’s inciting incident is the death of their father, prompting the Bennett sisters to become closer, after time spent apart from one another. The result is a dramatic, funny and heartwarming series that never got its due from audiences, though it did earn several Emmy nominations throughout its run. “Sisters” is also memorable for bringing women of varying ages to the forefront of a network series.

#5: Becky & Darlene Conner

“Roseanne” (1988-97, 2018) & “The Conners” (2018-)

The Conners have been a part of American TV culture for 30 years now. Time sure flies! Becky and Darlene have bickered their way across three series (and various actresses), but have made it all the way to the end of 2018 - which can’t be said for their TV mother. Seeing Becky and Darlene go through the trials and tribulations of growing up poor together (all their fights included), made their relationship seem that much more relatable for many viewers. “Roseanne” always excelled at balancing drama and humor, and rarely was it done better than when focusing on the girls’ relationship. Despite all the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr, we’re excited to see where these sisters go next.

#4: Sansa and Arya Stark

“Game of Thrones” (2011-)

Anyone who’s experienced any sort of shared trauma with a sibling knows what a bonding experience it can be. No TV show in the modern era has been able to portray that specific relationship as well as “Game of Thrones.” After dealing with the loss of both their parents and their oldest brother, along with the staggering number of personal traumas each has endured, seeing Sansa and Arya come back together again in season 7 of “Game of Thrones” felt like an unprecedented television moment. When we first met them, Arya and Sansa couldn’t have been more different, and they remain very different people, but they’ve grown to become one seriously powerful team.

#3: Piper, Prue and Phoebe Halliwell & Paige Matthews

“Charmed” (1998-2006)
Though “Charmed” has gotten a 2018 reboot, we still don’t have enough to judge the new group of sisters against the Halliwells just yet. Piper, Prue, Phoebe and later, Paige, proved themselves to be the most powerful TV witches this side of 1700. For 8 seasons, these sisters kicked ass and took names while facing off against some of the most evil beings to visit Earth. Though it probably came as a shock to many TV executives, “Charmed” became one of the most binge-watched series on any service, likely thanks to the chemistry between these women. Hopefully, the CW’s revival series manages to do the original proud.

#2: Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell

“Sister, Sister” (1994-99)
Throughout much of the ‘90s, identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry played . . . Tia and Tamera. ABC’s “Sister, Sister” won over countless kids with the story of teenage identical twins who are reunited after being adopted by different parents. A sitcom with a whole lot of heart, “Sister, Sister” knew how to deliver laughs while also exploring serious and heavy sister moments, such as when the girls discovered who their biological father was. It’s the memory of episodes like these that have us positively ecstatic at the rumors of a “Sister, Sister” revival.
Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Buffy and Dawn Summers
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003)

Sara and Laurel Lance
“Arrow” (2012-)

Hilda and Betty Suarez
“Ugly Betty” (2006-10)

#1: D.J, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner

“Full House” (1987-95), “Fuller House” (2016-)

One of the most iconic sitcoms of all time was built on the key relationships between these three girls. (Or is it four?) Either way, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle have provided us with some of the most heartfelt sister moments in TV history. They gave us the relationship we should all aspire to with our sisters! The girls, along with the rest of the family, made a big return with Netflix’s “Fuller House,” bringing the Tanners back for a new generation. Unfortunately, neither Ashley nor Mary Kate are back for the revival. If only they could’ve gotten Michelle to come home from New York . . .


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