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Top10 Most Unbelievable Fanfics

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Briana Lawrence

What’s that rule again? Something about the number 34? For this list, we’re not critiquing these particular works, instead we’d like to invite you to bask in their “OMFG” glory. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Unbelievable Fanfics.

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Script written by Briana Lawrence

Top 10 Most Unbelievable Fanfics

What’s that rule again? Something about the number 34? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Unbelievable Fanfics.
For this list, we’re not critiquing these particular works, instead we’d like to invite you to bask in their “OMFG” glory. And since several of these fics follow the philosophy of “Rule 34”, consider this your last warning, because hey, if it exists... there’s porn for it.

#10: “God-Speed”

“Sonic the Hedgehog” x Jesus Christ
Even the higher powers that be get lonely sometimes. The same can be said about a certain way past cool hedgehog. It may not look like it, but Sonic is a lonely soul looking for some... spiritual guidance. If you haven’t stumbled onto the holy One True Pairing of Jesus and Sonic, consider this your awakening. This particular fic wastes no time getting to the nitty gritty and is full of hedgehog dirty talk and constant reminders that Sonic is, indeed, being pleasured by “Jesus of Nazareth”. Considering some of Sonic’s canonical love interests, this pairing may be a blessing in disguise.

#9: “The Chicago Series”

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” x “Biker Mice from Mars”
What happens when Xander from “Buffy”meets up with the “Biker Mice from Mars?” Your immediate answer is probably along the lines of... However, you’d be surprised to discover that whatever happens, it takes approximately 90 chapters to get through the entire adventure. There’s some Xander and cartoon mouse action involving descriptions of muscles covered in fur and one of the motorcycles giving her full consent to the sexy times taking place on top of her. You’ll probably scratch your head at all of it, but... this fic is over a million words! That’s some serious dedication to your ship.

#8: “Cookies Like Crack”

“Sesame Street” x “Sons of Anarchy”
C is for Crack. Or Cookie. Or both. Because both are highly addictive and hard to give up. This leads to everyone’s favorite blue monster leaving Sesame Street after his friends try to stage an intervention. Don’t worry, Cookie, you just need to find someone who can appreciate you for who you are. Like Clay Morrow. From Sons of Anarchy. Because a tough guy like Clay needs a soft blue monster to warm his heart... and his bed. With cookie crumbs dusting the sheets like rose petals, Clay lets his guard down and is aroused by erotic lines like, “Clay want this?”

#7: “A New Shade of Green”

“Ghostbusters” x “Transformers” x “X-Men”
What do the Ghostbusters, Transformers, and X-Men have in common? Well, they’re all beloved franchises with movies that have caused quite the poo-fest on the Internet. And speaking of ca-ca, this fic unburies the 2 Girls 1 Cup images we’re still trying to scrub out of our minds. There’s an OC Ghostbuster, characters who end up being Jean and Wolverine, a lot of sex, and a whole lot of poop. And where do the Transformers fit in? Right in the beginning with Slimer raping Sam, of course! Slimer treats Sam as “his own personal fleshlight” and... yeah.

#6: “A Princess for President”

Barack Obama x “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”
How does Obama unwind? If he’s like us, he partakes in a healthy dose of those Biden memes. Speaking of which, we wonder if Biden is one of those guys, you know, the guy who sends you a fic like this without any warning of its contents? This still incomplete story is about Obama longing for the simpler days, back when he could masturbate with a beer bottle in peace, according to the fic. While trying to enjoy some sexual R&R, he finds companionship with another lonely creature that longs for something simple: Princess Celestia. This begins a torrid love affair that thankfully doesn’t end in a disturbing disaster.

#5: “Oh Crap, I’m Pregnant”

Jesus Christ x Nicolas Cage x Miranda Cosgrove
It’s nice to know that even the holiest of figures panics when they get pregnant, so next time you pace back and forth while waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, remember this fic. You see, Jesus and Satan are married, but Jesus had an affair with Nicolas Cage and is now pregnant with his child. Ah, good ol’ MPREG. In exchange for his infidelity, Satan is now allowed to have an affair with Miranda Cosgrove. Why Miranda Cosgrove? Who knows, but Jesus sure doesn’t like her, especially when she ends up helping him deliver his newborn... hedgehog? Oh Lord, indeed.

#4: "It's a Cold and It's a Broken Shronald Fanfic"

“Shrek” x Donald Trump x Sonic the Hedgehog
Ah, the art of combining names to create a ship. For instance: “Shronald”, AKA, Shrek and Donald Trump. To our surprise, there’s no sexual content in this fic - instead, there’s a greater focus on the budding relationship between Shrek and Trump after Fiona’s death at the hands of Farquuad. However, Trump is taking advantage of Shrek in order to secure a vote, but then he develops feelings for the ogre. It appears that Shrek has broken the wall that Trump has built around his heart, much to the dismay of his current lover... Sonic, aka “Sanic”?! Man, that hedgehog doesn’t slow down, does it?

#3: “Getting Around the Block”

“Tetris” x “Death Note”
Remember our talk about Rule 34? Welcome to Tetris fan fiction. Erotic Tetris fan fiction... with Death Note. Imagine, if you will, L being bored on the computer, playing Tetris, and Light comes in to stack some blocks... if that’s your ship of choice. We’ll see your tame erotica and raise you this: a sentient Tetris block molesting Mello as he comments on the block’s odd texture. The blue block has always been the more forceful of the bunch, but Mello could use the stress relief due to the Kira case, and is soon enjoying its vigorous grinding as his clothes disappear into thin air.

#2: “Until the End of Time”

Adolf Hitler x “Dragon Ball Z” x Anne Frank
Going back in time to kill Hitler is the ultimate of ultimate fantasies, but that may be difficult since Hitler was, in reality, a SUPER SAIYAN! None of us mere mortals could’ve hoped to beat someone of that caliber, but fortunately, Goku arrived with a super ultra brand new Super Saiyan form! This may sound like the craziest crossover of all time, but the DBZ universe has played with time travel before, and Goku is such a good guy that he’d definitely want to fight a Super Saiyan Hitler. He’d also fall in love with Anne Frank and struggle with his feelings because of his marriage.

#1: “First Encounter”

“Harry Potter”
When everyone is gone for the summer, Hogwarts is left all alone. Have you ever wondered what the school feels about that? We mean the building itself. We suppose the school having a mind of its own isn’t that farfetched considering the magical world it resides in. That being said... it gets it on with the Giant Squid in the Great Lake. To be fair, it does take some gentle, tentacle coaxing to calm the apprehension of Hogwarts’ kitchen, but soon, the squid is prying the window open, entering all the halls, spanking the side of the building, and making the toilets overflow. Orgasmis Maximus!

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