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Top 10 Disney Princesses' Comfy Outfits in Ralph Breaks the Internet

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
If you’re a Disney cosplayer, then your dream just came true. Join us as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Disney Princesses' Comfy Outfits in Ralph Breaks the Internet. For this list, we’re ranking the casual sleepover attire the Disney princesses donned in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”!

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Top 10 Disney Princesses' Comfy Outfits in Ralph Breaks the Internet

If you’re a Disney cosplayer, then your dream just came true. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disney Princesses' Comfy Outfits in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

For this list, we’re ranking the casual sleepover attire the Disney princesses donned in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

#10: Jasmine

When Vanellope crosses paths with her fellow animated princesses, Jasmine arms herself with a magic lamp. That’s not the only callback to “Aladdin,” as her sleeveless t-shirt features the Genie’s hand raising three fingers with the word, “wishes,” sewed underneath. This image is ripped right from the 1992 animated classic. The rest of Jasmine’s ensemble is akin to what a contemporary, everyday teenage girl would wear with jeans and tennis shoes. Like her royal outfit, though, Jasmine’s comfy clothes maintain a sky-blue flair. On a side note, Jasmine’s doll counterpart includes an inhaler accessory. Apparently, this is because Jasmine is actually allergic to cats, but she couldn’t part ways with her beloved tiger Rajah.

#9: Snow White

In the history of Disney, few items are more notorious than the poisoned apple that the Evil Queen offers Snow White. It would appear Snow White is embracing the studio’s dark side, as her off-shoulder t-shirt features the forbidden fruit draped in poison, giving it a skull-like appearance. Hardcore while also being adorable, we could totally see this shirt selling at a Hot Topic store. We could even imagine the rock band Poison giving these shirts out at their concerts. Even though the poisoned apple nearly killed her, Snow White totally owns this look with her signature colors of blue and red popping out, bringing the most old-fashioned Disney princess into the 21st century.

#8: Pocahontas

If you thought seeing Pocahontas in an English dress was jarring, just wait until you see her in modern clothing. As contemporary as Pocahontas’ comfy clothes are, they’re still very much rooted in her heritage. The design and color scheme of her pants is reminiscent of the buckskin dress she wore throughout the 1995 film. The highlight of this ensemble, though, is her long-sleeved shirt that reads, “Blue Corn Moon.” This is of course a lyric from the Academy Award-winning song, “Colors of the Wind.” The shirt wouldn’t be complete without the image of a howling wolf encapsulated in a blue moon. We wonder if Pocahontas also has a grinning bobcat shirt in her wardrobe?

#7: Cinderella

Walt Disney considered Cinderella’s dress transformation his personal favorite piece of animation. After over sixty-five years of wearing her ball gown, however, Cinderella was probably relieved to finally slip into something more comfortable. It’s no wonder Cinderella proclaims, “so, this is love,” as she tries on blue yoga pants. Her white, long-sleeved shirt is particularly inspired with her pumpkin carriage etched on. If you look closely, her top notably reads, “G2G,” as in “Got to Go.” This is fitting seeing how Cinderella’s night with her prince is abruptly cut short at the stroke of midnight. Even though she’s wearing more casual footwear, at least Cinderella’s glass slippers can still be used as an effective weapon.

#6: Moana

Moana’s comfy clothes don’t drastically deviate from her classic outfit, at least in terms of style. Her shorts feature a design similar to her skirt while her orange, sleeveless shirt has echoes of her red crop top. What distinguishes this outfit, however, is the shirt’s logo, which reads, “#Shiny.” This is of course a reference to the song “Shiny,” which was sung by Tamatoa in the 2016 film. Speaking of which, the giant coconut crab is also visible on the t-shirt. Tamatoa has hoarded numerous treasures, but only Moana has this eye-catching T. Not only is it the ideal outfit for a casual night at home, but also for a hot day sailing the ocean.

#5: Mulan

Seeing how Mulan disguises herself as a man to join the Chinese army, it makes sense that her outfit would be the most gender neutral. Whether you’re male or female, her red sneakers, black pants, and bomber jacket all have crossover appeal for everyone. The jacket is especially slick with its red and yellow colors, not to mention gold dragons that look an awful lot like imagery from her 1998 film. Even though this ensemble is comfier than anything she’s worn before, we could also see Mulan wearing these clothes in battle. Yeah, it’s not exactly armor, but Mulan would fit right in with a street gang out of “West Side Story” or “The Warriors.”

#4: Ariel

As a human, Ariel has worn a variety of formal dresses, as well as the dress Scuttle threw together for her. Her comfy clothes have more in common with her mermaid attire, though. Like her seashell bra, Ariel’s t-shirt is a similar shade of purple. The shirt is also littered with words Ariel uses to describe human stuff, such as gizmos, whooz-its, and whats-its. It even references snarfblats and dinglehoppers, which translate to pipes and forks, respectively. Ariel’s emerald green shorts, meanwhile, are reminiscent of the fins she traded in for a set of legs. We can’t think of a better outfit to wear while spending a day warm on the sand.

#3: Anna

We all know that Elsa’s color is light blue and her signature song is “Let It Go.” So, as awesome as her comfy outfit is, it has few surprises. Her sister’s outfit, on the other hand, sneaks in a few more subtle “Frozen” references. For starters, her green flannel shirt is a nice homage to the dress she wore to Elsa’s coronation ceremony. Then there’s her black t-shirt, which reads, “Finish Each Others,” plastered on a sandwich. This line is from the duet “Love Is an Open Door,” which Anna sang with Prince Hans. The best thing about this t-shirt is that it can be applied to both “Frozen” and “Arrested Development.”

#2: Aurora

With a nickname like Sleeping Beauty, it’s only natural that Aurora would require sleepover attire. After all, it’s not easy falling asleep while wearing a gown. While she’s still technically a princess, Aurora dubs herself the “Nap Queen” with her striped, long-sleeved shirt. Having almost endured an eternity in deep slumber, she more than warrants this title. As pretty as Aurora is in pink, we can’t help but wonder how this ensemble would look in different colors. We’re sure if Merryweather was around, the outfit would’ve been turned blue in a heartbeat, much to Flora’s chagrin. In any case, it definitely looks comfy enough for anyone to doze off in.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:




#1: Belle

Belle is one of the most intelligent Disney princesses and her comfy attire reflects her clever nature. Donning the same colors as her yellow ballroom gown, Belle sports a yellow, sleeveless shirt with a silhouette of the Beast. The letters “BFF” immediately leap off the shirt, but attentive viewers will notice that this doesn’t stand for “Best Friends Forever,” but rather “Beast Friends Forever.” The filmmakers reportedly considered a couple different slogans for Belle’s shirt, including one that read, “Beast Mode,” and another saying, “Reading is NOT Weird.” We think they went with the best choice, however, as Belle and the Beast went from being “barely even friends” to BFFs in more ways than one.


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