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The Best Spider-Man PS4 Suits and Where They're From

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor
Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is a massive success and the first truly incredible game featuring everyone's favorite web-head. The gameplay is fast and fluid, the web swinging is the most satisfying it has ever been, and the story is authentic and really brings the characters we all know and love to life. One great feature in the new Spider-Man game is the ability to wear a variety of different suits, each with their own unique abilities and look. With so many to choose from, we decided to explore these costumes and their origins. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down the Top 10 Spider Man PS4 Suits And Where They Are From. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Spider-Man PS4 Suits and Where They're From

If you’re going to swing around New York City, you may as well look good while you’re doing it. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Spider-Man PS4 Suits and Where They're From.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite alternate costumes from Insomniac Games’ massive Spider-Man adventure. We’re omitting suits that are original to the game, as well as MCU outfits like the Stark Suit, to focus solely on suits that originated in the comics.

#10: Noir Suit
“Spider-Man Noir” #1 (2009)

The multiverse is home to countless iterations of the webhead, including this iteration inspired by film noir. This version of Spider-Man is from the 1930s, and is a noticeably darker take on the character, to the point of even murdering his foes. Wielding twin 45s and tending to stick to the shadows, he’s the trench coat-clad, spider-powered pulp vigilante you never knew you needed in your life until now. Sadly, the game skin comes without the aforementioned coat and guns, but at least you can still still bring the fight to the villains of New York looking like you just stepped out of the pages of a pulp detective novel.

#9: Negative Suit
“Spider-Man” #90 (1998)

The Negative Zone is an alternate universe whose sinister denizens have often been a headache for the heroes of the Marvel Universe. On one occasion, Spidey paid this reality a visit in order to save a trio of children who had become stranded there. While he was there. The costume’s colors switched to black and white. Sadly, Spider-Man villain Mister Negative doesn’t have any actual ties to the Negative Zone, but the costume is just too appropriate not to include. Maybe you can wear this outfit when you feel like playing as a slightly more sinister Spidey, one who’s a little less “friendly neighborhood”.

#8: MK. IV Armor
“The Amazing Spider-Man” #1 (2015)

Even with his spider-powers, the webslinger often comes back from his adventures as a crimefighter with a few bruises or more. After all, his traditional spandex suit doesn’t offer much protection. To try and mitigate this, Spidey has often worn armored versions of his costume. Previous versions like the Mark II or Mark III have been a bit more bulky, but this latest iteration is sleek and streamlined thanks to the resources Peter gained when he was in charge of Parker Industries. And with the addition of various gadgets and glowing details like his eyes and symbol, this suit is not only functional but stylish to boot.

#7: Last Stand Suit
“The Amazing Spider-Man” #499 (2003)

We all wish we could see our future sometimes, but be careful what you wish for. This suit hails from a possible future revealed to Spidey by Madame Web, one in which the webslinger takes a dark turn. After killing his longtime villain Kraven, the Spidey of this future became a much darker and more brutal vigilante, killing his enemies and thus driving away his friends, family and teammates. Appropriately, the suit looks more rough and tumble, perfect for a Spider-Man who gets his hands dirty. The Spidey who wore this suit was eventually gunned down by the police, though, so maybe keep your finger on the dodge button.

#6: Electrically Insulated Suit
“The Amazing Spider-Man” #425 (1997)

Despite his….less than intimidating costume, the villain Electro can be a pretty dangerous customer. Thanks to his ability to control electricity, this baddie has given the webhead a run for his money on a number of occasions. To help level the playing field, Spidey once developed this Electro-proof costume that insulates him against electrical attacks. Naturally Spidey has kept this black and red number in his closet ever since, bringing it out as needed when Electro has resurfaced. After all, no matter how many times Spider-Man puts them away, his villains always come back eventually. Unfortunately, the suit doesn’t insulate you in the game, so keep on your toes.

#5: Dark Suit
“Spider-Man/Deadpool” #8 (2016)

Hanging around with Deadpool is bound to have an effect on anyone, just ask the legion of friends and associates who wound up six feet under just for being in the same room with him. Spidey’s bromance with the Merc With a Mouth thankfully hasn’t killed him yet, but his friendship with Wade has taken him down a somewhat darker life path, as demonstrated by this sinister looking black and red outfit first worn by Spidey during a team up with Deadpool. While it may not have the functionality of some other suits, we can’t argue that it just looks darn cool, and isn’t that reason enough to take it for a spin?

#4: Fear Itself Suit
“Fear Itself” #7 (2010)

During the “Fear Itself” event, the heroes of the Marvel Universe squared off against Serpent, a Norse god with dominion over, you guessed it, fear itself. Naturally this meant all heroic hands on deck to keep the situation under control, and some heroes even got some snappy looking upgrades thanks to Tony Stark and the dwarves of Nidavellir. Crafted out of Uru, the same mystical metal used to make Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, this is one seriously tough suit. Add in some dangerous looking arm blades and Spidey is ready for war. Unfortunately, Odin ordered the suit destroyed once the battle was over. Sorry, Spidey, this one’s just a rental.

#3: Secret War Suit
“Web of Spider-Man” #118 (1994)

The Clone Saga wasn’t exactly a great storyline, but it did introduce the world to Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider costume, so it couldn’t have been all bad, right? This confusing story involved the many clones of Peter Parker, including Ben Reilly, who, for a time, believed he was the original, and that Peter was in fact the clone! There’s a simplicity and swagger to the original Scarlet Spider outfit, from the hoodie to the shape of the eyes. Everything about it was different yet somewhat familiar. It’s beautifully rendered in Insomniac’s game, and comes with the “Holographic Duplicates” suit power, which allows Spidey to create copies of himself… get it… copies… like clones.

#2: Stealth (Big Time) Suit
“The Amazing Spider-Man” #650 (2010)

Spider-Man’s usual bright color scheme and propensity for being a bit of a loud mouth don’t really lend themselves to being sneaky, so for occasions when a bit of subterfuge is required, Peter whipped up this fancy stealth outfit. While the glowing sections aren’t exactly subtle, the suit’s ability to bend sound and light around the wearer make Spidey a virtual Predator, rendering him invisible and even immune to sonic attacks, as demonstrated when he used it to thwart the Hobgoblin’s sonic scream. The game version of this suit retains this ability, allowing you to slip past unaware foes more easily. Just keep the chatter down, Spidey.

#1: 2099 White Suit

“Spider-Man 2099” #1 (2015)

Since his first appearance way back in 1992, this futuristic Spider-Man has been wearing the same simple but effective outfit. After over twenty years, the hero finally upgraded to this extremely flashy costume. With its eye catching mix of white, red and blue, Miguel’s new outfit is one slick ensemble. It also has a ton of gadgets including jet boots, so the outfit is seemingly more Iron Man than Spider-Man, but we’re not complaining. The in-game version can even send enemies flying with every attack. A good outfit can definitely make an impact, after all.


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